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Bayonet: 1848 Pattern Brunswick sword bayonet. Brass handle, cross bar & scabbard fittings. Marks of 'F147' P'456' on scabbard & sword. Release catch works well. No Enfield or date mark, so poss early model. Both blade, handle & scabbard leather need some TLC. Overall GC.SOLD at A$220

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$50 Johnston-Fraser Gothic pr YSB 311370/311470. R-509a. UNC cat $700. (2)SOLD at A$275
Switzerland: 1960s Onwards ½ Franc (134), 20 Centimes (113) & 10 Centimes (80) currency. SFr 97 = A$147. Ideal date collector or cheap holiday change. (327 coins)AVAILABLE at A$80

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South America small group of better notes 1950-2011. Argentina 10, 20, 50, 100 Pesos ND(2003) UNC P-354a, 355a, 356, 357a. Cuba 100 Pesos 1950 UNC P-82a, 20 Pesos 1961 UNC P-97a. Ecuador 20 Sucres 20-4-1983 aU light toning P-115b. El Salvador 5 Colones 18-4-1997 aU light toning P-147a, 200 Colones 4-5-1998 gEF P-152a. Venezuela 100 Bolivares 3-2-2011 UNC P-93d. Odd light handling mark. Cat US$540+ (10)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1911 - Lustrous gEF/aU. McD cat EF $1475, aU $2950. (P)SOLD at A$1100

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Froomes, W Castlemaine Victoria 1862 1d. Minor surface porosity gVF. Rarity 4-5. A-141, R-147 cat VF $500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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£1 Armitage-McFarlane Star K/82 01478* R-30s. Slabbed PCGS VF20. McD cat VF $13,500.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Antoninus Pius 138-161AD AE Sestertius Rome 147-48AD. Laureate head right rev. Annona standing left holding corn ears over modius & anchor cf S-4147, RIC-840. sl surface roughness, VF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Diva Faustina Senior AE Sestertius Rome after 147AD. Draped bust of Faustina right rev Vesta standing left sacrificing over altar & holds Palladium. Minor surface roughness aVF. S-4619 (P)SOLD at A$110

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Faustina Senior died 141AD AE Dupondius or As. Rome after 147AD. Draped bust right rev Vesta standing left holding Palladium & long torch. S-4648. sl rough surface gVF/EF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE