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Australia: 1947 Air Force Cross (AFC) to Pilot of Dakota Aircraft, Flying Officer (later Fl Lieut) E.T.W. HOLT, RAAF. Tasked with the transportation of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Officials & high ranking Military Officers throughout Australia & the SW Pacific area. AFC, GVIR, in its original box of issue. Reverse engraved officially: '1947'. Together with his unnamed as issued 1939-45 & Pacific Stars. Also included is the original, addressed box of issue for the latter & his original 1949 dated medal entitlement slip listing these & his AFC. Flight Lieutenant Eric Thomas Wallis Holt, born 1913, Alpha, Qld. Enl RAAF 17/8/41. Sgt Pilot 1942. W/OFF & Ops with 36 Sqn 1943/44. F/Off 1/11/44. To 1st Communication Unit 13/6/45. Morotai, Borneo, Lae etc from June 1945 to Mar 1946. Disch 6/6/46. AFC - awarded per London Gazette 12/6/47, p.2604 for Operations in 1945: 'HOLT, Eric Thomas Wallace, Flight Lieutenant (413384), 1 Communication Unit RAAF. Flight Lieutenant Holt has been Captain of a Dakota aircraft engaged in the transportation of very important persons & has completed 300 flying hours flying on these duties since June 1945. His aircraft has carried many Cabinet Ministers & high ranking army officers on important missions. Flight Lieutenant Hold has invariably displayed the utmost energy & efficiency on such flights & his manner & example have been an inspiration to his crew. During the Christmas period in 1945, he flew the Prime Minister of Australia on a tour of the Northern islands & during this time, showed a sense of responsibility which averted a possible serious accident. Flight Lieutenant Holt has completed a very large total of flying hours with the Royal Australian Air Force, 1700 of which have been in operational areas in difficult & hazardous circumstances. (LG 12/6/1947 p 2604). Also entitled 1939-45 War & Australia Service Medals. EF. Extremely scarce especially so with the Prime Minister & VIP Pilot connection. Only 146 AFC's awarded to RAAF 1939-50 (P)SOLD at A$3600

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Great Britain: WWI Royal Warwickshire Regiment BWM & Victory medals Officially impressed '40250 PTE W STAFFORD R WAR R' (inc copy of medal index card). WWI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Victory medal officially impressed '21332 PTE H.W. HUMAN D.C.L.I' General Service Medal 1962 to Royal Artillery with Borneo clasp officially impressed '21181358 GNR L.T JAMES R.A.' (4 medals).SOLD at A$130

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Indonesia: Large collection 1956-2001, all diff by type. Noted 5000 Rupiah 1975 VF P-114a, 50,000 Rupiah 1993 Commem aU P133a. Balance F to UNC (28)SOLD at A$80

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1912 ESASC gold fob. Rope surround design entwined initials, rev engraved ESASC 133 Yds Won by L Stockbridge 26-1-12. 9ct hallmarked, 4.5g. Silver with gold inlay of soccer scene, rev engraved 'Marist bros Comp R Swadling 1927' stamped silver. Plus 2 other silver fobs with obv gold shields inlay. (4) (P)SOLD at A$120

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Ottoman: 1574-95AD Murad III AV Sultani, 3.5g. Dimashq mint, AH982. Sl striking weakness at extremities, aEF. Album 1332. (P)SOLD at A$220

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1926-33 British Empire Union medals. Draped bust of the Prince of Wales left, rev antique galley seen through the archway of a stone bridge above radiate sun. All dated 24 May with following years. 1926 AI, 27 AI, AE (2), 28 AI, AE, 29 AI, AE, 30 AI, AE, 31 AI, AE, 32 AI, 33 AI, AE. 12 With ribbon 39mm by J Pinches, Eimer-2004. 1932 & 33 are particularly scarce-rare. Mostly gVF-EF. Gio-CM112a, CM118a, b (2), CM124a, b, CM126a, b, CM128a, b, CM130a, b, CM133.2 (but AI), CM136.2 AE & AL (unlisted) cat U$420-$750. These medals were given to school children. Cost vendor $540+, purchase receipts enclosed.AVAILABLE at A$300

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. crowned robed bust left & right, variety of reverses inc legend & wreath, ceremony at Westminster Cathedral, crown, Britannia, Dominion scrolls & ship. WM, silver, alum, copper, gilt, bronze, 23mm-38mm. EF-UNC. All diff. Gio-CM199a, CM201d, CM202a,b,c, CM202var (rev as CM195), CM203a,c, CM206a, CM210, CM211, CM214b, CM221a,b,b var, CM222b, CM225.1a, CM232, CM234, CM235a var (26mm) cat U$550-$950 (A$770-$1330). (20) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Indian States: Jaipur AH1936 Yr 15 Edward VIII Nazarana Rupee KM-167. Ex Giordano collection lot 196. Jodhper: 1936 Edward VIII 1/4 Anna KM-131, 132, 133 3 varieties. Kutch: 1936/VS1993 Edward VIII 3 Dokda Y-63, Kori 1936/VS1992 & VS1993 Y-65, 2½ Kori 1936/VS1992 Y-66, 5 Kori 1936/VS1992 & VS1993 Y-67. VF-aU. Gio CC58a, 60, 61, 61.1, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68. Vendor cost $600+. (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250