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Bayonet: 1871 Pattern Cutlass bayonet. Nice clean steel blade with war department & inspector stamps. Blackened steel bowl hilt & pressed leather grips. Comes with original leather scabbard with steel fittings. Muzzle ring 18mm for Martini-Henry carbine. Overall VGC.SOLD at A$550

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$5 Stevens-Fraser (20)16 identical serial nos 115871 diff prefixes DG, DH, DI, DJ, DK, EA, ED, EE, EF. Plus Reserve Bank $5 1000 note bundle card. R-224. UNC. (9)SOLD at A$75

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1871S QV Young head Shield WW incuse. Lustrous aU/UNC. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900
1998 2oz Kookaburra Silver Specimen with 1871 Shield Sovereign privy. Missing the gold gilding on the privy. In its box of issue.AVAILABLE at A$200
1995 2oz Kookaburra Silver World Vision Privy, Proof WW2 Peace privy certificate no 1000. 96 The Hague privy, 98 St George 1871 privy. In boxes of issue (4).SOLD at A$220
1998 2oz Kookaburra Silver Specimens with Shield Sovereign & 1871 St George Sovereign privy marks. Proofs with Sydney mint & Jubilee Sovereign privy marks in boxes of issue. Jubilee Sovereign privy certificate no 21. Plus official Privy marked 2oz 4 coin empty case. (4 coins plus case).SOLD at A$240

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Auckland Licensed Victuallers, Auckland 1871 (est) 1d. Gittos, B Auckland 1864 1d. Kirkcaldie & Stains Wellington ND 1d. Milner & Thompson Christchurch ND 1d. United Service Hotel Auckland 1874 1d. gVF-EF. A-326, 149, 311, 378, 591. R-36, 154, 311, 370, 561. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Auckland Licensed Victuallers Association Auckland New Zealand 1871 1d. gVF. Rarity 4-5 . A-328, R-35 cat VF $250, EF $600. (P)AVAILABLE at A$140

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1871 QV Young head Sovereign die no 47. Dusty aU/UNC. S-3853B. (P)SOLD at A$600

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Yr 4 (1871) Mutsuhito Yen high dot. EF holed. Y-9. (P)SOLD at A$150

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Yr 4 (1871) Mutsuhito Yen high dot. aU/UNC sl scr on rev. Y-9. (P)SOLD at A$375

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Yr 4 (1871) Mutsuhito Yen high dot. Lustrous UNC. Y-9. (P)SOLD at A$700

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Yr 4 (1871) Mutshuhito Yen High dot aEF/EF. Y-9. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1902 KEVII Coronation medal. Official Royal Mint issue. Crowned & draped bust right, rev crowned, veiled & draped bust Alexandria Queen consort right . AE, 56mm by GW de Saulles. Eimer-1871a. In box of issue. 1911 KGV Coronation medal. Crowned & draped bust left, rev crowned & draped bust Queen Mary left. AE, 51mm by B Mackennal. Eimer-1992a. Both near UNC. The Official Mint issue. (2)SOLD at A$140

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Yr 3, 4 (1870, 71) Mutsuhito 50 Sen 31.5mm. Yr 4 (1871) 31mm. Yr 4, 4a.1. VF, gVF, aU. (3)SOLD at A$120

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Yr 4 (1871). Yr 31 (1898), Yr 33 (1900), Yr 37 (1904), Yr 38 (1905) Mutsuhito 50 Sen. Y-4, Y-25. gVF-aU. (5)SOLD at A$180

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Yr 4 (1871) Mutsuhito 50 Sen Y-4 JNDA-13. Slabbed PCGS MS62 KM cat US$200 in MS60. (P)SOLD at A$170

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1871 Ga C Peso Slabbed PCGS AU58. KM-408.3 (P)SOLD at A$180