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Kangaroos: 1913 1st wmk INVERTED (14) with 2d grey (2, ACSC cat $150), 3d olive (11) inc strip of 3 & (severed) pr ($2475), & 1/- CTO ($100). Others (7) inc 6d blue perf Large OS, 2½d indigo, 5d brown & 3rd wmk 5/- perf OS (Parcel cancel). Mostly G-FU, total cat $3250. Then KGV (70) with 1d red shades F-VF M (22) inc LM wmk carmine-rose, SM wmk perf 14 4d (3), 2d brown U, 4½d MLH & 3d blue CofA wmk opt OS 30 CTO inc blk of 24. ACSC cat $1250. KGVI Defs (26) to 1/4 inc 3d Die I, & 3d Die II thin paper. Postage Dues (25) inc 1909-10 set to 2/- wmk crown double lined A, F-VF U (cat $175), & 5/- CTO ($50). Plus PNG 1963 Aircraft 2/3 with major plate 'no clouds' variety UL cnr MUH. Generally G-VF. All fresh & clean. Total ACSC cat $4800. (250)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Covers - Postal History: 1800s-1940s inc Italy 1817 stampless folded letter with s/booklet ONEGLIA pmk. Austria 1845 folded stampless registered letter. USA 1850 folded letter with 'Lancaster' cds. Spain 1937 Civil War & 1942 WWII censored covers. Covers to Riga Latvia with 1921 from Danzig, 1926 from Harbin China, 1928 reg from Switzerland & 1937 Airmail. Germany 1912 Parcel Card to Sydney with Customs form, 1924 German Telegram. 1928 Latvia Airmail cover to Berlin. 1932 Colombia air to London & others. Finally 1879 huge (68x3cm) property lease on vellum with embossed revenues £4 & 5/-. (40)SOLD at A$180
Great Britain: Big carton lot with QEII collection on hingeless leaves & extra duplicates in s/book. Then 7 plastic bags with many 1000s of stamps inc KGVI & QEII Private Perfins. 1890s-1950s Defs inc KGVI Bundles, QEII pre-dec cancels & decimal Machins in profusion. Also 8 Folded Letters 1818-30 with Postal Markings, 150 Commercial or Philatelic Covers late 1800s-1980s inc good variety of KEVII to QEII Official Mail & 45 assorted PPC early 1900s-30s.SOLD at A$180

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Great Britain: 1818-39 Postage Free Signature Franks mostly fronts only from Members of Parliament (& others) with signature LL & over half with crowned circle FREE red pmks, many with no postal markings, a few with 2-line 'Haddington Penny Post' h/s, 'To Pay 1d Only', 'Above Weight', plus a few later covers inc 1877 printed Circular canvassing objections to the admission of women to study for Medical Degrees at London University. Also some research, 84 with identity shown inc 3rd Duke of Leinster, Bishop of Hereford, 3rd Earl of Warwick, 8th Earl of Lunderdale, 6th Earl of Arlee, Marquis of Breadalbane, 5th Earl of Essex, 1st Baron Edbury & lots more. Some duplication, plus some Irish & Scottish. (140)SOLD at A$240

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Great Britain - Circular Delivery Companies: Collection 1815-68 with all towns present inc Aberdeen, Clark & Co, Dundee 1867 set ¼d & ½d (SG cat £300), Edinburgh & Leith range inc Parcel stamp (3d) (£275), Glasgow set perf & imperf, Liverpool, London perf & imperf, Metropolitan, London & districts perf set. National 3 diff colours. Also 1868 Delivery company range of issues from diff towns ¼-1d with cnr letters. Reference range of forgeries, plus setenant strips & blks. All diff inc multiples. Mostly F-VF UN/M, few flts. SG cat of originals £1950+ = A$3600+, plus forgeries not counted. Useful collection of these classic period issues. (235).AVAILABLE at A$500

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Papua: 1901-41 Mint collection with 1901-05 BNG horiz wmk to 6d & vertical wmk to 6d, Large Papua opts to 2½d, small opt to 6d, 1907 Large Papua ½d, Small Papua wmk upright perf 11 set, perf 12½ 2d & 4d, wmk sideways perf 11 to 6d, perf 12½ to 2½d, 1910 Large Papua perf 12½ to 1/-, 1911 Monocolour set, 1916-31 to 1/3 inc shades, One Penny surch set, 1929-30 Airmail opts (6), surch (5), 1932 Pictorials to 2/- & the 5 commem sets. Also blks inc BNG ½d & 1d, imprint strips of 3 (7) & One Penny on ½d JBC/CA monogram blk of 10 rejoined. Generally F-VF M/MLH, some tones or odd UN. SG cat £1865, plus extra for imprints etc. (181)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Portugal: 1853-1905 Collection inc 1853 Queen embossed set to 100R. 1855-56 King Embossed to 100R. 1862-64 King Embossed set to 100R. 1816-67 Embossed curved label set to 120R imperf. 1867-70 curved label set to 240R perf. 1870-84 Straight labels to 1000R. 1880-82 King to 50R. 1882-86 King to 500R (both black & purple). 1892-94 Figures to 300R. 1892-93 Provisorio opt to 80R. 1893 '1893 Provisorio' to 8OR. 1894 Prince Henry to 1000R. 1895 St Anthony to 1000R. 1895-1905 Carlos to 500R. 1898 da Gama to 100R. Postage Due 1898 da Gama to 200R. All diff. Mostly G-VF U, odd M, sl mixed in parts. SG cat £15,800+ = A$28,000+. (164) (P)SOLD at A$1000

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1931 Kingsford Smith registered Melbourne-Sydney FFC/FDC special printed cover franked set 2d-6d tied by 'Registered Elizabeth St Melbourne 19 MR 31' FDI cds. Signed by Kingsford Smith AAMC 181 cat $350. ACSC 143y cat $275 as FDC. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1931 Registered FFC/FDC franked Kingsford Smith set 2d-6d, tied by 'Brisbane 19 MR 31' FDI cds, to Melbourne with arrival b/s. AAMC 181a(var) cat $125, the 'arrow' vignette cat $125 on cover. ACSC 143y cat $275 as FDC.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1965 Bird 50c, error scarlet (inscription & berries) OMITTED with normal for comparison. VF fresh M. SG 22/22c cat £181. (2) (P)SOLD at A$70