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Box Lot: Army Slouch hat dated 1954 6 5/8 fur felt by Northcote Hates P/L has a pugaree, no unit badge or chinstrap, shows service wear. Korean War attributed 2RAR kit bag, canvas with large hand painted name '3/3240 Roberts RH 2 BN RAR'. 33240 Pte Raymond Harold Roberts from Ballarat Victoria served in the Korean War with the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 1953-54. c1940s-50s Suspender braces Army, Police & Fireman's pattern. The metal catches have Police & Fireman on them.SOLD at A$80

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Great Britain: WWI Royal Warwickshire Regiment BWM & Victory medals Officially impressed '40250 PTE W STAFFORD R WAR R' (inc copy of medal index card). WWI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Victory medal officially impressed '21332 PTE H.W. HUMAN D.C.L.I' General Service Medal 1962 to Royal Artillery with Borneo clasp officially impressed '21181358 GNR L.T JAMES R.A.' (4 medals).AVAILABLE at A$130

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China: 1931 The Kwangtung Provincial Bank green $5. 1949 The Central Bank of China Chungking One silver Dollar. 1949 The Central Bank of China Canton. 1928 Ten Dollars Shanghai, $1. 1930 P332. 1937 P79 1 Yuan bank of China. 1940 Bank of China. 1945 P283 500 Yuan. 1941 The Central Bank of China 5 Yuan. 1931 The Kwangtung Provincial Bank, brown $1. 1930 Shanghai. 1948 Tung Pei Bank 5000 Yuan. 1928 central Bank of China 1 Yuan. Plus 7 others, 1 damaged o/w VF-EF. (20)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Ottoman: 1574-95AD Murad III AV Sultani, 3.5g. Dimashq mint, AH982. Sl striking weakness at extremities, aEF. Album 1332. (P)SOLD at A$220

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Macedon, Kings of. Alexander III 'The Great' 336-323BC AR Tetradrachm (16.0g) Tyre Mint, lifetime issue struck ca 332/1-328/7BC. Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin, rev Zeus Aetophoros left, M below throne. VF. Price 3240 (P)SOLD at A$300

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The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series Vol 9. Syrian Coins. Royal & Civic issues. 4th-1st Centuries BC by Oliver D Hoover. 2009, 332pgs.AVAILABLE at A$80