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1884-92 QV Stamp Duty 2/6 yellow postal fiscal, wmk V crown (SG w33) sideways, perf 12½. F-VF fresh MLH. SG 292a cat £160 (P)AVAILABLE at A$80
1966-96 FDC accumulation (1800) in plastic tub, good variety & no heavy duplication inc 1966-75 sets/singles noted 1968 Soil/Medical gutter pr (2, retail $300), 1969 Prime Min set of booklet panes, 1968 Flowers set unaddressed on individual pic envelopes & others to 1996 AFL inc useful 1988 Bicentenary, & SYDPEX collection. Also another 1800 PSEs (inc odd UN), again good variety & minimal duplication noted some Bicentenary/Tall Ships or SYDPEX 88 pmks. All fresh & clean, neatly packed into 2 large plastic tubs. (3600)SOLD at A$210
Bulk Used Australia 1930s-2015 with over 1800 diff in varying quantities inc 1930s 2d commems (600), 1949 Arms 5/- (80), 10/- (80), 2/- Croc (300) & 1/3 Bull (100), 1959 Flowers 2/- (300), 2/3 (100), 2/5 (50) & 3/- (350). 1964 Navigator 4/- (100), 1964 Birds 2/5 (30) & 3/- (30). Decimals with plenty of non letter-rate high vals inc 1972 Prim Ind 30c Fish (400), 20c (100), 25c (100), 80c Pioneer (100) & 1980 Bird $1 (500), 1966 Navigators to $2 in varying quantities, 1971 Christmas set of 7 (100 sets). Then massive quantities mid 1970s-2015. Unchecked, generally G-FU. Guess 80,000-100,000.SOLD at A$400

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Massive specialised MUH decimal variety collection 1966-2000 in 215 hagners, extremely extensive to late 1970s inc gutter prs (150 dif) 1966-75. 1966 Fish Autotron blks of 4 upper & lower set of 8, Birds 5c-30c Autotron set upper & lower blks of 4. All original 1966 printings (ACSC $900) plus varieties, flaws & positional multiples inc 20c left marginal blk of 20, & 30c cnr blks of 4, 6, 8 (cat $900). 75c Cook horiz & vert gutter prs ($150) & Plate No 3 blk of 10. $1 Flinders cnr strips of 3 (3) with left frame varieties ($90). 1966-67 4c Commems (100s) in blks, multiples & part sheets with ACSC flaws annotated ($375). 1968 Soil Medical Autotron gutter blks of 4 (5) plus comp gutter strip of 10. 1968 Flowers Autotron set of 6. 1968-70 5c Commems (more 100s) inc gutter strips, ACSC listed flaws & 1969 Flight study inc cnr blks of 9 & comp sheet of 100 (this group $880). 1970 Cook collection ($240) inc forged ANPEX opt. 1970-71 6c varieties in large blks & 6c RAAF semi-sorted study, 1970-74 Coil Strip wrappers (20) most F-VF ($400). 1971 Aboriginal Art unsorted assembly inc ACSC listed flaws. 1971 Christmas 7c blks of 25 (5, cat $600) inc aniline ink print, red or black Sheet Nos. 1972 Pioneer, Munich, Prim Ind sets Autotron blks of 4 ($180). 1972-73 7c Commems in profusion inc CWA, Olympics, Legacy & WHO studies ($300). 1973 Nat Dev set Autotron blks of 4 ($50). 1977 QEII SJ set IMPERF prs ($700) plus 18c 'dry ink' variety marginal pr ($200). 1978 Bird 20c Little Grebe colour-bar strip of 10 (2) with vert white 'tin shed' flaws. 1980 High Court 22c gutter blk of 8 with aniline violet print ($160). 1982 Games M/sheet plated set of 25. 1980s Frama 30c Trial print on plain paper. 1995 Cinema self-adhesive strip imperf ($500). 1996 Children's Book 45c Printer's Proof pr ($500). 1998 Greetings 45c self-adhesive imperf pr ($150). 1993 Counter printed stamps unissued 'candlestick' Trial set of 3 prs (retail $1800). 1992 45c sheetlet error punch-hole at base CTO. 2000 Olympics black print M/sheet prs & 2000 Paralympic imperf Vignette Proof set of 53 plus issued stamps. A wonderful collection with great depth & diversity. Nearly all fresh MUH (odd CTO), total ACSC cat retail $11,000. (4700). (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200
Solid 1913-2016 Collection/accum in 8 s/books with Kangaroos (150) to 2/- inc 2½d (10), 3d (11), 4d (4), 6d blue (9), 9d (18), 1/- (8) inc QLD num 258 pmk & 2/- brown (2). Also Official Perfins (15) to 5/-. KGV (400) to 5d inc 1d red (20), 1d violet (25), 4d orange (16) & 1d red LM wmk (3). 1930s Commems inc Kingsford Smith sets (2), Vic Cent 1/- (3) Macarthur sets (3), 1935 KGV SJ 2/- (2) & 1936 South Aust to 1/- (6 sets). Then KGVI to £1 Robes & QEII to £1 inc Cook 7/6 (2). Variable G-FU (2800 stamps) retail $1800+. Massive comprehensive decimals 1966-2016 with around 4 comp used collections (ex M/Sheets) to end 1995, plus near comp onwards inc International Post to $10 & high val Pics/Commems. Also volume of Official perfins, another with AAT 1966-96, chocolate box with 100s of loose Framas, Jewellery box with 3000 more Official Perfins & assorted M/S in envelope (1000s)SOLD at A$450

