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3d 1957 UNC. McD cat UNC $1200, Choice $2800. Scarce in quantity. (40)AVAILABLE at A$230

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$20 Phillips-Wheeler Australia LCF UNC. R-405 cat $280, McD cat $320.SOLD at A$130

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France: 20 Francs 1997 inc runs (9) UNC. Russia: 200 Rubles 2017 inc runs (9) UNC. P-151i, 276 cat approx US$280 = A$385. (18).AVAILABLE at A$100

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$10 Knight-Stone gothic consec pr. R-307a UNC. McD cat $280. (2).AVAILABLE at A$90

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$10 Macfarlane-Henry (20)02, (20)03 consec pr, (20)06 consec run of 4. UNC. R-320a, 320b, 320c cat $280. (7).SOLD at A$100
$50 1999 Macfarlane-Evans Deluxe Uncut vertical pr with black serials only 280 issued. Mc$50 U16 cat $400.SOLD at A$220
$100 1999 Macfarlane-Evans Deluxe uncut vertical pr (released March 2000). Mc$100 U14 cat $675. Only 280 issued.SOLD at A$350

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Sardinia: 1824P Carlo Felice 80 Lire. gVF. KM-123.2 cat VF US$2000 = A$2800+. (P)SOLD at A$1800

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Yuan Dynasty: (1280-1368) Zhu Yuanzhang as Prince of Wu. 1361-1368 10 Cash Da Zhong Tong Bao rev Shi Zhe above & below. Zhejiang Mint. 10 (cash) H-20.56. Ex Heritage auctions. (P)SOLD at A$550

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1625-49 Charles I 1/-. Tower mint under Parliament mm eye 1645. VF. S-2800. (P)SOLD at A$140

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$25 QEII 1996 & 2006. UNC. P-19, 36 cat US$207 = A$280. (2)AVAILABLE at A$90

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$10 QEII ND (1994) suffix V St Vincent consec run of 3 & single, UNC. P-32v cat US$280 = A$350+. (4)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Boer War - Siege of Mafeking. 1 Shillings January 1900, 'Issued by the Authority of Colonel R.S.S. Baden-Powell', with embossed 'Bechuanaland Protectorate / One Penny' embossed duty stamp, with numbered counterfoil at left, showing it came from a special booklet (most of these notes were issued in stapled pads without any counterfoil). Choice UNC in absolutely pristine fresh original condition. P-S651a cat US$1500+++ plus large premium for the intact counterfoil. This originates from a partial booklet ex John Ineson collection, and previously no examples with intact counterfoils were recorded. In any case any Mafeking notes extremely rare in such high grade - the previous example we had from same source sold for $2800 + commission in our auction 328. 2018 Ceremuga certificate of authenticity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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Italy, Lucania, Velia c400-340BC AR Nomos (7.7g). Head of Athena left wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with griffin rev Lion standing right, owl flying above. gVF/VF cf S-454, HN Italy 1280. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Domitian 81-96AD AE As (11.3g) Rome 92-94AD Laureate head right, rev Moneta standing left holding scales & cornucopiae. gVF. cf S-2807, RIC-408. (P)SOLD at A$220

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Domitian 81-96AD AE As (12.4g) Rome 92-94AD Laureate head right rev Moneta standing left holding scales & cornucopiae. gVF, sl rev surface roughness cf S-2807, RIC-408. (P)SOLD at A$120

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Crowned & robed bust right, rev Britannia standing holding a wreath, arm outstretched towards Westminster Abbey. All diff. gVF-aU. Silver & bronze, 26mm-51mm. Gio-CM227b, CM279c, CM280a,c, CM281b, CM283a (AE). Vendor cost $380+. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200