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1967 YMCA 4c blk of 4 on PO Official Publicity Card. F-VF. SG 412, ACSC 476x cat $150.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1880s-1950s World inc Tripolitania 1933 Zeppelin set M (SG cat £65), Ruanda-Urundi 1952 Flowers to 20Fr (£40), Monaco 1885 Heads 1c-15c M (£1135) & 40c (£110), French Colonies inc Fezzan (£65), Mauritania (£40), Sudan 1931-39 set (£65), Nyassa 1901 set both M & U (£50), 1921 Surch (2 sets, £90), some early Turkey (65) & some Italy. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £1650. (275)AVAILABLE at A$200

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British Levant, Middle East & Morocco Agencies: 1880-1960 Ex dealer's stock in binder. Aden 1937 Dhow to 1R M. 1939-49 KGVI Pic to 10R. 1951 Decimal Surch KGVI Pic set to 10S. British Levant 1880 GB Used in Constantinople ½d & 2½d. Morocco Agencies 1898-99 opt QV to 2P. 1886 Gibraltar QV 1d used in Tangier. 1903-07 KEVII to 2/6. French Currency 1914-34 KGV opt to 3Fr. Also British Levant & Morocco Agencies KGV-KGVI inc strips & blks MUH. Mostly G-VF M/MUH/U. SG STC £950+ some years ago with current value sure to be higher. (1650+)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Colombia: Collection 1860-1984 in album. 1860 Arms 5c. 1862-63 Arms 5c & 10c. 1865 Arms to 1P plus shades. 1879 Cali Provisionals 20c & 50c. 1881 Liberty set plus shades. 1868-70 Arms set to 1P plus shades. 1869-70 Triangle blk of 4. 1870-77 Arms high val 5P & 10P plus shades. 1870-74 Arms set to 25c plus blks & shades. 1883-86 Arms set to 10P plus imprints & blks. 1886-88 Republic Arms set to 10P. 1903-04 Portrait & Arms set to 10P. 1935 Olympic set to 50c -then largely comp to 1984. Useful Airmails inc 1932-33 Pictorial set to 5P. 1941 Pictorial set to 5P. SCADTA Airs, Avianca 1950 'A' opt pictorial set to 5P & Lansa 1950 'L' opt Pictorial set to 5P, plus 1951 Pictorial set to 5P -Airs then appears comp to 1984. Registration stamps from 1870 inc 1889 range inc shades & imperf. States inc Antioquia, Carthagena, Cundinamarca & Bogota etc. Almost all diff inc shades, types etc. Mostly F-VF M/U, majority post 1960 being VF fresh MUH. SG cat £5200+ = A$9500+. Rarely offered country. (1650)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Germany: 1920s-30s MUH selection inc 1934 Welfare Fund set to 40pf+35pf (SG cat £600). 1935 Railway Cent set (£150). 1935 Welfare Fund Women's Costumes set to 40pf+35pf (£225). 1924-27 Castles 3Mk & 5Mk. 1930 Berlin Exhib set. All diff. Almost all VF MUH. Mi cat €1750+, SG cat £1650 = A$3000+. (43) (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Nevis: 1862-90 QV Collection inc 1862 Medicinal Springs 1d, 4d rose & 6d perf 13. 1867-76 Medicinal Springs 1d, 4d & 1/- perf 15. 1871-78 Medicinal Springs 1d, 4d & 1/- lithographed. 1879-80 QV 1d mauve, wmk crown CC. 1882-90 QV to 1/- inc 6d green (1/- opt SPECIMEN). 1885 Bisect ½d on 1d. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U. SG cat £1650+ = A$3000+. (20) (P)SOLD at A$400

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Sweden: 1858-2004 Collection in Davo album inc 1877-78 to 50o, 1900 5K GPO, 1936 Tercent, then good range, needs work but a good basis, BoB inc Officials 1874 to 1K & others. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £1650 = A$3000, plus cost of album about $300. (1900+)AVAILABLE at A$400
Military - Great Britain/Australia. Special Air Service Regiment collection (32) from foundation in WWII to operations in Iraq 2005 inc David Stirling, The Authorised Biography of the Creator of the SAS (Hoe, 500pgs hb pub 1992), Ghost Force, the Secret History of the SAS (Connor, 375pgs hb, pub 1998), Who Dares Wins, The SAS 1950-Gulf War (Geraghty, 600pgs, pub 1983), Eye of the Storm - 25 Years in Action with the SAS (Ratcliffe DCM, 336pgs, pub 2000). The Complete Encyclopedia of the SAS (Barry Davies, BEM, 375pgs, pub 2001), SAS - The Soldiers Story (Ramsay, 250pgs hb, pub 1996). SAS Sniper (Rob Maylor, 330pgs, pub 2010). Seven Troop (A McNab DCM, 420 pgs hb, pub 2008). Warrior Bros, My Life in the Australian SAS (Fennell, 334pgs, pub 2008). General Sir Peter de la Billiere - Storm Command, a Personal Account of the Gulf War (350pgs hb, pub 1992). Willie Apiata VC - The Reluctant Hero (Little, 255pgs hb, pub 2008). Also contemporary books (18) inc Phantom (Warner, 200+pgs hb, pub 1982). PARA! Fifty Years of the Parachute Regiment (Harclerode, 400pgs hb, pub 1992). 3 PARA - Afghanistan Summer 2006 (Bishop, 280pgs, pub 2007). Squaddie - A Soldier's Story (McLaughlin, 320pgs, pub 2006). SBS, The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service (Parker, 310pgs hb, pub 1997). First into Action, A Personal Account of the Life of the SBS (Falconer, 338pgs hb, pub 1998). The Gurkhas (Parker, 276pgs hb, pub 1999). The Gurkhas-Special Force (Bellamy, 414pgs, pub 2011). A great lot of military history from WWII to recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Mostly VG to near new, total retail/original cost $1650. (50)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1931 Kingsford Smith 3d opt OS, UL cnr plate no 1 blk of 4. Superb fresh 2M/2MUH. SG O124 cat £1100 for M singles, the MUH should be double, so £1650 for singles, plus significant premium for plate no blk. ACSC 142(OS)z cat $6000+. Great rarity & only several genuine blks recorded. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2800

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1897 QV Jubilee $1 lake. F-VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 136 cat £550 for M, should be at least triple, £1650 MUH, Unitrade 61 cat C$3600/1800. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1927 Airmail opt set 1ch-30Kr, opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. Persiphila 740-55 cat $1650 for M, should be double, US$3300 MUH. SG 642-57(s) cat £1100 for normal M set, +50% for specimen & should be at least double, £3300 MUH, Sc C1-16(s) cat US$914 for normal M, plus +50% for specimen, so US$2750 MUH. Very rare genuine MUH set. 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (16). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1915 Larger reg cover (209x143mm fits on album page) with mixed franking of 'GRI/3d' opt 'Rabaul (Deutsch-Neuguinea)' reg label (SG 33d cat £1650+ on cover) plus NWPI opts 6d, 9d & 1/- 1st wmk Kangaroos (SG 78, 79, 81 cat £165 as loose stamps) all with 'Rabaul New Britain Jun 8 1915' oval pmks to Sydney with 'Registered Sydney 21 JE 5' receiver pmk. VF fresh. Very rare & probably unique high value franking. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1924 Olympic Football Victory set 2c-12c, FULL SHEETS of 20. Superb MUH. SG 464-6 cat £1200 as M singles, should be at least double, £2400 MUH, Yv 281-3 cat €1650 for M, should be at least double, €3300 MUH, plus premium for sheets. (3 sheets) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500