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South Australia: 1855-1912 collection inc 1855-59 QV 2d imperf (3 inc printings & shades). 1858-69 QV rouletted to 1/- inc 1/- yellow. 1867-1900 QV to 2/- perf. 1902-03 QV Thin Postage to 2/6. 1904-12 QV Thick Postage to 2/6. 1874-1901 OS opts inc 1891 Surch 2½d on 4d plate 1 M. Selection of pmks inc prs & blks. Most G-VF M/U, 90% being used, mixed condition in parts. SG cat £1000+=$1800+. (290).SOLD at A$220

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Tasmania: Postmarks - Numeral cancels on QV Chalons (24) inc 1st allocation 18 & 26 on 4d Star wmk, 44 on 2d green, 60 on 4d blue (huge margins) & 74 on 4d (2) & on 1d red-brown. 2nd Allocation (17) inc 16 on 6d slate perf 12, 22 on 1d red, 29 on 6d violet, 37 on 6d violet, 39 on 6d blue perf 12, 76, 84 & 95 on 4d imperf. Also 'Colonial Treasury/Jan 3 1867/Tasmania' cds on 1d brown imperf pr & Hobart killers on 1d perf 10 & 4d imperf. Some sl mixed condition (SG cat £1050 = A$1800) plus premium for clear cds. Numeral cancels (45) on 1890s QV inc 57, 69, 74, 82, 126, 189, 200 (½d Tablet), & 204, plus 77 on 1d Platypus & 152 on 3d Platypus. Again mostly F-VF strikes. Also 52 on Victoria 1890s 1d brown (4), 65, 76, 292, 312 on 1899 Pics. (82)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Victoria: Registration label collection in loose leaf album with 80 Red inc Almurta, Cardinia, Colbinabbin East, Cudgewa, Dundonnell, Garvoc, Jeetho RS, Kooroocheang, Maindample RS, Modella, Steel's Creek, Tatgoon, Tresco, Yannathan plus provisional m/s Darraweit Gum & Silvan. Blue & black inc Australian Jamboree Frankston, Ballangeich, Barkly, Bittern (rat-tail), Bruarong, Christmas Hills, Glenaroua, Hedley, High Camp Plain RS, Iona, Kerrispale RS, Longwarry, Millgrove, Mittyack & Mumbannar. Others of interest inc Canadian, Forrest, Gredgwin RS, Manor, Nelson's Hill, Pier Millan, Poowong North & Tally Ho. Plus provisionals throughout inc Anderson, Bylands, Lottles Bridge, Gladysdale, HMAS Melbourne, Little Mulgrave, Munomeith, Selwyn, Three Bridges, Tynong North & Ventnor. Also Registered covers (12) inc Elizabeth St (Red) franked KGV 5d, GPO (P & T section) 1933, & Philatelic Exhib 1934. Some mostly minor duplication, well set out with many hard to find items. (1800+) (P)SOLD at A$800

