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Great Britain: WWI Royal Warwickshire Regiment BWM & Victory medals Officially impressed '40250 PTE W STAFFORD R WAR R' (inc copy of medal index card). WWI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Victory medal officially impressed '21332 PTE H.W. HUMAN D.C.L.I' General Service Medal 1962 to Royal Artillery with Borneo clasp officially impressed '21181358 GNR L.T JAMES R.A.' (4 medals).SOLD at A$130

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Great Britain WWI pr War Medal & Victory Medal impressed to '20437 A.CPL. J SMITH HIGH L.I.' with copy of Medal Index card. Another WWI Pair impressed to '58836 PTE W PEARSON M.G.C' (2 pairs).AVAILABLE at A$150

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Great Britain (unresearched) Imperial Service Medal QEII Type 2 impressed 'Reginald Williams' cased. India General Service Medal KGVI clasp North West Frontier 1937-39 impressed to '14958 SEP MOHND SARWAR, 5-13 F.F.RIF' (Frontier Force Rifles) (2).SOLD at A$100

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Russia: Victory over Germany 1945, 800th Anniv Moscow others dated 1958, 65, 68, 70, 75, 78, 85, 96 & 2004 all with original ribbons plus other medals & cap badges (see web for photos). All diff. (22).SOLD at A$150

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½d 1911-64 Collection comp (ex 1923) on a page. Average circ to EF. (58)SOLD at A$85
½d 1911-64 Collection comp (ex 1923) on pages. Average circ-UNC. (58)SOLD at A$75
½d 1911-64 Collection comp (ex 1923) in as new Dansco Supreme (see both sides) album (retail $65). Selected set with some early dates with full bands, average circ-UNC. (58)SOLD at A$120
½d 1961, 62 Slabbed PCGS MS65RB, RD. 1d 1958, 64(p) Slabbed PCGS MS65RB, 1964(M) Slabbed PCGS MS64RD. (5).SOLD at A$100
1d 1911-64 Part-collection Dansco Supreme (see both sides) album (retail $72 ea). 2 Collections without 1925, 30 & 46. 1st also without 1920 dot above & 28. 2nd also without 26, 28, 29. 41KG, 44, 53, 58Y, 63Y. Average circ-EF. (135 coins, 2 albums)SOLD at A$120
3d 1912-36 KGV with some duplication inc 1912 F, 20 gVF others mostly F-EF. McD cat value approx $475. KGVI & QEII 1938-64 inc 1942 Melbourne (3) others F-EF (35). All housed in 2x2s. (58)SOLD at A$150

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3d 1957, 58, 64. Slabbed PCGS, MS66, MS65, MS67. (3).AVAILABLE at A$200
1/- 1938 aU/UNC, 42S UNC, 43 UNC, 43S UNC (2), 44 VF-gVF (3), 44S gVF, UNC, 50 EF, UNC, 52 UNC (5), 54 UNC, 57 EF, UNC (2), 58 VF, Proof, 59 gVF, 60 UNC, aEF, 61 VF-EF (4), UNC (3), 62 EF (2), UNC (2), 63 Choice UNC. 1962 edge bite VF. McD cat $2019. Housed in 2x2 in Dansco bookshelf album. (39)AVAILABLE at A$450
2/- 1910-63 Collection comp inc obvs (ex 1934/5 Melbourne Centenary) in Dansco push in album.1932 obv spots VG/F others average circ to UNC (58).SOLD at A$550
2/- 1910-63 Collection comp inc obvs (ex 1934/5 Melbourne Centenary) in Dansco push in album. 1932 VG/F others average circ to EF (58).SOLD at A$600
2/- 1910-63 Collection comp inc obvs in repaired push-in album. 1932 VG/F (1934/5 Melbourne Centenary UNC looks good but a copy), others average circ-UNC, many KGV better than average. (58)SOLD at A$650

