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China: 1931 The Kwangtung Provincial Bank green $5. 1949 The Central Bank of China Chungking One silver Dollar. 1949 The Central Bank of China Canton. 1928 Ten Dollars Shanghai, $1. 1930 P332. 1937 P79 1 Yuan bank of China. 1940 Bank of China. 1945 P283 500 Yuan. 1941 The Central Bank of China 5 Yuan. 1931 The Kwangtung Provincial Bank, brown $1. 1930 Shanghai. 1948 Tung Pei Bank 5000 Yuan. 1928 central Bank of China 1 Yuan. Plus 7 others, 1 damaged o/w VF-EF. (20)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Money Order: New South Wales 1890s pre-printed form issued at Mulwala (no. 3283) for 10/6 comp with Paying Office 'Advice', cashed at Hobart with 'Commercial Bank of Tasmania Limited' seal in red ink on reverse. Very few recorded. Rare, possibly unique from this town. (P)AVAILABLE at A$160

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1770 Battle of Chesme medal Helmeted & uniformed bust of Count Alexey Grigerevich Orlov right rev Map of Chesme Bay showing Russian & Turkish fleets. Cast in silvered bronze, 91mm by JB Gass gVF. Ex Noble Numismatic Auction 188, lot 2832 realised $320+ comm.SOLD at A$300

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ND (1855-81) Alexander II Prize medal for assistance in the improvement of Horse Breeding in Russia. Crowned Alexander II cipher rev Imperial eagle silvered copper 82mm by A Griliches gVF. Ex Noble's Auction 118, Lot 2834 realised $420+ comm. (P)SOLD at A$300

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Carinus 283-285AD Billon Antoninianus Lugdunum 283AD (4.5g). Radiate cuirassed bust right rev Aequitas standing left holding scales & cornucopiae near EF cf S-12339, RIC 212b (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Crowned & robed bust right, rev Britannia standing holding a wreath, arm outstretched towards Westminster Abbey. All diff. gVF-aU. Silver & bronze, 26mm-51mm. Gio-CM227b, CM279c, CM280a,c, CM281b, CM283a (AE). Vendor cost $380+. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200