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1905-12 Swans inc wmk crown A perf 12½ ½d 8MUH/3MLH inc UL plate no blk of 4, 1d rose-pink LL cnr blk of 16, marginal blk of 8, 1d carmine LR blk of 8 MUH, 2d yellow top marginal blk of 20, 17MUH/3MLH, 5d olive marginal blk of 6 MUH, perf 11 1d rose-pink wmk upright bottom marginal blk of 12, 11 MUH SG 161b cat £1080 for M, 5d both shades in cnr plate blks of 4 MUH, perf 12½ 8d apple-green marginal strip of 3 MUH, 1912 wmk crown A 6d bright-violet blk of 4 2M/2MUH. 1912 1d on 2d yellow wmk sideways blk of 12 6MLH/6MUH, 2 blks of 4 MLH, wmk upright UR blk of 4 MUH, also 2 blks of 4 MLH. Mostly VF. SG cat £2880 = A$5100, plus huge premium MUH. (144) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800