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2/- 1953, 58, 59 Slabbed MS64. 1960 Slabbed PCGS MS65. (4).SOLD at A$160
20c & 50c 1966-82 collection comp in new Dansco push-in album inc obverses. Most coins ex RAM mint rolls. UNC/BU. McD cat $562, plus album $22 = $584. Reserved at less than the value of the key coins. (37)AVAILABLE at A$200
1983, 85 (toned), 87, 88, 89, 91 Uncirculated sets. Custom sets 1984, 1958/64 ½d to 2/-, $1 coin & note MR Roberts folder. RAM rolls 1c 1979, 10c 1980, 20c 1981. $1 1999 Year of the Older person security roll. (13)SOLD at A$150
Medalets & Tokens: Hide & De Carle 1858 1d. Medalettes 1887 to 95 inc Victoria QV Jubilee in silver, Malden Shire in silver, 1st Settlement 1984 in silver, Vienna Woods School 1995 in silver. World coins & tokens inc GB 1792, Canada 1813, European Jeton 15th Cent. Generally F - EF. Marked retail $533. (20).SOLD at A$80

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Unusual lot: Company bronze seals - The Oleum Co Ltd, Sydney, Gwalia Gold Mining Co (mostly defaced), The New North Park Mining Co NL Ballarat. Zinc .999 ingots Derwent Prime, A-Z (2), SE Coy Ltd Penang tin ingot 58.8g. Coins & medals inc All Australian Exhibition 1925 to Miss Robjohns in AE, Nth Broken Hill in silver & 9 others some in silver. Mineral Specimens, natural silver crystalline nugget 39g from Elizabeth Hill WA 34.9g scarce cost. Galena (silver, lead, zinc ore) specimen 1.49kg.SOLD at A$150

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£10 Sheehan-McFarlane first prefix V/3 967616. R-58F. aU. McD cat $9000. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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£10 Sheehan-McFarlane first prefix V/3. R-58F. VF+. McD cat VF $1750 (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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£10 Sheehan-McFarlane 1st prefix V/3 R-58F aVF.AVAILABLE at A$750

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$5 Stevens-Fraser (20)16 identical serial nos 115871 diff prefixes DG, DH, DI, DJ, DK, EA, ED, EE, EF. Plus Reserve Bank $5 1000 note bundle card. R-224. UNC. (9)SOLD at A$75

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Great Britain: 1839 QV ¼ Farthing S-3953 aU. 1892 QV ¼d S-3958. 1887 QV Jubilee Head 4/- Arabic 1 S-3923 VF. Plus 1888 ½d, 1848 & 1887 model coins. (6).SOLD at A$100
Great Britain: 1931 KGV ¼d Slabbed PCGS MS64RD & 65RD. Nepal-Shah Dynasty: SE1823 Prithvi Bir Bikram Mohar. KM-651.1 PCGS AU58. New Guinea 1938 KGVI 1/- Slabbed PCGS MS66. USA 2012 1c Slabbed PCGS Sample (2). (6).SOLD at A$90

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Hong Kong: Slabbed Coins 1958H QEII 5 cents KM-29.1 Slabbed PCGSMS63 1963, 65 5 cents, 76 10 Cents Slabbed MS64 1st & last PCGS 2nd NGC. 1935, 37, 67 10 cents Slabbed PCGSMS65. 1968 50c Slabbed PCGS MS66. 1998 $1 Slabbed PCGS sample (9).SOLD at A$130
Netherlands: Currency 1960s onwards 1 Gulden (78), 2½ Gulden (16), 5 Gulden (8). Ideal for the date collector. Total face value 158 Gulden.SOLD at A$75
USA: Silver 10c to $1 .900 fine mostly 1900s (Weight 580g)SOLD at A$400

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Africa: Large collection 1964-2012. Highlights noted Burundi (2) incl 5000 Fr 1997 UNC P-40, Congo Democratic Republic (9), East Africa, Guinea (3), Guinea Bissau, Kenya (3), Maldive Is (5), Mauritius (2), Namibia (2), Nigeria 10 Niara ND(1973) ph VF P-17d, Rwanda, Sierra Leone (7) incl 2 Leone ND(1970) VF P-2d, Somalia, South Africa (4), Tanzania, Uganda (6), Zaire (6), Zambia (3). Majority UNC with minor duplication. Cat approx US$400. (58)SOLD at A$200
Cambodia: 2002-2014 in bundles of 100 & part bundles. 50 Riels 2002 P-52 approx 100. 100 Riels 2001 P-53 5 bundles of 100 plus approx 200 500 Riels 2004 P-54b approx 1½ bundles. 1000 Riels 2007 P-58b approx 1¾ bundles. 1000 Riels 2012 P-63a (24). 2000 Riels 2013 P-64 (9). 100 Riels 2014 P-65 5 bundles of 100. Pick cat US$1250+ = A$1850. (Approx 1800 notes)SOLD at A$250