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Victoria: Postmarks TPO collection (55) to 1916 English Mail TPO mostly on stamps plus 4 cards inc 1884 TPO 1 Killer pmk & 1902 TPO 2 Duplex Melbourne. 1896-99 single-ring collection (250) No 1-23, unchecked for rarity, sighted 9Z reversed, 1900 double-ring cds (180), & Country cds (250) late 1800s-1930s inc Telegraph Office Geelong, plus uncounted bits & pieces. Interesting group, could contain a surprise. (750)SOLD at A$150
Accumulation 1860s-early 1900s in Vario pgs with NSW (670) to 1/-. QLD (180) inc odd Chalon to 1/-. SA (260) inc early QV roulettes. TAS (115) to 6d Pic inc odd Numeral Cancels. VIC (470) inc 1860s QV to 1/-, Postal Fiscals to 5/- U. early 1900s QV Sidefaces to 6d M & pmk interest throughout. WA (115) inc Hospital Fund Revenues (5) to 9d. Usual mixed condition, mostly G-FU inc private & Official perfins. (1800)SOLD at A$275

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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee omnibus collection (ex Egypt, Nigeria 1d & St Kitts 1/-). Mostly selected nice VFU, India & South Africa M. SG cat £1800+. (247)AVAILABLE at A$800
Balkans 1880s-1960 in large s/book inc Bosnia Herzegovina early Arms types inc lots of diff shades, perfs, printings etc many cat £10-£50 ea, Postage Due sets, 1906 Pictorial M & U sets, plus some imperfs, 1912 set to 3Kr U, various opts, 1917 set U etc (total marked cat £2000). Bulgaria 1882-1960 inc 1884 Postage Dues with 'lozenge' perfs 5st M & 25st U (£920), early Arms inc perfs, shades & printings, then good range of mostly sets inc 1911 Pictorial set M (£100), etc (total £1800). Plus Austria inc 1925 Airmail set M (£225). Total for s/book £5000 - about 10% unpriced. Vendor paid $1450. Also Austria BOB inc Postage Dues 1894-1919 (cat £1100) appears basically comp with many both M & U, plus perfs, papers etc, similar range of Newspaper stamps inc 1851 Mercury blue U (£160), 1890 25kr red U (£375). F-VF M/MUH/U. Total cat £6100+ = A$11,000. (1700)AVAILABLE at A$650

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British Commonwealth: 1880s-1990s collection/accumulation on 80 Vario type double-sided pgs inc India & states QV-KGVI values to 10R, & later to 1990s (SG cat £450), Cyprus (£400) West Indies, Malawi, Zambia, various Rhodesias & Zimbabwe. Hard to assess as in no order. Lots of thematics. SG est £1800+. (2500).SOLD at A$200

