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1934 Adelaide-Whyalla registered FFC franked KGV 5d & Airmail 3d, tied by 'Adelaide 22 FE 34' cds. AAMC 363a cat from $100. Very scarce intermediate flight. As few as 20 flown.AVAILABLE at A$40

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Australia - Victoria: The Travelling POs & Their Markings 1865-1912. By Purves, 2nd edition, pub 1979, inc rarity ratings. Long out of print, near new.AVAILABLE at A$45

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Australia - Western Australia: Between the Lines by W Smits, 46pgs, pub 1979. Near new.AVAILABLE at A$10

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Cocos (Keeling) Islands: A Philatelic History to 1979 by Collas & Hill, 66pgs, pub 1979. VGC. Now hard to find.AVAILABLE at A$40

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Great Britain: 'Postal History International' Vol 1 (1973) set of 12 & Vol 8 (1979) set of 12. VG - near new. (24).AVAILABLE at A$10

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India Field POs 1903-04 The Aden-Yemeni Boundary Commission, & The Somaliland Field Force. 12 pgs booklet by Robson-Lowe, pub 1979. AVAILABLE at A$20

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New Zealand Railways & Revenue Stamps by JW Brodie et al, 53pgs, illustrated throughout, pub RPSNZ 1979. Near new.AVAILABLE at A$12

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Papua: Lakatoi I 'British New Guinea & De La Rue' (1979). Lakatoi II & III 'Territory of Papua' (1983). Light to heavy foxing on outer covers (mainly on Vol I), long out of print & now hard to find.AVAILABLE at A$50

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St Helena Postal History & Stamps by E Hibbert, 200 pgs plus 4 colour plates. Pub Robson Lowe 1979. Well researched inc stamps, covers, pmks & postal history. Near new inc DJ.AVAILABLE at A$40

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1966-88 MUH Collection in Seven Seas illustrated leaves & plenty of hagners with 1966 Navigator set, 1969 Flight blk of 9 (2), 1970 Cook 5c pane of 50, 1971 Christmas blks of 25 white & cream papers with red/black sheet nos (ACSC cat $300). 1974 Paintings $2 gutter blk of 10 plus strip of 4 with prominent 'Doctor Blade' flaw. 1974 Christmas 10c plate no blks of 4 (4, cat $60). 1979-87 Gutter blks, plus odd Exhibition opt. Also used & FDC throughout both albums. FV $600 plus $300 extra for the two 1971 Christmas blks. (100s)SOLD at A$350
Bundleware: 1979 Parks set of 7 (1000 sets in bundles of 100). 1970s-90s medium-size Pics (6 diff), 5000 of ea. 2c Bird to 43c Skateboarding. Small-size Defs (14 diff) inc 1941 Queen 1½d green, 1950s-60s pre-dec (7 diff) 3d green KGVI to 5d red QEII & decimals (6 diff) 1c QEII to 18c Flowers. All in neat bundles of 100, slabbed into packs of 1000 with 5000 of ea stamp. Total 107,000 stamps. Plus 1980s 30c Butterfly (3600 in neat bundles). (110,000+)SOLD at A$375

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British Commonwealth: MUH collection 1970s-90s in 4 albums inc 3 expensive Lighthouse slipcase albums, inc 1977 25th Anniv of Coronation Aitutaki to Tristan inc M/S, 1979-80 Rowland Hill Cent plus stamps on stamp again with useful M/S, Transport inc Air & Ships. 1980 Queen Mother 80th Birthday. Children theme inc Children's Games & Cartoon characters. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1400+ = A$2500+, retail of albums etc an extra $300+. (1100, M/S)AVAILABLE at A$375

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Canada: 1852-1979 Collection in album. 1852-55 Beaver 3d & QV ½d, imperf. 1859 Beaver 5c & QV 12½c, perf. 1868-79 QV Large Queen to 15c. 1870-90 small Queen to 10c. 1893 QV Widow 20c & 50c. 1897 Jubilee 1c-50c. 1897-98 QV Maple Leaves to 10c. 1898-1902 QV to 20c. 1903-08 KEVII to 50c. 1908 Tercentenary set to 20c M (SG cat £550). 1928-29 KGV Pic to $1. 1930-81 KGV Pic to $1. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. 1935 KGV Pic to $1. 1942-43 War Effort to $1 & 1946 Peace to $1. BOB inc Special Delivery which appears comp. Mostly G-VF M/U, rather mixed condition early. SG cat £6100+ = A$10,500+. (1000)AVAILABLE at A$500
Carton of collections/accumulation inc Philatelic Exhibition pmk covers, Cinderellas & ephemera, noted Olymphilex 2000 set of 15 diff pmks plus 1956 7½d Melbourne Olympics black print Die Proof Cards (2, only 200 printed). GB PO Packs (14 FV £35) inc 1979 & 1998 Year packs. World booklets (45) inc 1981 Royal Wedding types M/Sheets MUH (45) inc WWF & Exhibition Ephemera. Nauru 1954-83 & PNG 1932-82 collections mixed M/MUH & G-FU in hagners & Seven Seas illustrated albums & NZ 1890s-1960s Used in green s/book. Plus covers (approx 200) inc Aust/World FDC & Commercial/Philatelic Mail. Intriguing carton lot, well worth viewing with good variety of non-mainstream philatelic material. (many 100s)AVAILABLE at A$250
Covers accumulation in 2 large boxes (1300) with Aust (600) 1950s to modern inc 1958 Mt Kosciusko circular pictorial cds (scarce, cat $250), pre-dec Sigma envelopes/FDC (25). 1962 Games Pictorial cds (set of 13), decimal FDC array 1960s to modern, plus around another 300 assorted PSE, Australia PO 1979-82 boxed PPC set of 4 diff (140 cards) & World PPC (150). World FDC/philatelic covers with Fiji (8), NZ (150), PNG (90), Vatican (30) & assorted misc World (150). Also misc dross inc Aust PO Die Proof reprint cards (10, retail $50). (1600+)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Europa: Collection 1956-97 in Lighthouse album & s/book. Early issues inc 1956 Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands. 1957 Luxembourg set U. 1960 Liechtenstein MUH. Collection then appears almost comp to 1979. Useful 1980s issues. F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £2000+ = A$3600+. (1250)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Fiji: 1912-2000 Collection in 37 hagners with KGV (62) to 5/- M/U. 1948 KGVI SW 5/-. Comprehensive QEII inc 1954/59 QEII Defs (25) to £1 Bugler or £1 Arms. 1962 Pics (7) to 5/- & 1968 QEII to £1. Odd M/MUH, mostly G-FU. Then mostly fresh MUH mid 1960s-2000 inc 1971 Birds to $2, 1979 Architecture to $5, numerous Commem sets plus 27 M/Sheets. (720)AVAILABLE at A$130