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Bolivia: Potosi Mint Philip IV 1652PE Cob 8 Reales. KM-A20.8. Both dates clear. Very rare date, unpriced KM. Water worn, VG/F. West Australian Museum certificate no 11588 with sale permit.SOLD at A$1000

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Great Britain: 1797 George III Cartwheel 1d. S-3777. Slabbed PCGS AU58. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Mexico: 1784Mo FM Charles III 8 Reales. KM-106.2 Slabbed PCGS AU58. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1929M KGV. Small head. Well struck, lustrous. Slabbed PCGS AU58. McD cat $5,200. Rare. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1958Y - Proof. Near full orange. Sm obv spot. . McD cat $1350 (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1912 - Slabbed PCGS AU58.McD cat $1100 (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1958 - Proof. Slabbed NGC PF-66. McD cat $225 (P)SOLD at A$100

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1958 - Proof Slabbed APCGS PR-66. McD cat $225. Nice coin.AVAILABLE at A$100

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1958 - Proof, light tone. McD cat $350 (P)SOLD at A$120

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1932 - Slabbed PCGS AU58. Very scarce.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1958 - Proof Slabbed NGC PF66. McD cat $600. This a superior coin. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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20c NDV (1966-84) struck on a 10c planchet no milling 5.58g. Near UNC. Extremely Rare. (P)SOLD at A$1800

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1958 Melbourne Proof set 1d, 3d, 6d, 1/-, 2/-. 1d Near full orange, silver brilliant. McD cat $2175. (5) (P)SOLD at A$650

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1958 Melbourne Proof set 1d, 3d, 6d, 1/-, 2/-. Lightly toned, practically FDC. McD cat $2175. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1958Y Perth Proof 1d. FDC. McD cat $1150. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1958Y Perth Proof 1d. Full orange practically FDC. McD cat $1150. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1958Y Perth Proof 1d. Greenish orange tone. 2 small obv spots. aFDC. McD cat $1150 (P)SOLD at A$240
$10 1992, 93, 94 Birds Standard Proof & Piedfort Penguin, Cockatoo & Wedge-Tailed Eagle. All Coin Fair issues with matching certificates. Penguins 758, Palm Cockatoos 27 & Wedge-Tailed Eagles 15. In boxes of issue. Exc condition. High vendor cost. (6)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Hogarth Erichsen & Co Sydney NSW 1858 3d. aVF/VF. A-687, R-252 cat VF $2250. Rarity 7. (P)SOLD at A$600

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Hogarth Erichsen & Co Sydney NSW 1858 3d. VG. A-687, R-252. Rarity 7. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Counterstamp C HYDE on rev of Hide & De Carle 1858 1d. A-237, R-229 ref A-1112 to 1121 for counterstamp. Very scarce. (P)SOLD at A$120
New South Wales, Revenue Branch Colonial Treasury, Sydney receipts for Quit Rent due to the Crown April & May 1842 (2). 1833, 36 Sight Note Derwent Bank (2). Bank of Van Diemens Land to James Kelly Nov 1833 others 1800s (3). Hobart Town Savings Bank passbook 1852-58. Starvation Debenture 'One Long'. Others (3). Plus numerous facsimiles (44). (Lot)SOLD at A$240

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£10 Cerutty-Collins 028801W (bold serial number). Nice colour VF. R-52c cat $58,000. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$15000

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£10 Sheehan-McFarlane 1st prefix V/3. Practically UNC. R-58F. McD cat UNC $24,000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$6000

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£1 Coombs-Wilson QEII Reserve Bank emerald green last prefix HK/65 558293 aU. R-34bL. McD cat $1400 (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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$1 Coombs-Wilson Star ZAE 58113* LCF UNC. R-71s cat aU $3700.SOLD at A$900

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$10 Coombs-Wilson 1st prefix Star ZSA 58292* UNC. McD cat $5500, R-301s cat $6700.SOLD at A$1500

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1982 $100 Kinkajou. KM-70 Proof Mintage only 586. Scarce. (P)SOLD at A$250

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Celtic: c65-58BC Durotriges gold ¼ Stater. 1.38g 3 men in a boat motif rev Central thunderbolt. S-368, VA-1225. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1458-1490 Matthias Corvinus gold gulden. 4 Shield coat of arms rev St Ladislas standing with a halberd & globe with a cross. Hermannstadt mint. Near EF. Fr-20, Huszar 674. (P)SOLD at A$900

