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1871 Hope 5/- orange imperf printer's colour standard sample PROOF horiz pr no wmk glazed paper, opt CANCELLED. VF fresh UN as made, 4 margins. SG 31(p) cat £1400 as normals. Rare & attractive! (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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2012 London Olympics J Tallent Gold Medallist single stamp M/S, & 2016 Paralympian single stamp M/S. 20 ea, both only available from the 2016 PO Year Album. Fresh MUH, retail $400+. (40)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2012 London Olympics Gold Medallists M/Sheet set of 8 (inc Jared Talbot, issued 2016 -not often seen) in official PO album inc Road to London M/Sheet & printed pmk page. (9)SOLD at A$65

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2016 Paralympian of the Year single stamp M/S & 2012 London Olympics Gold Medallist single M/S, 20 of ea, both only available from 2016 PO Year Album. Fresh MUH, retail $400+. (40)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medallists composite sheet of 8 diff. Only available from the 2016 PO Year Album. Not easy to find, retail $35+ ea. (10 sheets, $350+)AVAILABLE at A$110

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2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medallists composite sheet of 8 diff. Only available from the 2016 PO Year Album (100 sheets). Retail $35 ea = $3500. 100 Albums had to be purchased & broken up to obtain these.AVAILABLE at A$900

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AAT: 1961-2016 FDC Collection now in shoebox, appears comp for period. Excellent coverage of issues inc M/S. Mostly base Cancel sets or some Kingston TAS special pmks. Almost all 1993-2016. Most diff. VF & clean. High FV, retail $1000+. (200)SOLD at A$300
Australia: Decimal collection 1978-1992 in loose leaf album, appears near comp inc Paintings/Gardens to $20, strips, sets, all FU. Plus accumulation of better pmk decimals 1966-2016 with values to $20, strips, sets. Well worth sorting. (2000).SOLD at A$100
Decimals off-paper 1961-2016 better values CTO & FU, inc strips, blks. Huge retail. 158g. Well worth viewing. (2000+)SOLD at A$100
Decimal PO Packs 1969-2017 (some early opened plastics), inc extensive post-2000 collection with 2013 Kangaroo & Map (3 diff) inc Specimen sheetlet pack, 2014 KGV Heads Cent sheetlet concertina pack, 2016 Nostalgia Fruit Label concertina pack plus other scarce modern types. Also other items inc 1990 Grand Prix phonecard pack. 1994 Melbourne Zoo M/sheet/Phonecard pack. 2005 Pacific Explorer limited edition stamps/badges 4 diff & Thailand 2015 Thai Red Cross pack. Total FV of MUH around $1700, original cost much higher!SOLD at A$900
Extensive 1970-2016 FDC collection on pages in 14 albums. Early 1970 issues some unofficial, o/w all official & mostly VF fresh. Many standard FDC complimented by additional national Postmarker, also commemorative sets have the set on FDC & the individual stamps on separate FDC. Extensive 1988 Bicentenary covers on similar basis, plus First Fleet re-enactment series, some booklet panes on FDC, post 2000 inc Sydney Olympics & later Games with Gold Medallist stamps on separate FDCs, similar 2006 Melbourne Cwlth Games singles. Many others too numerous to highlight. Massive original cost especially when cost of pages is added in, largely VF. List available. (1838)SOLD at A$250
Solid 1913-2016 Collection/accum in 8 s/books with Kangaroos (150) to 2/- inc 2½d (10), 3d (11), 4d (4), 6d blue (9), 9d (18), 1/- (8) inc QLD num 258 pmk & 2/- brown (2). Also Official Perfins (15) to 5/-. KGV (400) to 5d inc 1d red (20), 1d violet (25), 4d orange (16) & 1d red LM wmk (3). 1930s Commems inc Kingsford Smith sets (2), Vic Cent 1/- (3) Macarthur sets (3), 1935 KGV SJ 2/- (2) & 1936 South Aust to 1/- (6 sets). Then KGVI to £1 Robes & QEII to £1 inc Cook 7/6 (2). Variable G-FU (2800 stamps) retail $1800+. Massive comprehensive decimals 1966-2016 with around 4 comp used collections (ex M/Sheets) to end 1995, plus near comp onwards inc International Post to $10 & high val Pics/Commems. Also volume of Official perfins, another with AAT 1966-96, chocolate box with 100s of loose Framas, Jewellery box with 3000 more Official Perfins & assorted M/S in envelope (1000s)SOLD at A$450
Postmarks: 1960s-2016 cds on paper accumulation, mostly comp strikes, strength in post-millennium. Also Austria, France, Romania 1940s-60s cds inc higher val Airmails. Weight 1.2kg, unchecked as received from a rural charity.SOLD at A$30
Australian Territories: 1950s-2016 Massive disorganised M/MUH/U collection on leaves & in Vario pgs with AAT to 2016 (FV M/MUH $325) inc 1966 Pics to $1 Mock Sun & assorted recent M/sheets. Christmas Is from 1958 QEII to modern Pics inc scattered Lunar New Year Commems (FV $325). Cocos Is from pre-dec Pics to late decimals (FV $260). Norfolk Is 1960s-2010 or later (FV $450). Many useful Pic/Commem sets, total FV M/MUH $1360 plus huge variety amongst the VF U/CTO. All in 3 thick albums. (Few 1000)SOLD at A$475
Collector's 'Magpie' accumulation in carton with retired Circuit Sheets (old-time marked retail $400+) inc GB Govt Parcels 1887 9d & 1891 4d, Malta 1930 10/- Postage/Revenue, Norfolk Is 1947 2d Ball Bay white paper, Nauru 1916 2d orange Die II, plus other useful stamps mostly FU. Australia Koala reprints G/FU, dec Pics/Commems Used off & on paper to 2016. Japan M/sheets 1950s, Korean sheetlets (1988 cat £90). Various other British Commonwealth & World Used in blks & multiples, etc. Heaps to wade through, take time to view. (3500 & 9 M/S)SOLD at A$230

