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$5 Phillips-Wheeler Aust UNC R-205 cat $250.AVAILABLE at A$100

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$10 Johnston-Stone, Johnstone-Fraser, Fraser-Higgins, Fraser-Cole with plate letter. First LCF, others UNC. R-308, 309, 312, 313a cat $205. (4).SOLD at A$70

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Mining: The Glen-Alice Coal & Shale Mining Co, Capertee NSW 1895. Butlers Tin Mines NL, Torrington NSW 1914. The Caloola Gold Mining Co Ltd, Sydney NSW 1917. Coronet Hill Development Co NL, Mt Davis NT 1917. Coobra Gold Mining Co NL, Sydney NSW 1921, Marshall-Longton Luckow Gold Mining Co NL, Lucknow NSW 1925, Y-Water (Emmaville) Tin Co NL, Emmaville NSW 1929, Broken Hill South Silver Mining Co NL $20 certificates dated between 1906-09. Plus Chaffey Bros Ltd, Melbourne 100 £10 shares Nos 12106-12205 fully paid 31 Oct 1894. aVF-EF. (28)SOLD at A$250

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Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp: 20, 50, 100, 1000 Dollars 1-7-1997 Commemorating the Return to China, banknote set in custom folder. Each banknote serial numbers all end in 17. Tiny folder flt, notes perfect. P-201c, 202c, 203b, 204c, 205b. Face value only $300. (5 notes)SOLD at A$350

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Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy IV, Philopator 221-205BC AE40 Alexandria mint 40.2g Diademed head of Zeus Ammon right rev Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head to right cornucopiae on left wing. S-7815, Sv-974 VF/gVF. Ex famous RC Lockett Colln Glendinings Feb 1961 part lot 3015. Attractive. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE