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Lettercards: 1914-18 KGV 1d die 1 perf 12½ range with Botanic Gardens Sydney, Circular Quay, Coal Cliff, Flinders St, Govt House Sydney, Mt Gould, Narracoorte Caves, Nth Terrace, Pall Mall, Perth Road (no sky), Piccadilly, Port Pirie, Public Blds Bendigo, River Derwent (close up), Tasman Peninsula, & Threshing Wheat. Mostly F-VFU. ACSC cat $980. Good started lot. (16).AVAILABLE at A$200

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Ecuador: 1865-1901 Classic collection. 1865-72 Arms to 4R plus shades. 1872 Arms set to 1p. 1881 Arms to 50c plus 1883 10c on 50c. 1887 Arms set to 80c. 1892 President to 5s plus 1893 5c surch to 5s. 1894 President to 5s & 1895 to 5s. 1896 Arms to 5s. 1896 Surch Official selection. 1896 Party Success set to 1s. 1896 Surch set. 1897 '1897-98' selection 1897 Arms opt Liberal Party set. 1897 Arms to 5s. 1899-1901 Portraits to 5s inc New Colours Officials. 1887 Arms to 50c. 1887 Arms to 80c. 1892 President set to 1s. 1894 & 95 Presidents sets to 1s. 1844 Postal Fiscal opt set. 1896 Arms opt set to 5s. 1897 '1897-98' opt selection 1898 opt Fiscal to 20c on 50c. 1899 Portrait set to 50c. 1896 Postage Dues to 100c. 1890s Official seal. All diff inc shades. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £1400+=A$2500+. (189). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Great Britain: 1824-70 QV Classic collection in album. 1824 Free Frank Envelope to Brighton. 1840 QV 1d black (2) & 2d blue. 1841 QV 1d red imperf UN, plus U selection. Also pmks inc blue Maltese Cross, plus Maltese Cross with all numbers 1-12, & 1844 Duplex pmk in blue. 1841 QV 2d blue (4), imperf, plus Ivory Head variety. 1854-57 QV 1d & 2d 'stars' inc shades & wmks, plus perfs. 1858-80 QV 1d red, all plates except 77 & 225, plus plate 136 wmk inverted. 1858 QV 2d plates, plus strips. 1870 QV ½d, all plates except 9. 1847-54 QV Embossed 6d & 1/-. Mostly G-VF U, some mixed but overall above average. SG cat £11,000+ = A$20,000+. (250+ 5 cvrs). (P)SOLD at A$1300

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1843 Bulls Eye 60R black intermediate impression, greyish paper. VFU, tiny marginal thin, 4 margins, on piece with 1844 cds. Sc 2a cat US$275, Yv 2 cat €250, SG 5 cat £250. Exp Brun. (P)SOLD at A$120