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Badges: Royal Artillery Assn, Navy Week, For Loyal Service. Australia: War Saving Certificate Volunteer (2), City Bowling Club Sydney 1880-1930 enamelled, Australian 1914 ½d centre removed & a 1910 voided 3d inserted, Kangaroo 1d cut out into V-shape. Others mostly button day badges/appeal badges (13). Hutt River Province Order of the Unicorn Knight breast badge & cap badge. (22)SOLD at A$100

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3d 1963, 64 UNC/Choice UNC, 40 of each. McD cat UNC $680, Choice $1880. (80)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Medalets inc 1880 Melbourne Exhibition, Sunday School, 1880-01 Int Exhibition Melbourne in silver, 1881, 85, 86 (3). 88-9 Melbourne Exhib in silver, 90 (1). 93 Annual Show Earl Jersey Visit to Armidale. Rare cat $100, 99 inc New Zealand (3), 1901 (2) inc Children's Fete, 02 KEVII Coronation Melbourne (1), 13 91), 22 (1), 15 Gallipoli (1), 16 Kitchener (1). 1919-c1992 (18) inc 1945 WWII o/w all diff. VG-UNC. Carlisle cat approx $630.SOLD at A$120
Great Britain Accumulation: 806-841 AE Sceat Eahred, Edward I 1272-1307 AR 1d one holed. Cut Farthings c1200+ (3) 1835 1/3 Farthing. ½d 1880, 1937 to 56 coll'n comp in album. ½d 1902. 1d Cartwheel with flts (3), 2d with faults (2) Silver 3d to 2/6 (13). 5/- 1819 ex mount, 1935, gilt 1887 1/- enamelled in 4 colours. Tokens AE (6). Silver 1811 1/- Newark, 1811 3/- Bank Token flts. Medallions inc 1924 British Empire Exhibition (4), ors (4). Album 1ds 1902-1936 (36). (Lot).SOLD at A$220

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1880S QV Young head Shield. Fully lustrous aU/UNC. (P)SOLD at A$900

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1880M QV Young head St George. Subdued lustre UNC. McD-159 cat $1825. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1880M QV Young head St George. Lustrous near UNC. McD-159a cat $1950. (P)SOLD at A$600

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1880M QV Young head St George. EF. McD-159. (P)SOLD at A$500

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(1880) State Schools of Victoria gold Prize Medal. Bust of Athena facing right wearing a Corinthian helmet decorated with a griffin rev Olive wreath. Board of Advice Awarded To engraved 'No 129 Peter Caddy 1st Prize Sixth' AV 27.2g 29mm, 22ct (tested) probably by EA Altman. Brushed, edge knock. gEF. Very Rare. (P)SOLD at A$1900

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1880 Sunday School Centenary Celebrations. Bust of Robert Raikes rev Inscription. WM 33mm EF. V.C-1880/21 cat $200. Very Scarce.SOLD at A$60

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Union Bank of Australia Limited £50 Sydney 1st July 1880. Uniface printers proof imprint Perkins Bacon & Co London Patent Hardened Steel Plate. This note unlisted in MVR Australian Private Banknote Pedigrees. EF. Very rare. MVR-2c. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1880R Umberto I 20 Lire Lustrous aU. KM-21 cat EF US $600. (P)SOLD at A$375
Ephemera: Documents & Newspapers. Letters, receipts & invoices 1880s-1949 mostly with interesting vignettes (21). Share Certificates: North Broken Hill (3), Broken Hill South (1), Photographs (3). Books & magazines. Hitler Youth WWII, Handbook of the State of North Borneo 1934 (Rare), Star Wars (2), Phantom Comics (2), Bird Life 1912, The Great War (2) & others. Newspapers: Times 1959, 66. Illustrated London News 1954. Sydney The Empire 1857, Hobart The Mercury 1893 (2) 1945. Plus other letters, photos, certificates etc. Fascinating lot. (Lot)SOLD at A$100

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Literature: Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous L'Empire Roman by Henry Cohen 1880-92 8 volumes (complete) Forni edition (1974). Still a standard ref VGC. Advertised retail US$800 = A$1000.AVAILABLE at A$400

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Roman: Description Historique des Monnaies Frappees Sous L'Empire Romain by H Cohen. 1983 reprint of the original 1880-92 work in 8 volumes. Most volumes 500+ pages. A classic set & still used as a reference.AVAILABLE at A$350