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British Empire: 1937-52 KGVI selection MUH. Malaya 1945-48 BMA opt KGVI 50c range inc strips & blks on chalky paper. Ascension 1935-53 KGVI green Mountain 1d blk of 6. Malta 1948 Silver Wedding set. Morocco Agencies Spanish Currency 1948 Silver Wedding 45Pi. British Guiana 1938-52 KGVI Pics to $3. Bermuda 1938-52 KGVI Pics to 1/- inc blks. St Kitts 1935-50 KGVI Columbus to 5/-. Almost all VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1000+ = A$1800+. (90)SOLD at A$100
Collection in 12 medium/large albums with Australia to 1980s inc KGV to 1/4, 1934 Vic Cent & Macarthur sets, 1935 ANZAC 1/- & KGV SJ to 2/-. GB 1880s QV to 1970s QEII inc 1924 Wembley set, Canada from 1890s QV onwards. Europe from late 1800s inc Belgium, France & Greece, Liechtenstein 1960s-80s on leaves (SG cat £130) G-FU. NZ Collection in SG album with picking throughout. Also Australia postcard wallets set of 4 (2 sets, FV approx $60). Bag of unsorted foreign (many 100s) & Norfolk Island late 1970s-early 1990s FDC accumulation. Plenty to look at here, take time to view. (few 1000s)AVAILABLE at A$300
Collection H-J in 55 near new, double-sided, Vario pgs with Hong Kong inc QV pmk Shanghai, Hungary, Indonesia inc Neth Indies, India, Italy from late 1800s, Jamaica inc QV era & Japan plus GB accumulation in 2nd album (more 100s) to end KGVI inc QV 1840s imperf 1d brown (10) & 2d blue, 1870s 6d grey & 1/- brown. 1880s QV 6d/6d lilac VFU (cat £150) & 1½d venetian-red (£60). Then later QV to 1/-, KEVII to 2/6, KGV to 10/- indigo & KGVI to £1 brown. Nauru collection to 1978 inc 1954 Pic set to 5/- cnr blks of 4 mostly MUH. Samoa to mid 1980s in s/book in Express to 5/-. Pitcairn comp collection 1940-end 1987 in Seven Seas hingeless album (retail $150) inc 1940 Defs to 2/6, 1948 KGVI SW 10/- (tone spots), 1949 UPU, 1953 QEII sets plus all the others, mostly fresh MUH, plus extras on vario pgs inc 1940 KGVI Pic set (cat £75). (Many 100s)SOLD at A$300
Collection K-N in 80 near new, double-sided Vario pgs with Liechtenstein sheetlets of 20 (7), Malaysia Pics, Namibia M/sheets (14), Nauru MUH decimal Pics/Commems (650), New Caledonia late 1800s onwards, New Hebrides Pics & 2nd Vol with wide range of NZ to mid 1980s inc 1860s QV Chalons 1d brown & 2d blue. (Many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$250
Collection M-S in 65 near new Vario pgs inc Norway, Portugal & Colonies inc Macau, Romania 1880s onwards, Solomon Is, Rhodesia inc 1905 Victoria Falls to 1/- M & KGV Double-Head (8) inc 3d, 4d, 6d, 8d, ZAR & South Africa, Switzerland late 1800s onwards inc higher to at least 10Fr. Then PNG in another 75pgs inc Netherlands, Papua to 1930s (80), New Guinea (90) mostly Birds & PNG (many 100s) to late 1970s inc 1952 Defs to 10/-, pre-dec Pics to £1, 1960 Postage Due sets to 3/- (5) & large quantity of decimals mixed MUH/U. NZ 1950s-70s Collector's spares (more 100s) in 2 medium European s/books. Nauru collection near comp to end 1998 in Seven Seas hingeless slipcase album (retail $300) inc 1916 KGV opts (9) to 2/6 Seahorse, 1935 KGV SJ set M & then virtually comp MUH to mid 1998. Finally GB massive QEII accumulation on 65 pgs with pre-dec Wildings inc phosphor types, machins to £5 & wide range of Pics & Commems inc many multiples. Another must inspect carton lot. (many 100s)SOLD at A$350

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Germany - Danzig: 1920-39 selection inc 1920 opt Germania to 5Mk. 1920 Diag opt Germania to 75pf. 1921 Ships to 10Mk. 1921 Airs to 10Mk. 1923 opt Arms set to 5G on 1 Million Mk MUH. 1925-32 View 1G MUH. 1929 Exhib set. 1932 Air Exhib opts to 25pf MUH. 1937 Relief Fund set MUH. 1937 Daposta M/S, plus Air M/S. VF fresh, majority MUH inc most of the scarcer sets, some issues M. SG cat £650+ for M, MUH should be at least double, so £1000+ for this collection MUH. Mi cat €1200+ = A$1800+. (145 + 2 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$250
Gilbert & Ellice Is: 1946 Victory set 1d & 3d in full sheets or some part sheets. Random check of several were all VF fresh MUH, it seems virtually all, if not all, will be similar. SG 55-56 cat £1800+. Excellent lot for resale. (3000+ sets)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Great Britain: 1840-1900s Collection inc 1840 QV 1d black. 1858-74 QV 1d red, Plate 211 M. 1884 QV green & lilac to 1/-. 1887-1900 QV Jubilee to 1/-. 1902-13 KEVII to 5/-. 1913-34 KGV Seahorses to 10/-, 1939-48 KGVI High val set to £1. 1948 Silver Wedding £1 pr. 1951 KGVI Pic set to £1. QEII inc Commems & Defs inc 1953-58 Castles to £1 & lots of modern to £10. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £5900+ = A$10,000+. (1800)SOLD at A$500