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Ilkhans: AH690-694, 1291-95AD Gaykhatu AV Dinar, 3.6g. Tabriz mint, AH69(3). Some striking weakness VF. Album 2158. (P)SOLD at A$275

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ND (1832-58) 2 Shu (Nishu Kin) Tempo era. gVF. C-18 (P)SOLD at A$90

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1761 Johann Ignzatz Printz Numerical Penny. Crown above name, rev Hand from clouds holds balance. Denebaur-3658. Underlying lustre EF. Rare. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1586 Queen Louise de Lorraine & Henry III Laundatory Medal Laureate & cuirassed bust right rev Bust of Louise de Lorraine (5th Effigy) facing left. Edge stamped argent, later striking by the French mint. Silver, 42mm, 35.3g c19th French Mint restrike. EF. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1879 - 1943 High grade 1c collection, all slabbed by PCGS or NGC. French Cochin China. 1879A XF40BN, 84A AU58BN. French Indo China: 1885A 64RB, 86A AU55BN, 87A 62BN, 88A 63BN, 89A 63BN, 92A AU55BN, 93A VF30BN, 94A 62RB, 95A XF40BN, 96A 63BN, 97A 65BN, 98A 63BN, 99A 62BN, 1900A 63RB, 01A 66RD, 02A 64RB, 03A 63BN, 06A 62BN, 08A 63BN, 09A 63BN, 10A 64RB, 12A 63RB, 13A 63BN, 14A 62BN, 16A 63BN, 17A 65RD, 18A 63RB, 19A 65BN, 20A 64RD, 21A 64BN, 21 62BN, 22A 64RB, 22 64RB, 23A 63RB, 23 64RB, 26A 63BN, 27A 65RB, 30A 64RB, 31A Torch 63RB, Wing AU58BN, 37A 65RD, 38A 64+RD, 39A 64RD, 40 type 1 MS61, 41 MS63, 43 MS67. 33 in NGC slabs & 15 in PCGS slabs. Most dates in high grade are ridiculously undervalued. One of the highest graded sets known. Vendor Reserve. (48) (P)AVAILABLE at A$30000

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1943 5 cents KM-27 Slabbed NGC MS66. 1900A, 29A 10 cents KM-9, 16.1 PCGS AU58, NGC MS64. 1941S, 45(a) 10 cents KM-21.1a, 28.1 PCGS MS63, MS65. 1927A, 41S, 45B 20 cents KM-17.1, 23a.2, 29.2 NGC MS64, MS63, PCGS MS62. 1947(a) Piastre reeded edge KM-32.2 PCGS MS64. (9)SOLD at A$250

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1554-58 Philip & Mary Groat. Brushed F. S-2508. (P)SOLD at A$120

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1554-58 Phillip & Mary Groat mm lis. Slabbed PCGS F15. S-2508. (P)SOLD at A$180

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1558-1603 Elizabeth I 1/- 6th issued 1582-1600 mm Woolpack S-2577. Central area weakly struck, legend VF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1558-1603 Elizabeth I 1/- 6th issue mm woolpack 1594-96. Struck from worn die, portrait not struck up F. S-2577. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1607 James I 6d. 2nd coinage mm escallop. VF. S-2658. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1671 V Tertio Charles II 5/-. gF. S-3358 (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1672 VQVARTO Charles II 5/-. aVF. S-3358. (P)SOLD at A$700

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1677 Charles II 5/- Slightest adjustment mks. gF. S-3358 (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1677 V Nono Charles II 5/-. gF. S-3358. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1737 Death of John Conduitt medal. Draped bust right rev Truth introduces Conduitt to Hampden & Newton AE, 58mm, by J S Tanner. Eimer 538 cat £250. Contemporary edge filing, light chocolate aEF. Conduitt was a member of Parliament Master of the Royal Mint & a writer. He was married to Isaac Newton's niece. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1772 George III ½d. Slabbed NGC AU58BN. S-3774 cat EF £350. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1818 George III 2/6. Lustrous. Slabbed NGC AU 58. S-3789 cat EF £525, UNC £900. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1847 Prince Albert Chancellor of Cambridge University medal. bust of Prince Albert left, rev 7 lined legend. AE, 58mm by GG Adams. Eimer-1417. Cpl tiny rev mks all with considerable underlying lustre. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1902 KEVII 5/- Slabbed NGC AU58, light attractive toning, practically UNC. S-3978 cat UNC £350. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1929 KGV Wreath 5/- Slabbed NGC AU58. S-4036 cat EF £500 UNC £850. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1919(b) KGV Rupee KM-524. Slabbed PCGS AU58.AVAILABLE at A$70

