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$20 1993 Olympic Games 1896-1996 sets of 2 silver proofs. In boxes of issue. (2 sets, 4 coins)SOLD at A$100
1996 $20 Olympic Games 1896-1996 silver Proof sets of 2. In boxes of issue. (2 sets, 4 coins)SOLD at A$100
India: 1874(C), 1900C, 1903C, 1918(C), 1938(b), gVF, Scarce cat US$175, 1945(b) Rupees. 1896, 1912 ½ Rupee. 1862, 1942 ¼ Rupee. 1905, 18 2 Annas. 1936 ¼ Anna. Mostly VF or better. (13)SOLD at A$325

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1896M QV Old head aEF/EF. McD cat EF $1300. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1896M QV Old head. gVF. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1896M QV Old head scr in obv field lustrous aU/UNC. (P)SOLD at A$525

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1896S QV Old head. Lustrous aU. (P)SOLD at A$500

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c1896 Sporting Prize fob for Diving. Presented by A Horden & Sons Palace Emporium Haymarket Sydney. Obv Man diving into water, view of water before rock. 2 part construction, coloured porcelain applied to s/s Fob, 16.72g. Hallmarked, for Birmingham, 1896, produced by Rolason Bros. gVF. Other similar sporting fobs, also issued by Horden's, are known, all are rare. See Status sale 282, lot 6679 for a (similar) Cycling fob.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1996 20,000 Drachmai gold & (2) silver 1,000 Drachmai 3 coin Proof set International Olympic Committee 1896-1996 Centennial Coin Programme.SOLD at A$850

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1894 & 1896 ZAR Kruger ½ Ponds mounted as a brooch. Interesting piece of Victorian jewellery. (P)SOLD at A$475

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1896 $20 Liberty head. Lustrous aU. KM-74.3. (P)SOLD at A$1850

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1896 QV Old head 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d Maundy set 1d clnd, scr, others UNC. S-3943. (P)SOLD at A$230

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1896H 2 cents Near full orange Proof. Slabbed NGC PF64RB KM-6. (P)SOLD at A$200

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1896-97 QV Jubilee 4 Generations medal inc Edward medals. Bon March Sydney inc rev shaved & C/S J Bailey (5). 1901 Whist Counter (2 diff). 1923 Royal Visits (6). 1911 Investiture medal with copper recovered from the Victory. 1919 Treaty of Versailles medal, WM 32mm. Scarce/Rare Prince of Wales Fund medal 1914. In bronze, copper, cupro-nickel, WM. Diameters 19mm - 32mm, various makers. Mostly VF-EF. Gio-CM2a, CM4, CM5a (2), CM10.1, CM14a,b, CM 26, obv CM37, CM38, CM70, CM71 (2), CM 72(2), CM74. Vendor cost over $480+, details enclosed. (16) (P)SOLD at A$200