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1885-89 Commemorative medalets & medallions inc Rechabite Jubilee, Wesleyan Methodist Church Jubilee, Marcus Clark, Newcastle Centenary, QV Diamond Jubilee, Commonwealth, 1st Governor General, Jubilee. Mostly F-EF. C-1885/1, 1886/2, 1887/22, 1890/3, 1897/3, 10, 26 gilt, silver, var (5), 78, 79, 82, 44, 1899/5, 7, 9 cat $520. (20)SOLD at A$150

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1897-99 Commemorative medalets & medallions inc QV Diamond Jubilee, Exhibition, centenary Newcastle gilded & silver, QV Jubilee Thursday Island. 1899 Greater Britain Exhibition. Visit to Broken Hill, Federation. Mostly VF-EF. 1897/1, 2, 24. C-1897/30, 35, 44, 48, 71 silver, 78, 79 gilded & silver, 82, 87 silver, 88, 89, 93 brass. 1899/4. 1899/1, 10 cat $950SOLD at A$220
2004 $1 Eureka, 13 Holey Dollar & Dump silver proofs. 2013 Holey Dollar & Dump Perth Mint. 2013 50c Coloured Proof Splendid Fairy-Wren. 2016 $1 1oz Silver High Relief Proof Dirk Hartog. Great Britain Queen Victoria 1837-1897 bronze 38mm commemorative medallion in case of issue. Other ½d's 1d's medallions & token. (21). (Lot).SOLD at A$180
Medallions & Badges: 1936 King Edward VII base metal Crowns Kangaroo reverse (2), 1915 Sinking of the Lusitania GB Red Cross copy medal, 1897-1916 commemorative medals (8) inc 1915 Remember the Dardanelles/QDF/QLD memento, OEC, not seen by us before. 1929 WA Centenary, Button Day badges 1936-41 (5), undated (9). Petrol Ration Coupon 1948 2 Gallons. Plus a variety of old & modern badges & medals 2 in silver noted, 1954 Royal Tour, enamel etc. (Lot)SOLD at A$100

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Medalets. Inc 1897 QV Jubilee Cranbourne, Grenville, South Barwon, Melbourne & United Sunday Schools. West Australia C-1897/80 with 1897 stamped above 1837. 1902 KEVII Coronation Hawthorn, Melbourne 1920 Visit of HRH Prince of Wales inc Tasmania, Geelong, Gawler & Australia. Gilt (11), silver (1), WM (1). Carlisle cat $315. (13)SOLD at A$120

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1897M QV Old head. Fully lustrous Choice UNC. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1897M QV Old head. Cple sm contact mks, Choice UNC. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1897M QV Old head. Lustrous aU/UNC. (P)SOLD at A$550

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1897 QV Diamond Jubilee Granville medalet Bust of QV left rev legend Municipality of Granville etc WM 38mm C-1897/90 cat $300 aU, minor bend, cple edge knocks. Still much nicer than usual. Scarce.AVAILABLE at A$60

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The Australian New Hebrides Compy Limited The Bank of North Queensland Ltd, Sydney £1 ND (1897) for Vila No number, unsigned & undated (ca 1897-1900). Imprint W.E. Smith Sydney. Unissued probably due to the company failing. Ex Burns Philip Archives. aU. A very important note. Unique. (P)AVAILABLE at A$4000

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The Australasian New Hebrides Compy Limited The Bank of North Queensland Ltd, Sydney £5 ND (1897) at Vila. No Number, unsigned & undated (ca 1897-1900) Uniface light brown printing with green underprint. Imprint W.E.Smith Sydney. Unissued probably due to the company failing. Ex Burns Philp Archives. A very important note. aU. Probably Unique.AVAILABLE at A$5000

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1897 $5 Coronet Head. KM-101. EF. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1897 QV Old head 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d Maundy set. deeply toned aU-UNC. S-3943. (4) (P)SOLD at A$230

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1897 QV Diamond Jubilee medal. Diademed, draped & veiled bust left with 8 smaller circles of England & colonies rev Crown & legend. AE 70mm by H Jenkins & Son BHM-3541. A cple of small edge bruises, gEF. (P)SOLD at A$130

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1897 QV 5 cents KM-5. Slabbed NGV MS64.SOLD at A$120

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Samarai British New Guinea £5 ND (1897) at Burns, Philip & Co Ltd in Queensland, British New Guinea & Sydney. Uniface, no number, unsigned & undated. Printed in blue, light pink underprint. Imprint W.E. Smith Sydney. Unissued. Ex Burns Philp Archive. Small hole lower left aU, probably unique (a £1 note printed in brown is also known). A very important New Guinea item. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Newspapers: Australasian, Melbourne 26 Aug 1865, Town Edn 4 Oct 1873. The Empire, Sydney Sep to Nov 1857 (8 diff issues). The Mercury, Hobart Mar to Jun 1893 (15), Aug 1897, Jan 1903, 1945 (2). Fascinating insight into Australian social history of the time. Generally VGC ex Library files. (29)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1895 4 Generations of the Royal Family medal. 1897 QV Diamond Jubilee, rev 4 generations, 1911 Prince of Wales Investiture, 2 diff. AI 38mm by Birmingham, Spink & Son & Vaughtons (2). gVF-UNC. Gio-CM1 (Eimer-1796), CM8a (Eimer-1820), CM30a, CM34a (Eimer-1926). Rare, cat U$200-$300. (4)AVAILABLE at A$120