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1689 Nov James II Gunmoney 6d VF+. 1689 Jan James II Gunmoney 1/- struck on laminated planchet EF, sl verd. S-6583H. S-6581M. (2). (P)SOLD at A$150

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1839 QV 1d. Slabbed NGC AU58. KM-14, S-7417 cat EF £200. (P)SOLD at A$160

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1941I Cent MS62RB, MS63BN. 5c 1941I, 45 MS63, MS64. 20c 1943, 45 AU58, MS62. All PCGS slabs. Malaysia: 1973 Sen MS66RD, 1982 20 Sen MS66, 1967, 68 50 Sen both MS65. All PCGS slabs. 1967, 97 5 Sen MS65, MS64. 1977, 88 50 Sen both MS66, last 4 inc NGC slabs. Plus 3 loose coins (17).SOLD at A$200

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1953, 58H QEII 5c 1961H QEII 10c. KM-1, 2. Slabbed NGC MS66, PCGS MS65, PCGS MS65. (3).AVAILABLE at A$100

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1871 Ga C Peso Slabbed PCGS AU58. KM-408.3 (P)SOLD at A$180

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1941 KGVI 1/-. KM-9. Slabbed PCI AU58. NZ cat aU $500NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1942 KGVI 6d. KM-8. Slabbed PCI AU58. Looks UNC to us!! NZ cat aU $425, UNC $900 (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1910B KEVII 20 cents KM-22a. Slabbed NGC AU58.SOLD at A$90

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5000 Schilling 4-1-1988 UNC. P-153a cat US$675 TBB cat US$850=A$1200. Face value A$588. (P)SOLD at A$725

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£1 ND (1991-), £5, £10, £20 QEII ND (1995-96) £20 teller flick UNC others UNC. P-52c, 56b(2), 57b, 57c, 58b cat US$232 = A$310. (6).SOLD at A$75

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10,000 Yen ND (1958) no 1 serial KN000001E. P-96d. VF+ Very scarce.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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10,000 Yen ND (1958) UNC. P-94b.SOLD at A$180

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10/- ND (1940) sig Hanna opt oval SPECIMEN/DE LA RUE/& Co LTD/CANCELLED in black on front. Serial 2/J 000000. Specimen no 23 in bottom left margin. P-158as. Trace of mounting glue as have all similar specimens. UNC. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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10/- ND (1967) sig Fleming with security thread opt Specimen & 2 oval De La Rue stamps in red front & back. Punch hole cancel through signature. Serial 8Y 000000. Specimen no 7. P-158ds. Minor glue mks from adherence in folder aU.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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50, 100, 500, 1000 Dobras 30-9-1982. 100, 500, 1000 Dobras 4-1-1989. 500, 1000 Dobras 26-8-1983. 5000 Dobras 22-10-1996, 28-8-2004, 10000 Dobras 22-10-1996 (2). 26-8-2004, 20,000 Dobras 22-10-1996, 26-8-2004 50,000 Dobras 22-10-1996 (2), 26-8-2004, 10-12-2010, 10,000 Dobras 2-6-2004, 10-12-2010. P-56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65a, c, 66a, b, c, 67b, c, 68a, b, c, d, 69ab cat US$632 = A$930. Nice lot. UNC (22).AVAILABLE at A$150

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5000 Korun 3-4-1995 2000 opt commemorative issue. UNC. Scarce. P-40 cat US$400=A$580 Face Value A$270. (P)SOLD at A$375

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$1 2-1-1939 Specimen perforated cancelled lower centre, serial No 58C 00000. Printers notations in top margin & Specimen handstamped in violet bottom right margin. aU. P-5bs (unpriced). Scarce. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Syria, Seleukis & Pieria. Seleukeia Pieria 105/4-83/BC AR Tetradrachm. (14.4g). Dated CY18-91/2BC. Veiled & turreted bust of Tyche right rev filleted thunderbolt on throne cf S-5887, HGC 9, 1382 gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Indo Scythians Azes c58-12BC AR Tetradrachm (9.3g) King on horseback to right holding spear rev. City goddess standing left holding brazier & palm. gVF. Senior 82-33OT. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series Vol 6. Coins of the Islands. Adriatic, Ionian, Thracian, Aegean & Carpathian Seas (exc Crete & Cyprus). 6th-1st Centuries BC by Oliver D Hoover. 2010, 358pgs.AVAILABLE at A$80

