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1838 Military Commission Granted to Clayton Samuel Hext Hingston to be Ensign in 3rd West India Regiment from 28 June 1838, signed by (Lord) Normanby. He was Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1839 & he approved the annexation of New Zealand to Britain. Originally purchased in 2012 for £125. Very early Victoriana.SOLD at A$120
2004 $1 Eureka, 13 Holey Dollar & Dump silver proofs. 2013 Holey Dollar & Dump Perth Mint. 2013 50c Coloured Proof Splendid Fairy-Wren. 2016 $1 1oz Silver High Relief Proof Dirk Hartog. Great Britain Queen Victoria 1837-1897 bronze 38mm commemorative medallion in case of issue. Other ½d's 1d's medallions & token. (21). (Lot).SOLD at A$180

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Medalets. Inc 1897 QV Jubilee Cranbourne, Grenville, South Barwon, Melbourne & United Sunday Schools. West Australia C-1897/80 with 1897 stamped above 1837. 1902 KEVII Coronation Hawthorn, Melbourne 1920 Visit of HRH Prince of Wales inc Tasmania, Geelong, Gawler & Australia. Gilt (11), silver (1), WM (1). Carlisle cat $315. (13)SOLD at A$120

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Great Britain 1839 £5 Una & The Lion Proof replica in .999 silver, plated in pure gold. 190g, 89mm dia, 4mm thick. Impressive.AVAILABLE at A$200

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Great Britain: 1839 QV ¼ Farthing S-3953 aU. 1892 QV ¼d S-3958. 1887 QV Jubilee Head 4/- Arabic 1 S-3923 VF. Plus 1888 ½d, 1848 & 1887 model coins. (6).SOLD at A$100
Great Britain Accumulation: 806-841 AE Sceat Eahred, Edward I 1272-1307 AR 1d one holed. Cut Farthings c1200+ (3) 1835 1/3 Farthing. ½d 1880, 1937 to 56 coll'n comp in album. ½d 1902. 1d Cartwheel with flts (3), 2d with faults (2) Silver 3d to 2/6 (13). 5/- 1819 ex mount, 1935, gilt 1887 1/- enamelled in 4 colours. Tokens AE (6). Silver 1811 1/- Newark, 1811 3/- Bank Token flts. Medallions inc 1924 British Empire Exhibition (4), ors (4). Album 1ds 1902-1936 (36). (Lot).SOLD at A$220

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Dominican Republic: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Pesos Dominicanos 2012-13. P-183c, 184c, 185, 186 new, 187 new . UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1891M QV Jubilee head. McD-183a. Fully lustrous UNC. McD cat $1100, Ren cat $1300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1891M QV Jubilee head. McD-183a. Fully lustrous UNC. (P)SOLD at A$650

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Hanks & Lloyd, Sydney NSW 1857 1d. VF/gVF. A-191, R-183 cat VF $325. Rarity 5. (P)SOLD at A$120
New South Wales, Revenue Branch Colonial Treasury, Sydney receipts for Quit Rent due to the Crown April & May 1842 (2). 1833, 36 Sight Note Derwent Bank (2). Bank of Van Diemens Land to James Kelly Nov 1833 others 1800s (3). Hobart Town Savings Bank passbook 1852-58. Starvation Debenture 'One Long'. Others (3). Plus numerous facsimiles (44). (Lot)SOLD at A$240

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1830 George IV Sovereign gEF. Rare so nice. S-3801 cat EF £2100, UNC £4000. (P)SOLD at A$2200

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Sardinia: 1835 Carlo Alberto 100 Lire. aEF. KM-138.1 cat EF U$3000. (P)SOLD at A$2000

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ND (1832-58) 2 Shu (Nishu Kin) Tempo era. gVF. C-18 (P)SOLD at A$90

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1863YB 8 Escudos. KM-183. gVF. Scarce. (P)SOLD at A$1600

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1832 Nicholas I Platinum 3 Roubles. C-177, Bit-78. Slabbed PCGS XF40. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1830-48 Louise Philippe I prize medal. Laureate head right rev Wreath engraved 'PRIX, D'Ecellence Merite Par Eugene Duprez' edge engraved 'Ecole Chretienne, Ville D'Arras' AR, 41mm by F Caque. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1830A Charles X 5 Francs. KM-728.1 Steel grey tone EF. (P)SOLD at A$130

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1831 Henry V Franc. Uniformed bust left rev arms. gEF. KM-X-28.2 (P)SOLD at A$100

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1422-61 Henry VI 1st Reign Groat Annulet issue. 1422-30 Calais mint mm plain cross gVF. S-1836. (P)SOLD at A$250

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1422-61 Henry VI 1st Reign Groat Annulet issue 1422-30 Calais mint mm pierced cross. VF. S-1836. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1831 London Bridge Opened medal. Bust of William IIII right, rev 5 arched bridge spanning river. AE, 51mm by B Wyon. gVF. Eimer-1245 cat VF £90.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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ND QV 6d (1838-87) reverse engraved & enamelled as an 1822 ½ Sovereign in 6 colours (no 6d issued). Scarce. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1837 Academie Francaise engraved prize medal. Attributes of learning inc Art, Music & Geography, rev 'Prix Delivre a Melle S H Somerville Le XV Juin 1837'. Silver hallmarked W P (William Pope) Exeter 1836. 50mm, in its turned wood case. EF. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1839 QV 1d. Slabbed NGC AU58. KM-14, S-7417 cat EF £200. (P)SOLD at A$160

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ND (1838) Mon Kan-ei Tsu-ho rev Chi (1000) Sendai mint C-1.12, JNDA (2018) 45 pg 150, H-4.179. Brass Seed type for circulating Iron Cash, the central hole & edge are sharply made for casting circulating coins. JNDA cat Y30,000-Y20,000. (P)SOLD at A$275

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50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 (2) Pesos Dominicanos 2012-13. P-183c, 184c, 185, 186new, 187new (2). UNC. (6)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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National Bank of Scotland £100 ND 18- (circa 1831). Uniface black & white Proof of front mounted on thick card. Imprint of Perkins & Heath, London. aU (P-235) Unpriced in Pick. Very Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750
Newspapers: Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser 7 Oct 1827, 7 Dec 1827. The Sydney Herald 27th Feb, 1st, 18th March 1839. The Sydney Morning Herald 28th Jan, 25th Sep, 24th Nov 1843. The Hobart Town Gazette 26th Jun 1830. All VGC ex Library Archive. Fascinating look at Australia's colonial past. (9)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII bronze medals, uniface trial strikes. Crowned robed bust right, 36.5mm, 25mm, 36mm. Bust left, 26mm. Very rare. EF-aU. Gio CM183, CM193, CM193var, CM231.1 cat U$225-$350 with 1 unpriced. (4)SOLD at A$150