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Great Britain: Decimal Booklet Collection in thick album with near comp Prestige types (21) to 1998, SG cat £400. 1976-95 10p-50p folded booklets (180, FV £74), mostly all diff, unchecked for rare variations, min cat as cheapest types £500. Plus 25 others inc 10 diff 1950s-60s Pre-decimal to 10/-. Total cat well over £1000 = A$1800.SOLD at A$200
Great Britain-Guernsey: MUH collection 1972-99 in 2 s/books, 1992 Flowers to £3, M/Sheets (21) inc 1997 Exhibition opts (2) & assorted Christmas types. Then 1997-2013 Pics/commems & M/Sheets still in glassines from New Issue sources. Also Alderney 1983 onwards in 3rd album, plus post-millennium pic sets still in glassines. Odd minor tone-spot in the albums, generally fresh MUH. FV around £750 = A$1350 with cat value/retail approx £1800 = A$3200. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Middle East: Jordan 1920 opts (9), 1925 opt Saudi set U plus with inverted opts (4, £280), 1925 opt Palestine to 20Pi M, 1927 Emir inc 100m & 500m U (SG cat £100), Locust opts inc 200m U, 1930 Emir set M plus 200m-£1 U (£285), 1933 Pictorials comp M/U to 500m (£375), 1942 Emir set M, then extensive range (few 1950-53 opts) to 1968 -total SG cat £1300. Lebanon 1920s-70s, plus more Jordan etc -total marked retail $430. Also Egypt old pgs 1866-1960s inc 1866 10p U, range of early Sphinx & Pyramid issues, then range to 1960s (SG cat £250) plus odds from other countries. Mostly F-VF M/U. Total SG cat £1800. (1700)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Papua: 1901-41 Collection inc 1901-05 Lakatoi BNG to 2½d. 1907-10 small Papua to 6d, plus ½d & 2d blks. 1910-11 Lakatoi Large Papua 2/6, 1911-15 Monocolour set to 2/6 U. 1931-32 OS opt set to 2/6. 1932-40 Pictorials to 5/-, 1938 & 1939 Airmail sets. Extras inc M & U, shades, wmks etc. Mostly F-VF M/U, mixed in parts. SG cat £1800+ = A$3300+. (350) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Portuguese Colonies - Guinea: 1881-1903 Classic collection inc 1881-84 Crown to 300R inc 50R green opt PROVA. 1885 Crown New Colours set to 50R. 1886 King to 300R. 1893-94 Figures set to 300R. 1898-1903 Carlos to 700R inc New Colours. 1893 Newspaper 2½r. All diff. Most G-VF M/UN/U, some mixed. SG cat £1800+ = A$3200+. Rarely offered area. (61) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Russia-Wenden: 1863-93 inc 1863 Circular Essay in blue. 1863 Briefmarken (2k) black & rose. 1863-76 Packetmarke (4k) reprint. 1863 Oval (2k). 1864 Horse Arms (2k). 1866 Oval (2k) no green frame line. 1871 Oval (2k). 1872 Arms (2k) red & green. 1875 New Colour Arms. 1878-93 Arms inc shades. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U. SG cat £1000+ = A$1800+. (15). (P)SOLD at A$375
Stamps on Stamps collection in 350 hagners in 4 thick binders. Huge range of countries from Afghanistan to Zambia, mostly VF MUH. Also 5th album with a further 50 M/Sheets & 30 MUH Pic sets ready to be added. Interesting not often seen thematic subject. (1800+ stamps & 260 diff M/S)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Train thematics: Ex dealer's priced display book. Noted NSW Govt Railways on piece in blks. Nicaragua 1932 set in sheetlets of 4 (15c perfs reinforced), all expertised ROIG (retail $600). Booklets from various countries. Almost all VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1000+ = A$1800+, dealer's retail $1000+. (88 + 21 M/S & 17 bklts)SOLD at A$400

