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1d 1911-64 Part-collection in Dansco Supreme (see both sides) album (retail $72 ea). 2 coll without 1925 & 30 but inc 1946 in ea VF. 1st Collection (69), 2nd collection (60). Average circ-UNC. (129 coins, 2 albums)SOLD at A$210
Egypt: AH 1293 Yr 33 20 Qirsh, AH 1327 Yr 6 20 Qirsh KM-296, 310. 1/40 Qirsh to 5 Qirsh described in 2x2s plus later 10 Piastres (11). Mostly VF or better. (13)AVAILABLE at A$75
Pick Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money General Issues 1368-1960 14th Ed, 2012 1295pgs. More than 12,000 illustrations, 27,500 notes with valuations in 3 grades. This edition just superseded.AVAILABLE at A$50
1993 Incorrect artwork, revised artwork, 94 narrow & wide dates, 95, 96 type 1 & 2, 97 Baby Uncirculated sets. Ren cat $1290. (8)AVAILABLE at A$400

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(1880) State Schools of Victoria gold Prize Medal. Bust of Athena facing right wearing a Corinthian helmet decorated with a griffin rev Olive wreath. Board of Advice Awarded To engraved 'No 129 Peter Caddy 1st Prize Sixth' AV 27.2g 29mm, 22ct (tested) probably by EA Altman. Brushed, edge knock. gEF. Very Rare. (P)SOLD at A$1900

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£5 Coombs-Wilson QEII Reserve Bank Star TC/12 44129*. R-50s. VF. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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£1 Coombs-Wilson QEII Reserve Bank emerald green Star HE/90 12900*. Sm tone spot aU. R-34sb cat $8,500.AVAILABLE at A$1500

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Ilkhans: AH690-694, 1291-95AD Gaykhatu AV Dinar, 3.6g. Tabriz mint, AH69(3). Some striking weakness VF. Album 2158. (P)SOLD at A$275

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Ilkhans: AH694-703, 1295-1304AD Mahmud Ghazan I AV Dinar, 4.23g. Tabriz mint, ND. VF. Album 2167. (P)SOLD at A$275

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Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) Emperor Mu Zong 1862-74 10 Cash Tong Zhi Zhong Bao Rev Dang Shi (Value Ten) above & below. The Board of Revenue West branch. VF. H-22.1131. Emperor De Zong 1875-1908 10 Cash Guang Xu Zhong Bao rev: Dang Shi (Value Ten) above & below. The Board of Revenue South Branch. VF H.22.1291. (2). (P)SOLD at A$100

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AH1293 Yr 4 (1878) Silver 1 Qirsh NGC Slabbed MS64. One of the finest examples known. KM-277.SOLD at A$100

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Yr 10 (1906) ½ Won. Has been dipped aEF. KM-1129. (P)SOLD at A$250

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Cappadocian Kingdom in the name of Antiochos VII 13/8-129BC AR Tetradrachm 16.4g Antioch ca 130-80BC. Head of Antiochos VII right, rev Athena standing left holding Nike. gVF. S-7091, Houghton 642ff. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Seleucid Kings of Syria. Antiochos VII Euergetes (Sidetes) 138-129BC AR Tetradrachm (16.8g) Antioch on the Orontes mint. Diademed head right rev Athena Nikephoros standing left cf S-7092, SC 2061.1t gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Seleucid Kings of Syria. Demetrios II Nikator 2nd Reign 129-125BC AR Tetradrachm (14.1g). Tyre mint issued 126/7BC. Diademed & draped bust right rev Eagle standing left on ships ram palm branch over shoulder cf S-7105, SC 2195.2c. EF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Great Britain: Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum, The Cross-and-Crosslets Tealby Type of Henry II by DF Allen 1951, 214pgs, 25 plates. Listed on Amazon £129. Foxing on inside covers & fly leaves, content clean & not effected. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$50