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Auckland Licensed Victuallers Association Auckland New Zealand 1871 1d. gVF. Rarity 4-5 . A-328, R-35 cat VF $250, EF $600. (P)AVAILABLE at A$140

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Money Order: New South Wales 1890s pre-printed form issued at Mulwala (no. 3283) for 10/6 comp with Paying Office 'Advice', cashed at Hobart with 'Commercial Bank of Tasmania Limited' seal in red ink on reverse. Very few recorded. Rare, possibly unique from this town. (P)AVAILABLE at A$160

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2004 $150 QEII Year of the Monkey hologram KM-614 Proof 13.61g 18ct gold. AGW .3282 cased outer box flt. (P)SOLD at A$600

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Boer War - Siege of Mafeking. 1 Shillings January 1900, 'Issued by the Authority of Colonel R.S.S. Baden-Powell', with embossed 'Bechuanaland Protectorate / One Penny' embossed duty stamp, with numbered counterfoil at left, showing it came from a special booklet (most of these notes were issued in stapled pads without any counterfoil). Choice UNC in absolutely pristine fresh original condition. P-S651a cat US$1500+++ plus large premium for the intact counterfoil. This originates from a partial booklet ex John Ineson collection, and previously no examples with intact counterfoils were recorded. In any case any Mafeking notes extremely rare in such high grade - the previous example we had from same source sold for $2800 + commission in our auction 328. 2018 Ceremuga certificate of authenticity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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Macedon, Kings of. Alexander III 'The Great' 336-323BC AR Tetradrachm (16.0g) Tyre Mint, lifetime issue struck ca 332/1-328/7BC. Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin, rev Zeus Aetophoros left, M below throne. VF. Price 3240 (P)SOLD at A$300