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$5 Coombs-Randall, Phillips-Randall. Phillips-Wheeler CofA, Knight-Wheeler gothic centre thread, Fraser-Higgins. aU or better. R-202, 203, 204, 206a, 212 cat aU $705, McD cat aU $745. (5)AVAILABLE at A$200

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$5 Knight-Wheeler gothic centre thread, side thread, OCRB. UNC. R-206a, b, c cat $285. (3).SOLD at A$100

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$5 Knight-Wheeler OCRB consec run of 3. UNC. R-206c cat $240. (3).SOLD at A$90

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Seleucid Kings of Syria. Antiochos VII Euergetes (Sidetes) 138-129BC AR Tetradrachm (16.8g) Antioch on the Orontes mint. Diademed head right rev Athena Nikephoros standing left cf S-7092, SC 2061.1t gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Julia Domna under Septimus Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome 200AD Ceres seated left holding corn ears & long torch. Laodicea 196-202AD Concordia seated left holding patera & double cornucopiae. Rome 206AD Felicitas standing left holding caduceus & sceptre. S-6576, 6577, 6581. VF-gVF. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Julia Domna under Septimus Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome 203AD Pietas standing left both hands raised in invocation, altar at feet. Rome 200AD Venus standing left holding patera & sceptre. Rome 206AD Vesta enthroned left holding palladium & sceptre. S-6601, 6607, 6612. F, VF. gVF. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1936 Australia - Victoria Royal Agricultural Show prize medal. Bare head right inscribed 'Edward, Albert, Christian, George, Andrew, Patrick, David Born June 23rd 1894', rev agricultural scene. Yellow (1st Prize). AE 54mm by Stokes & Son. UNC. Gio-CM174var, C-1936/9. Very rare with this inscription ex David Allen collection sold Noble's auction 98, lot 2066, realised $700+ commission. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. crowned robed bust left & right, variety of reverses inc legend & wreath, ceremony at Westminster Cathedral, crown, Britannia, Dominion scrolls & ship. WM, silver, alum, copper, gilt, bronze, 23mm-38mm. EF-UNC. All diff. Gio-CM199a, CM201d, CM202a,b,c, CM202var (rev as CM195), CM203a,c, CM206a, CM210, CM211, CM214b, CM221a,b,b var, CM222b, CM225.1a, CM232, CM234, CM235a var (26mm) cat U$550-$950 (A$770-$1330). (20) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300