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Great Britain: WWI War Medal impressed to '122334 GNR W DANN RA'. Victory Medal impressed '3947 SPR AZAD KHAN 3 S&M' Unnamed originals Africa Star, (no ribbon), France & Germany star, Italy star, WW2 War Medal (4) 3 no ribbons. Plus Defence medal in postage box addressed to the recipient. (10).SOLD at A$150

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$1 Coombs-Wilson to Johnston-Stone accumulation. Coombs-Wilson, Coombs-Randall, Phillips-Randall, Phillips-Wheeler CofA(5), Aust (2), Knight-Wheeler (3), Knight-Stone (2), Johnston-Stone (107). Average circ-aU with a few UNC inc runs, in album with slipcase. (122)SOLD at A$220

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$1 Signature Collection comp Coombs-Wilson, Coombs-Randall, Phillips-Randall, Phillips Wheeler CofA, Aust, Knight-Wheeler Centre & side threads, DBP, Knight-Stone, Johnston-Stone. R-71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76a, 76bL, 76c, 77, 78. The Coombs-Randall aU, others UNC. McD cat $1229. (10).SOLD at A$425

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Mining: The Glen-Alice Coal & Shale Mining Co, Capertee NSW 1895. Butlers Tin Mines NL, Torrington NSW 1914. The Caloola Gold Mining Co Ltd, Sydney NSW 1917. Coronet Hill Development Co NL, Mt Davis NT 1917. Coobra Gold Mining Co NL, Sydney NSW 1921, Marshall-Longton Luckow Gold Mining Co NL, Lucknow NSW 1925, Y-Water (Emmaville) Tin Co NL, Emmaville NSW 1929, Broken Hill South Silver Mining Co NL $20 certificates dated between 1906-09. Plus Chaffey Bros Ltd, Melbourne 100 £10 shares Nos 12106-12205 fully paid 31 Oct 1894. aVF-EF. (28)SOLD at A$250

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Celtic: c65-58BC Durotriges gold ¼ Stater. 1.38g 3 men in a boat motif rev Central thunderbolt. S-368, VA-1225. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1926 Prince of Wales Visit to Hull medal. 1927 Church Lad's Brigade Review. 1928 British Empire Union in box of issue, another with clasps 1929, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 & 35, another with 1930 clasp, another without clasp with original Royal Mint bag. 1928 Visit to Berwick-Upon-Tweed alum, 38mm, very rare. 1936 Toronto Board of Education Award medal 4 Years. Gio CM110a, 117a, CM123a (4 diff), CM122, CM171var. Vendor cost $410+. (8) (P)SOLD at A$220

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Crowned & bare head bust, robed or military uniform. Various reverses inc cypher, crown, uniface, legend & wreath, arms. Alum, bronze, gilt, gilt & enamel, tin, WM 19mm-38mm. All with ribbon. Mostly EF-UNC. Gio-CM285a (ex Giordano collection pt lot 149),b, CM296var, CM297b, CM310, unlisted, CM325var (on card), CM327, CM329a,b, CM329.1, CM330, CM331a, CM333 (2), CM346 overstamped abdication. Very rare cat US$640-$1225. Vendor cost $550+. (16) (P)SOLD at A$350