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Badge: WWII Mothers & Widow's badge with 1 star no A3494 by G&E Rodd 1940 Aust Awarded cat $150. (P)SOLD at A$90

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Box Lot: Army Slouch hat dated 1954 6 5/8 fur felt by Northcote Hates P/L has a pugaree, no unit badge or chinstrap, shows service wear. Korean War attributed 2RAR kit bag, canvas with large hand painted name '3/3240 Roberts RH 2 BN RAR'. 33240 Pte Raymond Harold Roberts from Ballarat Victoria served in the Korean War with the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 1953-54. c1940s-50s Suspender braces Army, Police & Fireman's pattern. The metal catches have Police & Fireman on them.SOLD at A$80

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Ephemera: Australia, Germany, UK, USA: Ephemera collection with Australia WWI ACF 1918-19 Christmas / New Year Greeting Card & 'I.S.F.' PPC from Southampton UK to Sydney. Aust WWII Medical Certificate of Unfitness plus 3 diff 30 Inf Btn Greeting Cards. 1947 Motor Spirit Consumers License Cards (2), tatty but rare. Plus Petrol Ration Tickets (4 diff). Germany WWII Identity (Ausweiss) Documents (2, marked retail $150 ea) plus 1941 Civilian Driver's License (retail $150), US WWII ration Books (2) C/W Coupons. GB 1940s-60s Armed Forces Special Vouchers £1 (4) & 10/- (2), similar to banknotes. Plus various patriotic labels (60) from Aust, GB, Italy & USA & some odds & ends. Interesting group, total marked retail $1200+. (95 items)SOLD at A$250

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Belgium YSER 1914 1914-18 Queen Elizabeth silver plated 14-18 War Medal. WWII (1940) War Medal crossed swords. 1940-45 Volunteer Combatants another Volunteer & Armed Resistance. Labour Merit Civil. Civil Decoration bronze & gold. (9).SOLD at A$100

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Machete: Legitimus Collins & Co No 1250 Bolo Machete is clearly marked on one ricasso with the manufacturer's trademark (crowned arms gripping hammer), name, type mark & date of production. Legitimus Collins & Co Made in USA No 1250. This stamp indicates that it was manufactured in the USA in 1940 to a Canadian Pattern. This example is fitted with twin Bakelite grips which are in GC. The steel blade is in good original condition with a patina consistent with age & use (grease on blade). This machete is correctly equipped with its original Canadian manufactured leather sheath in very good original condition. The sheath does display evidence of use & is stamped on the rear face of the belt use with the manufacturer's name & date of manufacture, H&C Co Ltd 1941.SOLD at A$100
½d 1911-64 Collection comp inc 1923 in repaired Dansco push-in album, some coins clnd of tape residue. 1923 aVF not affected by either, others average circ-aU, plus 10 duplicates (72). New Zealand ½d 1940-64 collection comp in Bertrand push-in album. Average circ-aU (24). (2 sets) (P)SOLD at A$650

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1d 1940 K.G. mostly VF cat F$400, VF$1400. (20).SOLD at A$100
1/- 1910-63 KGV inc 1913 VF, 21 F-gF (4), 33 VG/F, others average circ to cl EF. McD cat approx $1675 (47) (most better than average). KGVI & QEII inc 1940 (2), 43 S/D variety (2), 60 slight edge bite average circ-UNC (62). Housed in 2x2s. (109)SOLD at A$500

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2/- KGVI 1940-52 comp collection EF-UNC. McD cat $850. (14).SOLD at A$200

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China: 1931 The Kwangtung Provincial Bank green $5. 1949 The Central Bank of China Chungking One silver Dollar. 1949 The Central Bank of China Canton. 1928 Ten Dollars Shanghai, $1. 1930 P332. 1937 P79 1 Yuan bank of China. 1940 Bank of China. 1945 P283 500 Yuan. 1941 The Central Bank of China 5 Yuan. 1931 The Kwangtung Provincial Bank, brown $1. 1930 Shanghai. 1948 Tung Pei Bank 5000 Yuan. 1928 central Bank of China 1 Yuan. Plus 7 others, 1 damaged o/w VF-EF. (20)AVAILABLE at A$250
Silver Coins: General World mix from various countries inc Austria, France, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, Canada & others. No GB, NZ, Aust. Mostly 1940s onwards but some earlier inc odd 1800s noted. Varied condition. Reserved at around estimated silver value. (1kg)SOLD at A$550
World silver coins inc Austria restrike Maria Theresa Thaler, Bahamas (2), Belgium (2), Bermuda, Canada (2), China Yunan 50c, Fiji, GB, Hungary, India (3), Mexico, New Hebrides 100Fr (2). New Zealand 1940 2/6, 49 5/-, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, USA (3) & others. Pickings. Poor-VF, few better. (40)SOLD at A$275

