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$10 Knight-Stone Gothic, Johnstone-Stone, Johnston-Fraser, Fraser-Cole with plate letter. aU-UNC. R-307a, 308, 309, 313a cat $268. (4).SOLD at A$90
Great Britain Accumulation: 806-841 AE Sceat Eahred, Edward I 1272-1307 AR 1d one holed. Cut Farthings c1200+ (3) 1835 1/3 Farthing. ½d 1880, 1937 to 56 coll'n comp in album. ½d 1902. 1d Cartwheel with flts (3), 2d with faults (2) Silver 3d to 2/6 (13). 5/- 1819 ex mount, 1935, gilt 1887 1/- enamelled in 4 colours. Tokens AE (6). Silver 1811 1/- Newark, 1811 3/- Bank Token flts. Medallions inc 1924 British Empire Exhibition (4), ors (4). Album 1ds 1902-1936 (36). (Lot).SOLD at A$220

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Jones TH & Co Ipswich QLD ND 1d. Hairline scrs only visible under a glass trace lustre EF. A-307, R-307 cat EF $450. (P)SOLD at A$150

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$10 Phillips-Wheeler CofA consec pr, Knight-Wheeler side thread, Knight-Stone gothic, Johnston-Stone the Knight-Wheeler's aU, others UNC. R-304, 306a, 307a, 308 cat $520. (5).SOLD at A$160

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$10 Knight-Wheeler Centre & side threads Knight-Stone OCRB UNC. R-306a, 306b, 307b. McD cat $475, Ren cat $500. (3).AVAILABLE at A$160

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$10 Knight-Stone gothic consec pr. R-307a UNC. McD cat $280. (2).AVAILABLE at A$90

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1422-1461AD Charles VII Ecu d'or neuf a la couronne. Crowned arms of France flanked by 2 crowned fleur de lis rev. Floriated cross in quadrilobe, a crown in ea angle. VF. Fr-307, Dy-511a. (P)SOLD at A$1500

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Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt, Ptolemy XII 80-51BC AR Tetradrachm (13.9g) Alexandria mint Year 7 75/4BC. Diademed bust right wearing aegis rev Eagle standing left on thunderbolt cf S-7945, SNG Cop 380. Constantine I 307-337 Billon Follis Rome mint Bust right rev sol standing left. aVF, gVF. (2). (P)SOLD at A$160

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Mostly crowned & robed bust left or right. Various reverses inc cypher, crown orb & sceptre, lion, crown & uniface. Silvered, silver, bronze, copper, alum, gilt & WM. 15mm to 38mm. aU-UNC. Gio CM236.1, CM287c,var (silvered), CM288, CM236.2 (silver) by Moore, CM289, CM296var (uniface), CM297a,c, CM298b var (silvered), CM303, CM303.1, CM305, CM307, CM309, unlisted, CM313.3 AE. Vendor cost $860+. (20) (P)SOLD at A$350

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1936 Isle of Man King Edward VIII medals (fantasy Crowns) Head right with date rev triskelion over map. Milled edge. 39mm. Aluminium, copper piedfort, sterling silver, gold plated copper piedfort, platinum coloured alloy, yellow alloy, cupro nickel, silver plated copper piedfort by INA. Mintage 12 of ea. Some with toning, Proof like. Mintage 12 of ea. Gio unlisted. Vendor cost $307. (8)AVAILABLE at A$150