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Austria: Silver coins 5 Schilling 1960-65 (9), 10 Schilling 1957-73 (26). 50 Schilling 1964, 65. ASW 6.132oz. Silver value alone $160+.SOLD at A$180
Egypt: AH 1293 Yr 33 20 Qirsh, AH 1327 Yr 6 20 Qirsh KM-296, 310. 1/40 Qirsh to 5 Qirsh described in 2x2s plus later 10 Piastres (11). Mostly VF or better. (13)AVAILABLE at A$75

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Australian Colonial Currency & Promissory Notes, 2007, 112pgs. Australian Shinplaster & Calabash Notes, 2nd Edition, 2007, 132pgs. Both current editions by Michael Vort-Ronald. New. (2)SOLD at A$40

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Nicobar: Sweden 1750 Frederick I 2 Daler SM Plate Money KM-PM71. Recovered from the Danish Asiatic Company vessel Nicobar that was wrecked off the coast of South Africa on 11 Jul 1783 while on a voyage to India. Very sl loss of metal upper right, overall seawater corr but still very collectable. Weight 1325g, approx 155x200mm.AVAILABLE at A$500

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Smoking: Cigarette Box in cast aluminium with mahogany lining. Prince of Wales wearing military cap facing 3/4 right smoking a cigarette on front, 'Our prince of Sports' 135mmx145mmx75mm plus matching aluminium ash tray 82mmx132mm, both by RW Coan. VGC. Lot number out of order..AVAILABLE at A$100

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Phoenicia, Arados c 138/7-44/3BC AR Tetradrachm. (15.2g). Dated CY128 = 132/1BC. Turreted, veiled & draped bust of Tyche right rev Nike standing left holding aplustre & palm. S-5991, Duyrat 3030. gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Indian States: Jaipur AH1936 Yr 15 Edward VIII Nazarana Rupee KM-167. Ex Giordano collection lot 196. Jodhper: 1936 Edward VIII 1/4 Anna KM-131, 132, 133 3 varieties. Kutch: 1936/VS1993 Edward VIII 3 Dokda Y-63, Kori 1936/VS1992 & VS1993 Y-65, 2½ Kori 1936/VS1992 Y-66, 5 Kori 1936/VS1992 & VS1993 Y-67. VF-aU. Gio CC58a, 60, 61, 61.1, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68. Vendor cost $600+. (10) (P)SOLD at A$300

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Great Britain: Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Volume 29. Merseyside County Museums. Ancient British Issues & later coins from English, Irish & Scottish mints to 1279 & associated Foreign coins by M Warhurst. 1982. 132 pages inc 39 plates. Ex Libris B S Perry. As New.AVAILABLE at A$50