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Great Britain WWI pr War Medal & Victory Medal impressed to '20437 A.CPL. J SMITH HIGH L.I.' with copy of Medal Index card. Another WWI Pair impressed to '58836 PTE W PEARSON M.G.C' (2 pairs).AVAILABLE at A$150

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$5 Coombs-Randall, Phillips-Randall. Phillips-Wheeler CofA, Knight-Wheeler gothic centre thread, Fraser-Higgins. aU or better. R-202, 203, 204, 206a, 212 cat aU $705, McD cat aU $745. (5)AVAILABLE at A$200
Switzerland: 1968-90s 2 Francs currency. FV SFr 204 = A$309. Ideal date collector or cheap holiday change. (102 coins)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Scotland: Bank of Scotland £1 7-10-1983 (4), 18-11-86 (6). Clydesdale Bank Ltd £1 1-3-1974, 6-1-1975, 1-3-1977, 1-2-1978, 31-1-1979 (2). (10) (1974 unlisted date) UNC. P-111f, 204c cat US $610 = A$850 (16).SOLD at A$170

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Netherlands-Zeeland: (16)19 ½ Daalder (Rijks). Laureate ½ length figure right holding sword, rev Crowned arms dividing date. KM-25. Water worn, G/VG. All ½d Daalders are RARE. Very rare, only 7 of this type recovered. 84% of all coins recovered are in WA museum control. West Australian Museum Certificate no 12042 with sale permit.SOLD at A$950

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Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp: 20, 50, 100, 1000 Dollars 1-7-1997 Commemorating the Return to China, banknote set in custom folder. Each banknote serial numbers all end in 17. Tiny folder flt, notes perfect. P-201c, 202c, 203b, 204c, 205b. Face value only $300. (5 notes)SOLD at A$350

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Septimius Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius Rome 204AD. Laureate head right rev Dea Caelestis holding thunderbolt & sceptre seated facing on lion leaping right over water which gushes from a rock (2.7g) gEF. S-6285 (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Julia Domna under Septimus Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome 204AD Pietas sacrificing at altar. Laoicea 196-202AD Pudicitia enthroned left. Rome 201AD Isis standing right, left foot on prow, nursing infant Horus. S-6600, 6602, 6602. VF, VF, gVF. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Gordian III & Tranquillina 238-244AD AE27 (5 Assaria). Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis. .Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust of Gordian III facing diademed & draped bust of Tranquillina rev Homonoia standing wearing kalathos holding patera & cornucopia. VF. Varbanov-2044. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medal. Crowned bust right, rev Archbishop placing the crown on the King's head. AE, AR, 51mm, by A Fenwick, the silver hallmarked on the edge AF STR Silver Wedding. Gio-CM204a,b, BHM-4303. (P)SOLD at A$150

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medal. Draped bust left, rev inscription. AE, 81mm by L Hujer. Gio CM300 cat U$200-$500, Eimer 2042 cat £160. Made in Austria which Edward VIII had recently visited. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medal. Head left, rev date above crown, legend around. AE, 60mm by J Tautenhayn. Cased. aU, sm spot. Gio-CM301a cat U$150-$200, Eimer-2043 cat £160.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medal. Head left, rev date above crown, legend around. AR, 60mm by J Tautenhayn. Minor field scuff gEF. Gio-CM301b, Eimer 2043 cat £325. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1936 Abdication medals. KEVIII Portrait left or right, rev inscriptions. AE gilt & AE silvered 36mm by JR Gaunt, AE & AR matt 32mm by WH Hassler. AE & AR matt 35mm by J Pinches & Co, AE & gilt & AR 35mm by J Pinches & Co. aU-UNC. Gio-CM344.1a, 1b (BHM-4273), CM345a, b (BHM-4274), CM347a, c (BHM-4277), CM349b, c (Eimer-2041) cat U$350-$550. (8)SOLD at A$200

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1936 Abdication of King Edward VIII medal. Crowned draped bust right, rev inscription within wreath. AR matt, 51mm by Turner & Simpson Ltd. aU, original case, spots. Gio-CM353c, Eimer 2040 cat £150. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120