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Vatican: 1929-77 In 2 s/books. 1st inc 1929 set M, 1933 high values inc 2L & 2L75 (SG cat £190), 1935 Congress set M (£290), 1949 UPU set M plus 1000L U (£390), 1951 Chalcedan set M (£155), 1953 800th Anniv 10L M (£75), then range to 1971 -this book is mostly F-VF M, a few U, total cat for 320 stamps is £1400. 2nd Book 1929-78 early M & U, then from about 1955 appears could be near comp with almost all both M & U -total 800+, guestimate cat £400. Unfortunately, this book has extensive toning throughout & we have allowed little value for it in reserve. Total cat approx £1800. (1150)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Australia: Cricket 1931 Hoadleys Australian Cricketers near comp set 17/18 (same pictorials as Giant Brand Liquorice, missing Ponsford) inc Bradman (poor), Darling, Fingleton, Grimmet, McCabe, O'Reilly, Oldfield, Oxenham & Woodful. Mostly VG/Fine. Rare with Hoadley Bubble Gum reverses! Also English Cricketers set of 18 inc Allen, Duckworth, Jardine, Larwood, Sutcliffe, Tate, Verity & Wyatt -again with Hoadley's reverses. Murray cat £500 with Giant backs, these much rarer - should be at least double, £1000 = A$1800. (36) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Maps: Australia ca1800 inc Pacific Ocean, Philippines, Japan etc. Plus 1849 inc Malaya, New Guinea & NSW inset. Hand tinted. VF, last centre fold. Marked cost $205. (2).SOLD at A$100

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£1 Brown & blue. VFU. SG 44b cat £1800, ACSC 52C/D cat $2500. (P)SOLD at A$1200

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£1 Light brown & pale blue. VFU with light cds. SG 44b(var) cat £1800. ACSC 52d CAT $2500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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£1 Brown & blue. W/C right marginal with 'PO' wmk in selvedge, added LL cnr. Neat 'P P GPO/Melbourne' cds. VF appearance. SG 44b cat £1800. ACSC 52C/D cat $2500. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1d Carmine-red (G31) wmk INVERTED Harrison ONE LINE imprint blk of 8 plate 4 with Jubilee lines at base & ACSC varieties Ferns (V11/54), RA joined (V11/60), & Roo's tongue out (V111/56). Superb fresh MLH/MUH. ACSC 71Ya(4)Ia, j, v, zj cat $1800 as imprint blk of 8 plus premium x 2.5 for wmk inverted, total $4500 (P)AVAILABLE at A$2400

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1971 QEII 7c magenta highly specialised collection in large folder with 'dry ink' Used (6) & marginal MUH (rare, unlisted in ACSC). 1st Master Plate varieties (50) inc 'cracked electro through Queen's forehead' (2), ACSC 447(1)L cat $500 ea. 'Cracked electro in upper margin' (3 diff) 447(1)g cat $100 ea. 'Missing upper frame at right' (2 identical) -not illustrated/listed -ACSC est cat $1500 ea. 'Weakness across top of stamp' 447(1)I cat $1500. 'Lino-square recut shading across top of stamp' spectacular! 447(1)MC cat $1500. 'Re-cut shading (8 lines) between brow & hair' (scarce) 447(1)eb cat $100. 'Weakness in Queen's hair at back' (6) 447(1)fa cat $300 ea, total $1800. 'Retouched upper frame' (15, var states) 447(1)h, ha, hb, total cat $1800. Then vast range & variety of 2nd master plate flaws with 'Tapp, Occleshaw & Durham' identification Nos inc ACSC listed types with duplication to show consistency. Mostly G-F U. Also selection of positional MUH multiples inc Plate No blks, plus huge number of magnified photos as illustrated in ACSC. Superb research collection in dire need of rehousing. 1st master Plate flaws cat $12,750 with final total beyond belief. (P)SOLD at A$2500

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1902-04 10/- Dull green wmk Crown NSW perf 11. Superb U/CTO, NSW ovals pmk. Rare. Only issued in NSW. SG D43 cat £1800. ACSC D44w cat $3000. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1884-96 Crown Arms 15/- purple-brown Stamp Duty Postal Fiscal, wmk V crown (SG w33) sideways, perf 12½, opt Specimen type 24b in italics. F-VF fresh M, partial gum. SG 273(s) cat £1800 as normal & unpriced as Specimen. (P)AVAILABLE at A$160

