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1899-1900 Pic set ½d-6d, opt Specimen, wmk Mult TAS. F-VF M/MLH, 4d sm surface abrasion. SG 229-36s cat £550. Rare set. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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British Pacific & Great Britain: 1877-1970s ranges inc New Hebrides 1898 Australasian Co Local set 1d & 2d, 1908 opt KEVII to 1/- & 1910 opt to 1/-. 1920-24 Surch to 5/-, 1925 Dual Currency to 5/-. Cook Is 1919 opt KGV set to 1/-, plus perf 14x14½ to 1/-, 1921-23 opt NZ Arms 2/6. GB 1937-51 KGVI range inc 1948 Silver Wedding set. 1939-48 KGVI High set to £1. 1951 KGVI Pic High val set to £1 M & U. Extras inc M & U. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £700+. (345)SOLD at A$150

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Great Britain - College Posts: 1877-85 selection inc St Johns-Oxford, Keble-Oxford, Balliol College-Oxford, All Souls-Oxford, Lincoln-Oxford, Hereford-Oxford, Queens-Cambridge, Merton-Oxford & Selwyn-Cambridge. Most G-VF M/UN, 1 U, odd flts. SG Spec cat £1477 = A$2700+. Rare seen local post stamps. (11) (P)SOLD at A$375

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Norway: 1855-1924 Collection inc 1855 Lion Arms 4Sk imperf (SG cat £180). 1856-60 King set to 8Sk. 1863-64 Arms 1 numeral set to 24Sk. 1867-68 Arms 2 numeral set to 8Sk. 1871-75 Posthorn set to 7Sk. 1877-93 Posthorn sans serif letters set to 60o plus shades. 1878 King high val set to 2Kr. 1893-1929 Posthorn to 60o plus shades & printings. 1889-1915 Postage Due set to 50o plus shades. 1872 Returned Letter stamps black on lilac U & black on green M (Mi cat €490). All diff inc shades. Mostly G-VF U. SG cat £2750+ = A$5000. (96) (P)SOLD at A$400

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Portugal & Colonies: 1877-1951 Mint collection inc Portugal 1880s-82 King 25R. 1898-1905 Carlos to 200R. Cape Verde 1877-85 Crowns to 200R. Mozambique 1930-01 Albuquerque 50c set. Azores 1926 Independence to 4E50. Madeira 1928 Ceres set to 7E. St Thomas & Prince 1938 Airmail set to 10E MUH (SG cat £290). Almost all VF M/MUH, with much MUH. SG cat £675+ & undercatalogued as many of these issues are hardly ever seen, especially MUH. (P)SOLD at A$200

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Samoa: 1877-1960s Collection inc 1877-80 Express to 5/- inc types (counted as reprints). 1886-1900 King & Palm Tree to 2/6 plus perfs & shades. 1899-1900 Provisional Govt opt to 2/6. German Samoa 1900 opt Eagle to 25pf. 1901-19 Yacht to 3Mk. 1914 GRI opt to 6d. Also 1905 Yacht 10pf on PPC to Tasmania. Extras inc M & U. SG cat £800+, plus Express which would cat £4000+. (160)SOLD at A$250

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South America: 1853-1980s Ex-Dealers display stock in binder Argentina from 1862 inc 1862 Arms 5c U. 1899-1903 Liberty 20P. 1960 Air set in sheets. 1932 Zeppelin set to 90c. Chile from 1853 inc a good stock of 1853-62 Columbus imperfs with diff printings & shades. 1867 Columbus perf set. 1877-99 Columbus roulettes to 1P. 1910 Centenary 2P. 1900 Surch 5 on 30c inverted. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. Ideal collection builder or resale as all the work has been done. SG cat £5000+ = A$9000+, Dealers retail $3800+. Mostly diff. (1900+20 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$750