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Julia Domna under Septimus Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome 200AD Ceres seated left holding corn ears & long torch. Laodicea 196-202AD Concordia seated left holding patera & double cornucopiae. Rome 206AD Felicitas standing left holding caduceus & sceptre. S-6576, 6577, 6581. VF-gVF. (3) (P)SOLD at A$180

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Julia Domna under Septimus Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome 210AD Fortuna standing left holding turned out cornucopia & resting left arm on rudder. Laodicea 198AD. Laetitia standing left holding wreath & rudder. Rome 198AD Cybele enthroned flanked by 2 lions holding branch & resting on drum. S-6583, 6590, 6593. VF-gVF. (3) (P)SOLD at A$180

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Julia Domna under Septimus Severus 193-211AD AR Denarius. Rome 209AD Fortuna enthroned left holding cornucopiae & resting on rudder set on globe. Rome 208AD Hilaritas holding palm & cornucopiae stands between 2 children. Rome 209AD Juno standing left holding patera & sceptre with peacock at feet. S-6584, 6587, 6588. VF. (3) (P)SOLD at A$180

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Galerius 305-311AD billon Follis. Ticinum 295-9AD (10.3g). Laureate head right rev. Genius wearing modius standing left holding patera & cornucopiae. S-14358, RIC 32b. gVF. (P)SOLD at A$80

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Maurice Tiberius 582-602AD gold Solidus Constantinople Mint (4.5g). Draped & cuirassed bust facing wearing plumed helmet, rev Angel standing facing holding long cross & globus cruicger. S-478. Practically as struck. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Maurice Tiberius 582-602AD AV Solidus Constantinople (4.39g). Draped & cuirassed bust facing wearing plumed helmet & holding globius cruciger, rev angel standing facing holding long staff & globius cruciger. Off I. Practically as struck. S-478. (P)SOLD at A$600

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Crowned & robed bust left or right. Various reverses inc Westminster, cypher, rose, ship & arms. Bronze & alum, 22mm-38mm, most with suspenders, some with ribbon. EF-UNC. All diff. Gio CM225b, CM236, CM246b with box & 1937 dated receipt, CM247a, CM249a, CM250, CM251a, CM258b. Vendor cost $440+. (8)SOLD at A$160

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Obverses all crowned & robed left or right. Variety of reverses inc ship, arms, lion, rose, Westminster Abbey & Britannia. WM, AE, silver, gilt. Diameter 25-45mm. Mostly EF-UNC. Gio CM235a(var), CM240, CM241, CM242, CM243, CM246c, CM247c,d, CM251b,c, CM252, CM256a,var (bronze), CM271d cat U$555-$855 (A$770-$1200). Vendor cost $580+. (14) (P)SOLD at A$300

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII. Selection of photographic medals, badges, brooches, tie pins etc with portraits of Edwards or his cyphers. G-VGC, all diff. Inc Gio-CM338b, CM338.17 on card. Vendor cost $580+. (P)SOLD at A$300

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Indian States: Jaipur AH1936 Yr 15 Edward VIII Nazarana Rupee KM-167. Ex Giordano collection lot 196. Jodhper: 1936 Edward VIII 1/4 Anna KM-131, 132, 133 3 varieties. Kutch: 1936/VS1993 Edward VIII 3 Dokda Y-63, Kori 1936/VS1992 & VS1993 Y-65, 2½ Kori 1936/VS1992 Y-66, 5 Kori 1936/VS1992 & VS1993 Y-67. VF-aU. Gio CC58a, 60, 61, 61.1, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68. Vendor cost $600+. (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Great Britain: Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Volume 27. Lincolnshire Collections 1. The Hill Collection: Lincolnshire coins. 2. Other English, Irish & Continental coins to 1272 by A Gunstone. 1981. 120 pages plus 58 plates. Ex Libris Shiel & B S Perry. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$80

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Great Britain: Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Volume 28. Cumulative Index of Volumes 1-20 by V Smart. 1981. 118 pgs of index. 158 pages. Ex Libris Shiel & B S Perry. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$50