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Great Britain: WWI War Medal impressed to '122334 GNR W DANN RA'. Victory Medal impressed '3947 SPR AZAD KHAN 3 S&M' Unnamed originals Africa Star, (no ribbon), France & Germany star, Italy star, WW2 War Medal (4) 3 no ribbons. Plus Defence medal in postage box addressed to the recipient. (10).SOLD at A$150

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10/- Coombs-Wilson QEII Commonwealth Bank serial AE/23 222333. R-16. Interesting number.SOLD at A$100

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$50 Fraser-Evans last prefix NPA issue UNC. WZZ 999223 R-515bL cat $325.SOLD at A$200

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1998 $5-$100 Note & Coin Collection Macfarlane-Evans notes with prefix ZZ 98 & matching serials 999223 & 1c to $2 Proof coins. McD cat $650.SOLD at A$350

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Thessaly, Thessalian League, 196-146BC AR Double Victoriatus (6.32g). Head of Zeus right rev. Athena Itonia right with spear & shield. Counter stamped in right obverse field is an ear of grain. Lightly toned. VF. S-2231. (P)SOLD at A$150

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Thessaly, Thessalian League 196-146BC AR Stater (6.3g) Larissa mint. Wreathed head of Zeus right rev. Athena Itonia advancing right brandishing spear & holding shield. VF cf S-2232, McClean 4797. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Severus Alexander 222-235AD AR Denarius. Rome 223AD. Bust of Severus Alexander right rev Pax standing left holding branch & sceptre. S-7886. gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Aradashir I 223/4-240AD AR Drachm (3.44g) Mint C (Ctesiphon). Bust right wearing diadem & headdress rev Fire altar aVF/VF. Gobl 10. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Bust right mostly with crown & robes. Various reverse inc crown, legend & wreath, Britannia & tablet & roses. All but 1 with ribbon. Silver, alum, gilt, WM & bronze. 26mm to 36mm dia. aU-UNC. Gio CM191c, CM194a,c (on card holder), CM200a,b (2 diff), CM207.1 rare, CM214a (with top bar & crown), b (with top bar), CM223a,bc (with top bar) cat U$400-$675 plus 3 unlisted. Vendor cost $430+. (12) (P)AVAILABLE at A$240