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Cinderellas: Ephemera collection in thick album with 1938 green CofA wmk coil Machine Test Labels MUH (30) in strips of 4 or prs (ACSC cat $300) & 1966 black 'PMG DEPT' labels (21) MUH cat $168, 1968 Vietnam booklets (2) with QEII 5c or 5c Bird VF fresh, retail $200, plus another with damaged cover. 1981 AUSIPEX booklet (4) with green covers (retail $60). Victoria 1979 $3 Duck Hunting Stamp comp sheet of 50 (very scarce as a comp unit, retail $150+), 1980s Lions Christmas Seals comp sheet of 25 (10 diff). 1980s Philatelic exhib souvenirs. 2000 Olympics black print Gold Medalist sheetlets (6), plus NZ 1940s Queenstown Tourist Publicity Sheet & other odds & ends inc Hong Kong China SPECIMEN M/sheets (3). Total retail well over $1000, plus 1945-48 Allied Occupation of Germany 2pf-60pf Pics (9 diff) & numerals 15pf-94pf (5 diff) in comp sheets of 1000 (5700 stamps) & high val Doves 1M (50), 2M (50) & 5M (20) mostly fresh MUH in sheet file.SOLD at A$275

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Ca 1897 Hand drawn essay in pen & ink for a QV 1d design, endorsed 'Nunc aut nungaum' (Now or never), on card (93x131mm) -design 41x50mm. Some age related staining clear of the design. Unique. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Ca 1897 Hand drawn essay in pen & ink for a QV 2½d design, endorsed 'Nunc aut nungaum' (Now or never), on card (93x131mm) - design 41x50mm. Very slight ageing clear of the design. Unique! (P)SOLD at A$230

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1949 Kwansi silver Yuan opt SYS ½c on $500,000 - 21c on $100,000 inc 5c on $20,000 on 10c & 5c on $40,000 on 20c. VF UN as issued. Sc 6-17. SG 1314-25 cat £500. (12) (P)SOLD at A$525

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1949 Hupeh silver Yuan opt Revenue set 1c on $20 & 10c on $20. VF UN as issued. Sc 1-2. SG 1312-1313 cat £240. (2) (P)SOLD at A$180

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1921-37 KGV $3 green & dull purple, wmk script. VF fresh M. SG 131 cat £200. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1922-23 'Busta Lettera Postale' advertising lettercard (2 serie Piemonte) with advert for 'Societa Nazionale Navagazione' on front & for 'White star Line' on back & many small adverts inside, franked 'BLP' type II litho blue opt 20c orange. VFU, uprated 30c red, tied by 'Amb Torino-Piacenza 4 5 23' railway TPO cds. SG B131 cat £475++ for loose stamp alone, Sass BLP 7 ct €1800. Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1938-54 KGVI Pictorial set 1c-£1 perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh M. SG 131-150s cat £1000. Rare genuine set. (13). (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1921-32 KGV Peace & Justice set ½d-£1. F-VF fresh M/MLH, 5/- cnr spot but £1 superb MLH. SG 131-41 cat £150. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1945 Victory 1d brown & carmine bilingual horiz pr, error opt INVERTED. Superb fresh MUH. SG 131a cat £400. 2010 BPA photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$300