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Bahamas: 4/- QEII ND (1953) P-13c. Bermuda 5/- KGV 12-5-1937 P-8a, QEII 20-10-1952 P-18a. Algeria 100 Francs 1940. France 1000 Francs 28-5-1942. French Indo-China 5 Piastres P-49a, b. 100 Piastres P-73 (2). Japan 100 Yen P-90b. Rhodesia $2 15-8-1970. Singapore $10 (1973) P-3d (2). Tahiti 20 Francs ND (1928) P-12c. G-UNC. (14)SOLD at A$220
JIM & Japan Collection in album. JIM-Netherlands Indies (4), Philippines (8), Malaya (9), Burma (5). Japanese Occupation of China 10 Yen (1940). Japan 1916-46 50 Sen - 10 Yen inc 1946 Provisional issue with stamp added. Average circ to UNC (57). Plus folder with collection Indian Hundi documents & other documents inc Radhanpur, Holkar, Idar, Nawanagar, Indore, Gwalior, Jashpur, Barwani etc with printed on revenue Stamps inc multiples (24), usual condition. Interesting lot. (Lot)SOLD at A$200

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1940 - Chocolate Choice UNC. McD cat $550 (P)SOLD at A$180

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1940 K.G - Soft strike, few striations, mostly brown with orange highlights, UNC. Rare. Mcd cat $1350 (P)SOLD at A$400

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1940 - Lustrous near UNC/UNC. (P)SOLD at A$200

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1940 - Fully lustrous UNC/Choice UNC. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1940 - Lustrous UNC. (P)AVAILABLE at A$75

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WWII £10 War Savings Certificate large size prefix M issued 9th July 1940 at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Rockdale. Right side light soiling, VF. WD3a. Scarce. (P)AVAILABLE at A$140

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Autographs: Don Bradman on a black & white picture cut from a magazine (?), Robert Menzies on a Parliament of the Commonwealth letterhead 12 Aug 1973 addressed to Roland J Conway, Malcolm Fraser on Prime Minister's letterhead 13 Aug 1980, Northern Jockey Club 1877 Member's Ticket & Ladies Ticket (wonderful condition), Issac Isaacs Governor General's appointment of Harold Austin to Active Citizen Military Forces 1931, University of Sydney award document of Bachelor of Medicine 1925 plus certificate, Acme Oil Engine Co 1940 calendar Victoria & its Resources book. Plus a few other miscellaneous documents & photos inc 1916 & 28 QLD birth certificates.AVAILABLE at A$250

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1940 ½ cent, 41, 43 5 cent, 50 10 cent, 50 20 cent KM-1, 3, 3a, 7 9. All slabbed PCGS MS65. (5).AVAILABLE at A$150

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Central Reserve Bank of China: 1940-44. P-J4, J9, J10, J12, J24, J25c, J32. F-UNC. Farmers Bank of China 1935-40. P-454, 461, 462, 463, 464, 1x VG others gVF-UNC. Kwangtung Provincial Bank 1931 $1. P-S242. gVF. British American Tobacco Company $1 Local Currency. UNC. P-NL. (14)SOLD at A$210

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International Reply Coupons 1940 issue UNC Scarce (8)AVAILABLE at A$170

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10 Cents KGVI 15-8-1940 P-2. Slabbed PMG EF40. (P)SOLD at A$180

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10/- ND (1940) sig Hanna opt oval SPECIMEN/DE LA RUE/& Co LTD/CANCELLED in black on front. Serial 2/J 000000. Specimen no 23 in bottom left margin. P-158as. Trace of mounting glue as have all similar specimens. UNC. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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£1 ND (1940) sig Hanna opt oval SPECIMEN De la Rue stamp in black on front. Serial 5/L 000000. Specimen no 16 in bottom left margin. P-159as. UNC (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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£5 ND (1940-55) sig Hanna consec pr 2/R 670265/6 EF. P-160a NZ cat $800. (2).NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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£5 ND (1940-55) sig Hanna. P-16a. aEF.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Share Scrip: Russia-Siberia & Urals 1917 200 Rubles (looks like a bond), gVF, retail $80. Chinese Republic Govt 1913 £20 5% Gold Loan Bond for Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway (retail $100+). Then 40 diff mostly USA Share Scrip 1930s-70s inc American Telephone & Telegraph Co (1960s), Alexander Bell, Century Natural Gas & Oil Corporation (1950s) featuring Gas Rig, Compagnie industrielle Africaine (1920s), Eaton & Howard Balanced Fund (1950s), Furaj Lemoine (1920s), Granite City Steel Co (1950s), Hydraulic Press Birch Co (1940s), La Compagnie de Construction La Fontaine (1912), Magma Copper Co (1940s) featuring Large Underground Mine, New England Telephone & Telegraph Co (1960s), Phelps Dodge Corporation (2 diff) featuring Underground Mining, The International Nickel Co & Tobacco Products Corporation. Mostly A4 size or larger. Some duplication, mostly VF condition.SOLD at A$275

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New Zealand Medallic Commemoratives a detailed listing of all known official & private issue of Numismatic pieces covering historical & commemorative events in New Zealand 1865-1940 by Leon G Morel 1996 110 pages illustrated throughout. Plus 2000 Supplement of 28 pages. VGC. (2).AVAILABLE at A$60