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Medal WWII Order of the German Eagle Third Class without Swords (1943-45). A truly spectacular Third Reich award! White enamel & silver construction. Maltese pattern Cross with ea of the 4 arms of the Cross in white enamel with a fine silver border. German Eagles at ea cnr of the Cross carrying a swastika in a wreath, with a white enamel background. Age related patina to the silver components of the cross. To the top arm of the Cross is a semi-circular fan to which the suspension ring is attached. Suspension ring marked '900' for high silver content & '21' for noted maker of fine Third Reich awards 'Gebruder Godet & Co, Berlin' The suspension ring is then in turn attached to the neck ribbon by a 'fan' suspender device (large loop with 3 raised ribs). The 46mm wide white black & red neck ribbon is approx 540mm in length, slightly tapered & hemmed at both ends. Thin 220mm long red ribbon to ea end of the main neck ribbon for attaching the ribbon for wear. Some minor abrasions to the enamel, mostly to the reverse (as expected from wear). Tiny chip to the enamel to the very end of the right hand side of the six o'clock arms of the Cross.. Really only visible with a jeweller's glass, but had to be mentioned. This strikingly handsome award would make a sensational centrepiece to a Third Reich collection. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000
USA: Silver 10c to $1 all 900 fine mostly 1900s (weight 540g)SOLD at A$375

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South America small group of better notes 1950-2011. Argentina 10, 20, 50, 100 Pesos ND(2003) UNC P-354a, 355a, 356, 357a. Cuba 100 Pesos 1950 UNC P-82a, 20 Pesos 1961 UNC P-97a. Ecuador 20 Sucres 20-4-1983 aU light toning P-115b. El Salvador 5 Colones 18-4-1997 aU light toning P-147a, 200 Colones 4-5-1998 gEF P-152a. Venezuela 100 Bolivares 3-2-2011 UNC P-93d. Odd light handling mark. Cat US$540+ (10)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Natural boulder opal, weight 5.30 carat (from Queensland). Un-set colour blue-green, free shape with baroque face, mixed pattern. With Australian Opal Cutters Sydney Certificate of Valuation $5400. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE
1991, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 2004 Uncirculated sets. 2004 Baby Uncirculated set. Ren cat $540. (9)SOLD at A$220

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£1 Coombs-Wilson QEII Reserve Bank emerald green consec pr. UNC, 1 with undulation top margin. R-34b cat $540. (2).SOLD at A$180

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£1 Coombs-Wilson QEII Reserve Bank emerald green consec pr UNC. R-34b cat $540.SOLD at A$220

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$20 Fraser-Evans last prefix ADK consec run of 4. UNC. R-415L cat $540. (4).SOLD at A$240

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$10 QEII ND (1981-85) sig Hardie type II 1st prefix NAA consec run of 6. UNC. P-172a cat normal notes US $300 = A$415. NZ cat $540. (6).SOLD at A$180

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1926-33 British Empire Union medals. Draped bust of the Prince of Wales left, rev antique galley seen through the archway of a stone bridge above radiate sun. All dated 24 May with following years. 1926 AI, 27 AI, AE (2), 28 AI, AE, 29 AI, AE, 30 AI, AE, 31 AI, AE, 32 AI, 33 AI, AE. 12 With ribbon 39mm by J Pinches, Eimer-2004. 1932 & 33 are particularly scarce-rare. Mostly gVF-EF. Gio-CM112a, CM118a, b (2), CM124a, b, CM126a, b, CM128a, b, CM130a, b, CM133.2 (but AI), CM136.2 AE & AL (unlisted) cat U$420-$750. These medals were given to school children. Cost vendor $540+, purchase receipts enclosed.AVAILABLE at A$300