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1902-11 QV 10/- Bright purple. VF MUH, with never hinged original gum. ACSC W65B cat $900 M, so $1800 MUH. SG 127a cat £950 for M, should be at least double, £1900 MUH. Very rare MUH -1st we have ever offered. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1873-79 small QV 1c orange-yellow, Montreal printing, perf 11½x12. F-VF MUH with never hinged, original gum. SG 91 cat £250 for M, should be at least double, £500 MUH, Unitrade 35d cat C$1800/$600. Copy of 2005 RPSL photo cert of blk of 4 it came from. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1897 QV Jubilee $1 lake. F-VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 136 cat £550 for M, should be at least triple, £1650 MUH, Unitrade 61 cat C$3600/1800. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1868-71 Crown V 50c mauve, perf 14. VFM. SG 32 cat £650, Unitrade 12 cat C$1800/$1200. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1912-20 KGV set ½d-£1 wmk mult crown (one of ea val so with 5/- deep rose-red, but not 5/- maroon). VF fresh MUH. SG 60-69 cat £900+ for M, should be at least double, £1800 MUH. (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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St Pierre & Miquelon: 1941 'France Libre FNFL Noel 1941' red opt set 10c-20Fr/90c. VF fresh MLH. Yv 212A-31A, Maury 220-39 cat €1470. SG 215-34A cat £1800. Less than 1500 sets printed. & sought after issue. 1942 certificate from Philatelic Division of Free French administration! (20) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1913 KGV Seahorses 5/- rose-carmine, Waterlow printing, opt 'CANCELLED' diag between 2 lines (SG Spec type 27) as used at the Customs & Excise Government Laboratory, on stamps for cancellation removal experiments & other tests. Superb fresh MUH, with nice never hinged original gum. SG 401(var), SG Spec N66(1)u cat £2200+ (& undercatalogued) for M, should be at least double, £4400 MUH. Extremely rare, only several recorded & a hinged one sold for £1800 at London auction in late 2018. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)SOLD at A$1500

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1875-90 Numeral 1Mk deep green, scarlet & black, perf 11½. VF fresh M. SG 18a cat £1400, Mi 19B cat €1800. Very rare genuine as only 300 printed. Exp Lemberger BPP, while diff new cert can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$950

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1902-11 KEVII 25R Brownish-orange & blue, top value. VFU, 'Calcutta GPO Treasury 28 NO 10' violet cds. SG 147 cat £1800. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Papal States: 1852-64 Arms 6b black on greenish-grey. Superb fresh UN, 4 margins. SG 23 cat £1300, Sass 7 cat €1800 for M. 2008 Sismondo photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1948 Roosevelt, Pulaski & Kosciuszko Airmail M/Sheet, with 'Lodz 4.2.49' cds on regist express airmail cover to USA with transit & arrival b/s. Mi Blk 11 cat €700++, SG MS645d cat £900++ both as loose M/S & should be at least double, £1800 on cover. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1897 POSTAGE & REVENUE opt QV 2½d on 1/- dull lilac, opt type 13, opt shifted downwards. Superb MLH, nice original gum & excellent colour. SG 66b cat £1800 & under-catalogued. Only 71 of this type printed & rarely seen so nice. Sorani photo cert (P)AVAILABLE at A$1400

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1924-29 KGV Admiral set ½d to 5/- blks of 4. VF fresh MUH, one 2/- repaired cnr perf. SG 1-14 cat £900 for M, should be at least double, £1800 MUH. Very rare set of MUH blks. (14 blks) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1895 (May) Type-written 'UG 10' in black, narrow letters, narrow setting. F-VF UN as issue, tiny thin. SG 27 cat £1800. Very rare genuine. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1890-93 Portrait set 1c-90c, no cnr triangles, plus 2c shade, imperf Plate Proofs on card. Superb UN as made, all 4 margins. Sc 219-29P4 cat US$750+, SG 224-34(p) cat £1800 as normals. (12) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1943 Military Airmail opt Petain 80c brown with 'Par Avion Batiment de Ligne Richelieu', issued on Battleship Richelieu. Superb fresh MUH. Yv PAM 11 cat €1800+, Maury PAM 2 cat €2000+. Rare as less than 100 printed. 2016 Ceremuga photo-cert (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1908-09 View of Port 50R black & mauve. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 243 cat £900 for M, should be at least double, £1800 MUH. 2013 BPA photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$1800

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1908-09 View of Port 200R brown & greenish black, top value opt SPECIMEN. Superb fresh MUH. SG 245s cat £275, for M, should be at least double, £550 MUH (normal cat £1800 for M). (P)AVAILABLE at A$500