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Great Britain: Efficiency Medal QEII Territorial suspender with additional 6 Year service bar officially impressed '22536046 BDR N.R. THOMAS RA'AVAILABLE at A$100

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China: Slabbed Notes. Central Bank of China 10 Yuan 1942, 500 Yuan 1944, 50 Customs Gold Units 1930, 10000 Yuan 1948. P-245c, 267, 329, 386. Slabbed PMG Gem UNC 66 EPQ, Choice UNC 64 NET, Gem UNC 66 EPQ, Choice UNC 64. People's Bank of China 5 Jiao 1972 P-880c PCGS Gem UNC 60 OPQ. Chinese Italian Banking Corp 1 Yuan 1921 P-S253r Choice UNC 64 EPQ Kwangtung Provincial Bank $1, $5 1931 P-s2421c, P-S2422d Choice UNC 64. Tatou Wu Chi Cheng Money Exchange $1 1913 P-NL. Slabbed PCGS Choice UNC 63 details Printing Museum 2012 note without denomination Year of the Dragon. (10 inc 9 slabbed)SOLD at A$250
$10 1993-98 Fraser-Evans & Macfarlane-Evans blue & grey Tenners ANDA 2002 Show folder. 2 Consec prs all with identical serials & consec prefixes JJ/JK 93 & AJ/AK 98 772539, JH/JI 93 & AH/AI 98 772539. 2000 folders issued. (2 folders, 8 notes)SOLD at A$130

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60 Baht BE2530 (5-12-1987) King's 60th Birthday commem note opt Specimen. In its original folder. P-93s. Scarce.SOLD at A$220

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Attica, Athens, 393-300BC AR Tetradrachm (16.3g) Head of Athena right rev Owl facing. F. S-2537. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Diva Mariniana wife of Valerian dies before 253AD Billion Antoninianus Rome 253-4AD (3.5g) Veiled & draped bust right rev. Peacock flying right bearing on its back the seated figure of Mariniana her right hand raised & holding sceptre in left. S-10070. VF. Scarce. (P)SOLD at A$250

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Salonina wife of Gallienus 253-268AD AE29 (10 Assaria) Cilicia, Syedra. Diademed & draped bust right rev Demeter walking right wearing calathus & holding 2 lit torches. SNG Cop-255, SNG Levant 447 (this coin). VF. Rare. (P)SOLD at A$300