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1967 QEII 5c Blue Specialised Study on 14 Exhibition pages with paper variations (6) inc cnr blks of 4. Non-helecon paper on 1969 cover plus single MUH with crisp rev off-set, UR cnr blk of 6 with large ink flaw in margin, cnr blks of 4 (5) with marginal lay-out markings. Then constant electro flaws with Sheet A multiples (8) inc lower marginal blks (4, Electros 1-4) with re-cut UL cnr (pos 10/5) ACSC 444d cat $160. Lower marginal blk of 30 with 'void in shading lower frame' & LR cnr blk of 6, similar variety. Sheet D multiples (12) with LL cnr blks of 8, Electros 1-4 with re-cut shading around 5c (pos 9/4) ACSC 444f cat $160. Lower marginal blks of 20 (4) with similar varieties ($200). Another marginal blk of 20 with as above plus 'major retouch left of tiara' (pos 10/3) ACSC 444f cat $160, then LL cnr blk of 8 with both positional 9/4 & 10/3 re-cuts ($120) plus flaws between 5c & tiara before re-cutting (pos 10/3), FU RARE! Not recorded M. Also another 2 marginal blks of 20 with minor ink-stripping in bottom frames. Sheet F blks (8) inc LL cnr blks of 8 with re-cut shading around 5c' (pos 7/1) ACSC cat $120, right cnr multiples (2) & left cnr blks f 4 (2), all with constant plate flaws. All fresh MUH, total cat $1500. Plus unplated comp sheets of 100 (4) inc retouch UR cnr (R1/10, 2 diff), flaw in A of Australia (R7/10). Plus 4th sheet on thinner paper. Delightful specialist collection. All but one sheet fresh MUH ACSC cat $1500 for blks/multiples, plus extra $600+ for the 4 sheets. (766)SOLD at A$1100