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Great Britain: 1862-1981 QV- QEII. Crowns 1977 (2), 1980 (6), 1981 (3); 1d (17); ½d ( 9); new pence inc £2 (6) & 50p (56), other minors (approx 50); 1988 UNC set, medals, assorted (4); world coins, assorted minors from Cook Islands (2), Falkland Islands, Fiji (17), New Zealand (approx 47), Singapore (26), Western Samoa, USA (13). Fair - uncirculated. (approx 240)SOLD at A$130
India: 1874(C), 1900C, 1903C, 1918(C), 1938(b), gVF, Scarce cat US$175, 1945(b) Rupees. 1896, 1912 ½ Rupee. 1862, 1942 ¼ Rupee. 1905, 18 2 Annas. 1936 ¼ Anna. Mostly VF or better. (13)SOLD at A$325

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1862 Sydney Mint Type II. VG knock. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1862 Sydney Mint Type II. Minor contact mks, fully lustrous UNC. McD cat $23,000. Rare this nice. (P)AVAILABLE at A$6500

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Froomes, W Castlemaine Victoria 1862 1d. Minor surface porosity gVF. Rarity 4-5. A-141, R-147 cat VF $500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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Gipps Land Hardware Company, Port Albert & Sale, Victoria 1862 1d. Rarity 4-5. VF, sm edge flaw. A-146, R-152 cat $150. (P)SOLD at A$200

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Counter stamp: M.N. on rev of Miller Brothers Melbourne, Victoria 1862 1d. A-371, R-363. Rarity 6, ref A-1173 for counter stamp. VF, green patina in c/s. The coin is red-brown not red as it appears in the photo. RARE. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) Emperor Mu Zong 1862-74 10 Cash Tong Zhi Zhong Bao Rev Dang Shi (Value Ten) above & below. The Board of Revenue West branch. VF. H-22.1131. Emperor De Zong 1875-1908 10 Cash Guang Xu Zhong Bao rev: Dang Shi (Value Ten) above & below. The Board of Revenue South Branch. VF H.22.1291. (2). (P)SOLD at A$100

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Colonial Bank of Natal £1 1-5-1862 Pietermaritzburg, Natal. Imprint Saul Solomon & Co Cape Town. P-S431. 2 spike holes, few pin holes & ul cnr missing but still quite presentable. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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$100 28-7-1862. Milkmaid at left, train at top, usual interest paid markings. Printer JT Paterson. Tiny natural paper flaw. P-44. gEF cat EF US$150.SOLD at A$160