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Spain: 1847-1945 Revenue collection annotated in album with excellent coverage of issues inc Colonies. Justice Courts 1869 to 100m. Sales Tax 1875-77 Kings to 50c, Foreign Bills 1862 'GIRO' Arms to 200R, 1867 Queen 50c & 1E50, 1870 Arms to 2E, plus 1874 Impuesto h/s opt to 2E50. Movil (Revenue) 1888-1945 Arms. Cheques 1925 Arms. Receipts 1862-75 Queen & Arms. War Tax 1874-76 King & Arms. Stocks & Shares 1893-98 Arms to 12p. Invoices 1920s-44 Arms. Medicines 1930s-40s Microscopes to 40c. Nice range of Control Stamps, a variety of Towns in black, blue, green & red. Insurance Policies 1867-1904 extensive range of large size Pictorial & Allegoricals to 50pf inc adhesives & cut outs from stamped documents. Advertisements 1872-74 Madrid Arms issues. Notaries 1847-62 range inc interesting 'book' designs, plus Zaragoza Municipals. Good coverage of Judicials 1856-81 inc 1856 Arms to 15R & 1865 'Justice' to 100R. Colonies inc Cuba with 1865 Police Arms to 51p. Foreign Bill 1881 Arms to 2P50c, plus 1868 to 8E. Business Books 1877-79 Arms to 7P. Bills of Lading 1894-95 blk of 4 with sheet no. Insurance Policy from 1894. Philippines 1880-91 Foreign Bills to 3P75c. Acknowledgements from 1864 Queens. Provisional Tax h/s on Kings. Puerto Rico 1882 Foreign Bills to 1P. Invoices 1892-94 Large Pics. Also Philippine Revolution 1898-99 Postage, Telegraph & Revenues. Most diff, extras inc blks, prs etc. Most F-VF M/U, far above average than most poor condition revenue collections. Plenty scarce items. (875).AVAILABLE at A$500

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Spanish Colonies - Puerto Rico: 1873-99 Collection inc 1873 opt King set 25c, 50c & 1P. 1874 Opt Justice 25c. 1875 Opt Arms set to 1P. 1876 Opt King set to 1P plus 25c & 1P with 'joined' opt. 1877 King set to 1P. 1878 King to 1P. 1879 King to 1P. 1880 King Dated to 1P. 1881 King dated to 20c. 1882 Undated King to 80c. 1890-97 Babies to 80c inc diff colours. 1893 Columbus 400th Anniv 3c U on piece with FDI cds. 1898 Curly Head to 2P. 1898 Habilitado h/s to 80c. 1898 War Tax h/s range. 1899 Opt USA Portraits to 10c. 1898 Habilitado boxed h/s on Baby to 10c. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £1750+ = A$3100+. Many rarely seen stamps. (197) (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1877 'OFFICIAL' opt Ship 6c brown VFU, cork cancel. SG O9 cat £600. Rare stamp. Exp Their. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Treaty Posts: Collection 1866-97 inc Amoy 1896 Surch ½c/4c & 6c/20c plus 1895-96 Postage Due opt ½c. Chefoo 1893-94 Tower to 2c. Chinkiang 1894-95 Mountain ½c & 1c. Foochow 1895 Boat to 1c, Hankow 1893-94 Pictorial to 30c, Ichang 1894 to 2ca. Kewkiang 1894 Pictorial & Numeral to 40c. Nanking 1896 1c, Wuhu 1894-95 Bird 1c, Shanghai 1866 Small Dragon 2c, 1877-80 Small Dragon to 60ca, 1893 Arms to 20c, 1896 Surch 4c/5c & 6c/20c, 1893 surch to 20c inc bisects. 1892-93 opt Postage Due to 10c, 1893 Postage Due to 20c. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £1350+ = A$2400+. Useful starter collection of this interesting field. (105)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1877-80 Express 6d bright violet, state II, perf 12½, pos 2. VFU, imperf at top from sheet edge. Odenweller A4b. SG 6 cat £700+. Rare genuine. 2006 Odenweller AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350