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Great Britain: WW1 Pair to RAF. 1914-18 War medal & Victory medal officially impressed '30965 PTE.1. R.W. HODGES. R.A.F.' UNC. With early strike miniature pair & Silver War Badge stamped 'RAF 11021'.SOLD at A$130

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$10 Knight-Stone Gothic, Johnstone-Stone, Johnston-Fraser, Fraser-Cole with plate letter. aU-UNC. R-307a, 308, 309, 313a cat $268. (4).SOLD at A$90
Switzerland: 1968-90s 2 Francs currency. FV SFr 204 = A$309. Ideal date collector or cheap holiday change. (102 coins)AVAILABLE at A$200

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$10 Knight-Wheeler centre thread, Johnston-Stone, Johnston-Fraser, Fraser-Cole without plate letter. R-306a, 308, 309, 313b UNC. McD cat $465, Ren cat $500. (4).AVAILABLE at A$160

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$10 Johnston-Stone, Johnstone-Fraser, Fraser-Higgins, Fraser-Cole with plate letter. First LCF, others UNC. R-308, 309, 312, 313a cat $205. (4).SOLD at A$70

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$10 Johnston-Fraser. Double crease error resulting in missing print both the simultan & intaglio printing phase. Obvious double crease on the back & a faint line inside the crease on the front gVF. R-309.SOLD at A$300

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Naples: 1309-43 Robert d'Anjou AR Gigliato obv: King stg facing holding, rev: Floral cross. Lis in fields sl striking weakness & obv partially double struck. VF (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Maximian 286-305AD AR Argenteus Trier 295-7AD (3.1g). Laureate head right rev. The 4 tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod altar with military camp in the background cf S-13098, RIC109b, sm scrape gVF, rare. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Shapur II 309-379AD AR Drachm. Bust right wearing crown surmounted by globe, rev fire altar with 2 attendants. Die axis 90 degrees, aEF. Gobl type 1b/5. Scarce type. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Mostly crowned & robed bust left or right. Various reverses inc cypher, crown orb & sceptre, lion, crown & uniface. Silvered, silver, bronze, copper, alum, gilt & WM. 15mm to 38mm. aU-UNC. Gio CM236.1, CM287c,var (silvered), CM288, CM236.2 (silver) by Moore, CM289, CM296var (uniface), CM297a,c, CM298b var (silvered), CM303, CM303.1, CM305, CM307, CM309, unlisted, CM313.3 AE. Vendor cost $860+. (20) (P)SOLD at A$350

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII. Collection of badges, stick pins, tie pins in silver, gilt & enamel. All G-VGC, all diff. Gio-CM293, var, CM294var, CM309.1, CM311 var, CM311.1, CM312, CM314. CM315 (on fob chain), CM316 (2), CM317, unlisted, CM319b, on card, var (30x40mm), CM321, CM321.2 on card, CM322.1 cat U$500-$980 (A$700-$1350) plus 6 unlisted. Vendor cost $550+. (20) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300