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Australian Agricultural Show Medals & Awards 1822-c1910 by Hugh Armstrong & Les Carlisle 2016 336pgs. Over 1000 medals listed, most photographed with historical background of the issuing societies. A must have for any collector.AVAILABLE at A$60
Bread Tokens: in 2x2 in HB Album West Maitland Coop Baking Soc Ltd One Loaf Aluminium 26mm (26) with piercing (26) 24mm (19) bronze (16). ½ Load Aluminium (11) with piercing (20), bronze (17). West Wallsend Coop Society check pieces ½d (3), 1d (13), 3d (12), 6d (11), 1/- (8). Marked retail $8-$15 ea (182).SOLD at A$350

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£5 Sheehan-McFarlane consec pr. R/29 320182/3. EF, 1 with tiny margin thin. R-45. McD cat $ 4500(2). (P)SOLD at A$1400

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$2 Phillips-Wheeler Aust, Knight-Wheeler Gothic, OCRB centre thread inc consec pr (4), side thread (3), Knight-Stone, Johnstone-Stone (3). Johnston-Fraser inc consec pr (2), run of 4. (14). R-85, 86a, 86b, 86c, 87, 88, 89 aU-UNC. McD cat $1182. (27).AVAILABLE at A$350
Great Britain: 1931 KGV ¼d Slabbed PCGS MS64RD & 65RD. Nepal-Shah Dynasty: SE1823 Prithvi Bir Bikram Mohar. KM-651.1 PCGS AU58. New Guinea 1938 KGVI 1/- Slabbed PCGS MS66. USA 2012 1c Slabbed PCGS Sample (2). (6).SOLD at A$90
Great Britain collection in album: ¼d 1826-1946 (131), 1d 1827 corr VG & 1947. ½d 1846-1937 (28), 3d silver (5) brass inc 1939 (6), Groat 1843. 6d 1825-1962 (8). 1/- 1869-1960 (18). 2/- 1901-65 (25), 2/6 1818-1967 (21) plus decimal (17). Album of New Zealand 3d 1933-65 (39) no 35. 6d 1933-65 (56), 1/- 1933-65 (33). 2/- 1933-65 (34). 2/6 1933-63 (6). $1 Cupro-nickel (12) plus other decimal. Duplication. (Lot)SOLD at A$325
India Madras ½ Rupee AH1172 EIC ½ ANNA, Yr 19 Rupee EIC 1 Rupee crude forgers? die (rusty). France 1660 Jeton. Germany-Brandenberg-Ansbach 1650 medallion mounted & gilt. Islamic-Umayyad AR Dirham Al-Walid AH92 Darabjird mint. Russia 1672-1725 Peter The Great wire money. Scotland Communion Tokens 1782 Rutherglen, 1826 Wishawtown, West Church Aberdeen. VG to EF mostly VF. (11).SOLD at A$120

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1880M QV Young head St George. Subdued lustre UNC. McD-159 cat $1825. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Van Dieman's Land, Commissariat Office, Hobart Town 26 April 1825. Sight note no. 275. At 30 days this third of exchange (first & second unpaid) pay to the order of Gam Butler (Gamaliel Butler) Esq the Sum of £600 pounds sterling. Redeemable at His Majesties Treasury Whitehall London. EF. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1823 Statutory Declaration: Oath of William Rodd of the Long Meadows (Tasmania) stating that he works for Edward French for £1 per week & after 3 weeks he refused to pay him. Sworn at Launceston 27th Sep 1823. Nice early item of Australiana. VF.SOLD at A$220

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1820 George III ½ Sovereign F. S-3786. (P)SOLD at A$350

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1823 George IV £2 S-3798 With 9ct scroll mount. Overall contact marks. F. Scarce. (P)SOLD at A$1000

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1824 George IV Sovereign. Lightly toned aU with considerable underlying lustre. S-3800 cat EF £2250. (P)SOLD at A$2200

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Sardinia: 1824P Carlo Felice 80 Lire. gVF. KM-123.2 cat VF US$2000 = A$2800+. (P)SOLD at A$1800

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Shah Dynasty: SE1823 (1901) Prithvi Bir Bikram ¼ Mohar Practically UNC. KM-671.1 (P)SOLD at A$450

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Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911 Emperor Xuan Zong 1821-50 Large Palace Cash. (45mm, 33g) 'Curtain-hanging Money', obv Dao Guang Tong Bao rev Tian Xia Tai Ping (heaven below great peace) Hartill not listed. It's clearly of Board of Revenue manufacture. EF with tiny edge nicks. Ex Stephen Album. Very Rare. (P)SOLD at A$3700

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1820 Rothesay Cotton Works Buteshire 4/6 1820 countermarked on obv Mexico 1819JJ Ferdinand VII 8 Reales. The small attempted piercing at the base of the reverse shield is the privy mark. Manville 092. Coin F with nice grey tone, countermark VF. Very rare. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1820 George III 1/-. aU, attractive steel grey tone. S-3790 (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1821 Samuel Parr medal Bare head of Samuel Parr left rev. Open book legend around. AE 41mm aEF BHM-1160 by Faulkner & Clarke (P)SOLD at A$50

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1829 Oldham Blue Coat School medal. Fa├žade of a building, rev 10 lined inscription within a wreath. AR 54mm by T Halliday. In its original glazed silver frame. BHM-1356. Rare. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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ND QV 6d (1838-87) reverse engraved & enamelled as an 1822 ½ Sovereign in 6 colours (no 6d issued). Scarce. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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$20 ND (1992) consec run of 10. UNC. P-9a. Face value A$182. (10)AVAILABLE at A$120

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$10 ND (1994) sig Brash type IV Blue back replacement notes consec run of 5 ZZ105667-671. $20 QEII ND (1992-94) sig Brash type II blue back replacement notes consec pr ZZ138787-788 UNC. P-182ar, 179ar NZ cat $505. (7).SOLD at A$160

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5000 Escudos 4-6-1985 UNC. P-182d cat US $240=A$350.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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MacKenzie, J Stewart: 20 Shillings Stornoway hand dated 1 Feb 1823 numbered 418 with other details but unsigned, with original counterfoil. aU Douglas-1 (P)SOLD at A$250
Newspapers: Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser 7 Oct 1827, 7 Dec 1827. The Sydney Herald 27th Feb, 1st, 18th March 1839. The Sydney Morning Herald 28th Jan, 25th Sep, 24th Nov 1843. The Hobart Town Gazette 26th Jun 1830. All VGC ex Library Archive. Fascinating look at Australia's colonial past. (9)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Lucilla died 182AD AE Sestertius Rome 164-6AD (22.7g). Draped bust right rev. Diana standing left holding long torch in both hands. S-5498. gVF/F. (P)SOLD at A$275

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1895 4 Generations of the Royal Family medal. 1897 QV Diamond Jubilee, rev 4 generations, 1911 Prince of Wales Investiture, 2 diff. AI 38mm by Birmingham, Spink & Son & Vaughtons (2). gVF-UNC. Gio-CM1 (Eimer-1796), CM8a (Eimer-1820), CM30a, CM34a (Eimer-1926). Rare, cat U$200-$300. (4)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Great Britain: Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Volume 36. State Museum Berlin Coin Cabinet. Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman & Hiberno Norse coins by B Kluge. 1987. 182 pages 41 plates. Ex Libris B S Perry. As New.AVAILABLE at A$80