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Books Australian War Memorial publications (17). 'Guns of the Regiment' by SN Gower, near new with DJ. 'With the Australian's in Korea' (1957); 'Pictorial History of Australia at War 1939-45 Vol II'; 'HMAS' (1942); 'RAAF log'(1943); Victory Roll' (1945), then Army related (11) with 'Jungle Warfare', 'Khaki & Green', 'Soldiering On' (2 of ea) & 'Active Service', 'Stand Easy' & 'As your Were' 1947, 1949 & 1950. Most with original DJ, VG condition or better. Plus 'The Fragile Forts - the Fixed Defences of Sydney Harbour 1788-1963' (P Oppenhein-Aust Army History Unit) pub 2005; & 'Duntroon (The Royal Military College of Australia) 1911-86'. Near new. (19)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Ephemera: Australia, Germany, UK, USA: Ephemera collection with Australia WWI ACF 1918-19 Christmas / New Year Greeting Card & 'I.S.F.' PPC from Southampton UK to Sydney. Aust WWII Medical Certificate of Unfitness plus 3 diff 30 Inf Btn Greeting Cards. 1947 Motor Spirit Consumers License Cards (2), tatty but rare. Plus Petrol Ration Tickets (4 diff). Germany WWII Identity (Ausweiss) Documents (2, marked retail $150 ea) plus 1941 Civilian Driver's License (retail $150), US WWII ration Books (2) C/W Coupons. GB 1940s-60s Armed Forces Special Vouchers £1 (4) & 10/- (2), similar to banknotes. Plus various patriotic labels (60) from Aust, GB, Italy & USA & some odds & ends. Interesting group, total marked retail $1200+. (95 items)SOLD at A$250

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Australia: 1947 Air Force Cross (AFC) to Pilot of Dakota Aircraft, Flying Officer (later Fl Lieut) E.T.W. HOLT, RAAF. Tasked with the transportation of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Officials & high ranking Military Officers throughout Australia & the SW Pacific area. AFC, GVIR, in its original box of issue. Reverse engraved officially: '1947'. Together with his unnamed as issued 1939-45 & Pacific Stars. Also included is the original, addressed box of issue for the latter & his original 1949 dated medal entitlement slip listing these & his AFC. Flight Lieutenant Eric Thomas Wallis Holt, born 1913, Alpha, Qld. Enl RAAF 17/8/41. Sgt Pilot 1942. W/OFF & Ops with 36 Sqn 1943/44. F/Off 1/11/44. To 1st Communication Unit 13/6/45. Morotai, Borneo, Lae etc from June 1945 to Mar 1946. Disch 6/6/46. AFC - awarded per London Gazette 12/6/47, p.2604 for Operations in 1945: 'HOLT, Eric Thomas Wallace, Flight Lieutenant (413384), 1 Communication Unit RAAF. Flight Lieutenant Holt has been Captain of a Dakota aircraft engaged in the transportation of very important persons & has completed 300 flying hours flying on these duties since June 1945. His aircraft has carried many Cabinet Ministers & high ranking army officers on important missions. Flight Lieutenant Hold has invariably displayed the utmost energy & efficiency on such flights & his manner & example have been an inspiration to his crew. During the Christmas period in 1945, he flew the Prime Minister of Australia on a tour of the Northern islands & during this time, showed a sense of responsibility which averted a possible serious accident. Flight Lieutenant Holt has completed a very large total of flying hours with the Royal Australian Air Force, 1700 of which have been in operational areas in difficult & hazardous circumstances. (LG 12/6/1947 p 2604). Also entitled 1939-45 War & Australia Service Medals. EF. Extremely scarce especially so with the Prime Minister & VIP Pilot connection. Only 146 AFC's awarded to RAAF 1939-50 (P)SOLD at A$3600

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Great Britain: WWI War Medal impressed to '122334 GNR W DANN RA'. Victory Medal impressed '3947 SPR AZAD KHAN 3 S&M' Unnamed originals Africa Star, (no ribbon), France & Germany star, Italy star, WW2 War Medal (4) 3 no ribbons. Plus Defence medal in postage box addressed to the recipient. (10).SOLD at A$150
3d 1910-64 Collection comp (ex 1922/1 o'date, 35, 38, 43S) plus duplicate in push-in album. Average circ-UNC (54). 2/- 1947. 5/- 1937 both UNC. (2 singles plus set)SOLD at A$160

