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2012 London Olympics Gold Medallists M/Sheet set of 8 (inc Jared Talbot, issued 2016 -not often seen) in official PO album inc Road to London M/Sheet & printed pmk page. (9)SOLD at A$65

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France: 1849-1927 Collection inc 1849-52 Ceres imperfs to 1Fr. 1852-53 President 25c. 1853-61 Emperor imperfs to 80c. 1870 Ceres imperf to 10c. 1876-1900 P&C to 5Fr inc 3c yellow M, plus 1c, 4c & 5c numbered gutter prs. 1900-25 Blanc, Mouchon & Merson to 5Fr. 1926-27 War Orphans to 5Fr+1Fr. 1922 War Orphans surch to 5Fr+1Fr. 1918 Red Cross 15c+5c M&U. 1923 Congress opt 1Fr M (SG cat £650). Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed condition in earlies as usual. SG cat £8800+ = A$15,000+. (159). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000
Comics: Phantom collection 1596 (Fourth Son) to 1772 (2016 Christmas Special) with over 170 diff inc replica series No 1-8, 2012-26 Annual or Christmas Specials & 80th Anniversary (tribute) edition. Shop soiled, o/w as new. Original cost around $800. (170)SOLD at A$180

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1936 Cable set 2d & 3d on Registered cover tied by 'Stanley 1 AP 36' cds at Tasmania end of cable, to Apollo Bay on Victoria end, b/s Burnie. Melbourne & Apollo Bay. SG 159-60. ACSC 170y cat $165 (P)SOLD at A$110

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St Pierre & Miquelon: 1934 'Jacques Cartier 1534-1934' opt set 50c- 5Fr. VF fresh M. SG 163-167 cat £80, Yv 159B-E cat €81 (5)AVAILABLE at A$40

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1949 Children's Exhib sheetlet of 10 imperf, plus 1952 New Year 5Y, M/S. F-VF M/MUH, sl tropicalised spots. Sak C159, N7A cat Y66,000. SG MS532, 647 cat £456. (2 M/S)SOLD at A$130

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1946 KGVI Victory set 1d & 2d, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 158s-159s cat £140. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$140

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1975-81 Flag 15c, 18c & 20c multi-coloured, all IMPERF horiz prs. VF fresh MUH, all 4 margins. Sc 1597e, 1890a, 1895s cat US$98, SG 1596a, 1850a, 1925b cat 121. (3 prs)SOLD at A$40