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Germany - Berlin: 1949-90 Collection in 2 Kabe hingeless albums inc 1949 Surch set & UPU set, plus most others to 1953, then comp U to 1959, then from 1960 every stamp both MUH & U to 1979, then mostly 2 MUH of all to 1990 with some U. VF fresh. Mi cat €3800+ = A$6200, FV of M alone is 750DM = A$600, not forgetting the high cost of the as new hingeless albums $400-$500. (1600)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Malaysia: 1957-2014 Collection in s/book inc 1957 Federation set. 1965 Bird set to $10. 1970 Butterfly set to $10. 1979 Wildlife set to $10. Good coverage of later Commems inc M/S, setenant strips & prs plus sheetlet. All diff. F-VF M/MUH/U with post 2000 largely VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1850+ = A$3300+. (850 + 6 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Solomon Islands 1916-79 Postal History Official stampless covers inc 1916 (2) with boxed crown 'British Solomon Islands Tulagi Paid' cachet -1 with Tulagi cds & both to Sydney, then similar smaller boxed cachet for 'Auki' with 'Auki' 1961 cds from 'Cocoa Officer Malaita West', plus another registered 1963 similar for 'Mundi' with 'Gizo' 1958 cds, Honiara (2) 1946 or 1947 red, Tulagai 1937 (2) in reg. Then w/o 'Paid' h/s inc 1959 Telegram envelope, 1928 with 'Vanikoro' cds, 1967 'Money Order Accounts Section Honiara' cds, 2 more boxed Paid h/s for 1979 'Auki' & 1978 'Munda' & finally reg receipts with cds 'Gizo' 1951, 'Munda' 1923 & 1947. F-VF. Fantastic lot. (18).SOLD at A$150
Coins: Australian copper (weight 840gr) mainly 1c/2c pieces. 1979 Aust Proof set in original case. World Banknotes (10) inc USA currency (FV $12). NZ 1968 10c & 20c Postal Notes. Australia maxi Cards (50) mostly UN, International Post MUH (FV $87) & Domestic Post MUH (FV $30)SOLD at A$130
Military - Larger-size books (18) with 'A Pictorial History of Australia at War' (1980, 324 pgs); 'Army Australia - an Illustrated History' (Odgers, 1988, 280pgs); 'Diggers - The Australian Army, Navy & Airforce in Eleven Wars 1860 - 1999 (Odgers, 544 pgs); 'Charles Kingsford Smith (1988, 160pgs); 'Heroic Australian Air Stories (1981, 192 pgs); 'The Royal Australian Airforce (Oxford University Press, 2001, missing front fly page o/w as new); 'British Battles & Medal (Spink, 1988); 'Encyclopedia of the World's Special Forces (2003, 256 pgs, as new); 'Aces High - The war in the Air over the Western Front 1914-18' (1973, 192 pgs); 'Knights of the Air 1914-18' (1981, 192 pgs); 'Battle of Britain' (by Len Deighton 1980, 224pgs) ; 'Fighter & Bomber Squadrons at War' (by A Brookes 1995); 'Atlas of C20th Warfare' (2005, 352 pgs); 'The Eastern Front (Soviet-German War) 1941-45' (1984, 192 pgs); 'Stalingrad - The Vital 7 Days' (2005, 192 pgs); 'The Vietnam War' (1979, 248 pgs). Plus AWM publications 'Soldiering On' (1942), 'Khaki & Green' (1943), & 'Jungle Warfare' (1944). Mixed VG-VG condition, some near new. Retail $700+. (20)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1979 National Parks 20c vertical format cnr strip of 4, se-tenant pr at right error IMPERF. Superb fresh MUH. SG 713ab cat £900+. ACSC 843b cat $1250+ in 2002, which mentions that only 1 pane with 10 error pairs was discovered. Vry rare & desirable as strip with normals. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1979 Train 20c, error grey totally OMITTED, so missing/albino area instead of 'Australia 20c' & no imprint. VFU. SG 715a cat £2000. Very rare as only 1 pane recorded, which only had the error on the bottom 3 rows. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1906 Beirut Provisional KEVII 1Pi/2d. F-VF MUH, never hinged original gum, evenly sl tropicalized. SG 15 cat £1500 for M, should be at least double, £3000 MUH. Any genuine examples are rare, only 600 printed & majority used, while this is the 2nd MUH example we have ever offerred - previous one we had sold for $4400 in auction 348. 1979 RPSL photo cert, while diff new cert can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1979 Flowers 11p 'Bluebells', LL cnr horiz pr, error IMPERF. Superb fresh MUH. SG 1081a cat £3600+ = A$6500+. Very rare, only 10-15 pairs recorded. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1979 Olympic Committee 1.50zl error carmine omitted, missing Olympic logo at UL. Superb fresh MUH, bottom marginal. Mi 2613F unpriced, Fi 2466s. Exp Kalinowski. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1979 Fishing 90gr, error grey colour, so missing 'POLSKA'. Superb fresh MUH. Mi 2617F, listed but unpriced, Fi 2471s. Exp Kalinowski. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1979 Fishing 6zl, error brown omitted, so missing 'POLSKA'. Superb fresh MUH. Mi 2623F, listed but unpriced, Fi 2477s. Exp Kalinowski. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1979 150th Anniv Ship 4.50zl, error green, grey & black omitted, so missing 'POLSKA' & '4.50zl', plus inscription below design, with normal to compare. Superb U/CTO (UH gum). Mi 2635(var), Fi 2487(s) error unlisted! Extremely rare. 2014 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500