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1d Red/Green Pane 4 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d Red substituted cliches Dies I & II set both smooth & rough papers F-VFU (ACSC cat $550) then 1d red smooth paper blk of 4 (pos 1, 2/7,8) MUH ($120), 1d red rough paper pr (pos 5, 6) strong compartment lines at top & at right VFU. 1d green CofA wmk blk of 4 (pos 5, 6/11/12) with 'Damaged right frame at top' (pos 6) plus single with additional extra frame lines at top & at right VFU (ACSC cat $100). CofA wmk 1d green vert pr, upper stamp 'steel substitution' lwr variety 'Y dot'. 1d red 'Thin G' (pos 40) both smooth & rough papers (cat $300). Plus retouch in 1d CofA wmk horiz pr, right stamp 'Y dot' variety. 1d red Y dot variety (pos 41) single U, (ACSC 71(2)m, $150). Finally 1d red & 1d green LR cnr blks of 4. F-VF M/MUH. All neatly written up on pages, total ACSC cat $1750. (68).AVAILABLE at A$300