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1c & 2c x 3 1966-91 comp in Dansco Supreme (see both sides) albums (retail $195). 3 Collections: 1st 1c missing 1984, 2c missing 1989 & 90. 2nd 1c 1966-90 no 1984, 2c 1966-89 comp. 3rd 1c 1966-90 no 1984, 2c 966-89 comp. All coins UNC, mostly BU. McD cat $510 & $195 for the albums = $700+. (145 coins, 3 VGC albums)SOLD at A$220

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Malaysia: 1 Ringgit ND (1976-81) consec run of 26 UNC. 10 Ringgit ND (1976-81) sig Ali VF (3). ND (1976-81) sig Taha gVF. Brunei: 10 Ringgit 1976 F. P-13a, 15, 15A, 8a cat US$370 = A$510. (31)SOLD at A$150

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Germany-Mansfield-Friedberg: (15)93 Peter-Ernest I, Bruno II, Gebhard VIII & Johann-Georg IV ½ Thaler Helmeted arms with ½ date between rev St George & dragon to right see Dav-9510 for Thaler. Seawater corrosion, aVF. With Western Australia certificate No.10771 & sale permit. No coins of this type recorded from the wreck & only 2 other ½ Thalers from this State listed in Doits & Ducatons. Very rare..NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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2005 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II 6 coin Gold Proof set. Mintage only 650. AGW 3.6510. In its She-oak & Jarrah presentation box. (P)SOLD at A$7000

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2007 Surf Lifesaving 6 coin .999 Gold Proof set. Mintage only 300. AGW 3.6510. In its Jarrah presentation box. (P)SOLD at A$7000

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2010 Australian Numismatic Centenary 6 coin 99.99% Gold Proof set. Mintage only 500. AGW 3.6510. In its box of issue. (P)SOLD at A$7000
2009, 10, 11 Baby Proof sets in boxes of issue. Ren cat $510. (3)SOLD at A$180

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£5 Riddle-Heathershaw Note Issue Dept 1st prefix Q/11 975104 2 tiny pin holes, sl trimmed VF. R-41F cat $30,000. Very rare with only 12 notes known in any grade. (P)SOLD at A$6000

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Boer War - Cape Colony: 1902 Upington Border Scouts £2 dated '1-3-02', serial number 'C510', black and red ink on buff cloth. With black h/s 'ISSUED BY PAYMASTER B.S.UPINGTON' at top & h/s of the Border Scout arms at left with jackal in circular frame & crown above, manuscript text at centre 'Pay to bearer the sum of two pounds for pay / J Birkbeck Major OC'. Extremely fine & fresh condition. P-S715a listed but unpriced. Great rarity of significant historical interest. 2018 Ceremuga certificate of authenticity. (P)AVAILABLE at A$5000