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3d 1947 Lustrous UNC. Slabbed APCGS MS61. 1/- 1953 Fully lustrous Choice UNC Slabbed APCGS MS64. 1d 1957Y Lustrous UNC. 1/- 1927. EF/aU. McD cat approx $575. (4)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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2/- 1947 UNC, 3 with toning. McD cat $380. (4)AVAILABLE at A$75

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2/- 1947 UNC. McD cat $380. (4)AVAILABLE at A$100
Great Britain collection in album: ¼d 1826-1946 (131), 1d 1827 corr VG & 1947. ½d 1846-1937 (28), 3d silver (5) brass inc 1939 (6), Groat 1843. 6d 1825-1962 (8). 1/- 1869-1960 (18). 2/- 1901-65 (25), 2/6 1818-1967 (21) plus decimal (17). Album of New Zealand 3d 1933-65 (39) no 35. 6d 1933-65 (56), 1/- 1933-65 (33). 2/- 1933-65 (34). 2/6 1933-63 (6). $1 Cupro-nickel (12) plus other decimal. Duplication. (Lot)SOLD at A$325

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Silver Coins: Dominican Republic 1952, 63 Pesos. Malawi 1975 10 Kwacha, Norway 1970 25 Kroner. Muscat & Oman AH1378 Saudi Rial. Philippines 1947S Peso, 1977 25 Peso. Tuvalu 1976 $5 Proof. (8)SOLD at A$190

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Russia: Collection 1898-1947 all diff with signature varieties. Includes Imperial (22) & Soviet (10). Generally F or better with odd earlier note in lesser grade. Cat US$200+ (32)SOLD at A$100

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Share Scrip: Bank of Bengal 1870s banknote style for 80 shares at R500 ea, cpl of minor tears VG-Fine condition, retail $75. Then another 45 all diff, mostly USA shares 1930s-80s inc Ahmeek Mining Co (1915) featuring pr of Beavers. Century Natural Gas & Oil Corporation (1953) featuring Oil Wells, Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co (1937) featuring Steam Train, Glen Alden Coal Co (1938) featuring 2 Miners, Magma Copper Co (1926) with Mining Town Pictorial, Southwest Minerals Inc, The Sperry Co (1947) featuring Ship * Aeroplane, Western Maryland Railway Co (1957) featuring Hermes with Diesel Locomotive plus France 1925 International Exposition Bond. Mostly VF condition with some duplication. (115)SOLD at A$200

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1947 - Fully lustrous Choice UNC. McD cat $235. (P)SOLD at A$90

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WWII £1 Certificate for 5 Years Prefix 5A issued at Commonwealth Bank of Aust, Bonds & Stock Dept, Perth WA 26 Sep 1947. aU. WG1a.AVAILABLE at A$50

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WWII £10 Certificate for 5 Years Prefix 5A issued at the National Bank of Australia Ltd Dec 1947. aU. WG3b. Very scarce.AVAILABLE at A$220

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WWII £50 Savings Certificate for 5 Years prefix 5A issued in Sydney 1947. aU. R-WG4b. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1943 5 cents KM-27 Slabbed NGC MS66. 1900A, 29A 10 cents KM-9, 16.1 PCGS AU58, NGC MS64. 1941S, 45(a) 10 cents KM-21.1a, 28.1 PCGS MS63, MS65. 1927A, 41S, 45B 20 cents KM-17.1, 23a.2, 29.2 NGC MS64, MS63, PCGS MS62. 1947(a) Piastre reeded edge KM-32.2 PCGS MS64. (9)SOLD at A$250

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1947 KGVI 6d. KM-8a. UNC cat NZ$350. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Central Bank of China: 500 Yuan 1947 P-381 consec run of 5. All individually slabbed PMG GEM UNC 65 EPQ, 1 note 66 EPQ. (5).SOLD at A$100

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Central Bank of China: 1000 Yuan 1947. P-382b consec run of 5. All individually slabbed PMG Gem UNC 65 EPQ. (5).SOLD at A$100