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Kiloware: 2.5kg Close-clip paper mix. Wide range of Pics/Commems to at least 2016 with GB to £5 Castles, Malta, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, NZ, PNG & much more. Huge quantity to sift through!SOLD at A$160
FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL 2019 large set of 190 cards plus 4 extra Limited edition cards ins Special XXL type (retail $120). Also as above with 183 base Cards, plus extra Limited Edition & 3rd collection with 165 cards. Then 2016 Official 2017 Football Australia collection with 178 diff cards in special album (retail $80). Premier Club 2015/16 Trade Cards (193/200 issued) in album (retail $140). Comp Base & Chase premier Club 2014-18 with 200 cards & album (2 collections, retail $300 ea), plus 2 more albums with lesser quantities of cards (retail $230). Star Wars Force Attax trading card game (140) plus album. Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn 2017 with 195 cards inc 4 orange coloured (rare). Tops Scam Attax trading cards live 2018 collection with 256 cards & album. Plus much more in a similar vein. All new (still on original packaging). Cost vendor $2100+ retail. Many 100s of individual cards plus albums all in large container. With list of contents.SOLD at A$400
Comics: Phantom collection 1596 (Fourth Son) to 1772 (2016 Christmas Special) with over 170 diff inc replica series No 1-8, 2012-26 Annual or Christmas Specials & 80th Anniversary (tribute) edition. Shop soiled, o/w as new. Original cost around $800. (170)SOLD at A$180

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1d Rose-pink (G67) rough paper, perf OS. VF fresh MUH. ACSC 72Hbb cat $2000+. Copy of 2016 Drury photo cert of the blk it came from. (P)SOLD at A$350

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1d Maroon rough paper (G77) perf OS, variety 'wmk inverted'. Strong colour, neat part '19 OCT, 1918' cds. Superb U. 2018 ACSC 72Ra,ab cat $600. 2016 Drury photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$300

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2016 Adelaide Emergency Print 30c Bounding Kangaroo Counter printed self adhesive. Postally VFU tied on small piece with 70c Red Cross by Adelaide 17 Jan 2016 machine cancel. U much scarcer than mint. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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2016 Adelaide Emergency print 30c Kangaroos Counter printed self adhesive. VFU tied to sm piece with 70c Bicycle by 'AMC SA 520 22 JAN' s/l cancel. U much scarcer than mint. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Australia: 1912-13 Davis Antarctic Expedition cover with 'Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911' 2 line cachet, & 'Loose Ship's Letter S.Y. Aurora Posted in Antarctica' Penguin pictorial cachet. Signed by J.K Davis above 'Commander of Ship' cachet. Franked Tasmania 1d pictorial with 'Hobart 17 MAR 13 Tasmania' pmk & addressed to 'JJ Kinsey, Official Rep BAE, Christchurch New Zealand'. Overall Superb condition! Extremely rare Antarctic cover. 2016 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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1897 QV Stamp Duty $1/$2 olive-green Postal Fiscal, error both Chinese h/s OMITTED, perf 14. Superb U appearance with 'Hong Kong 20 JY 97' cds, but F/C has been cleaned & the cds is not genuine. SG F10a cat £3000 as U (or £4250 as M). We have never seen another F/C or U example, so must be a rarity even as F/C. 2016 RPSL photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$700

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1943 Military Airmail opt Senegal Girl 1Fr brown & 1Fr75 blue with 'Par Avion Batiment de Ligne Richelieu', issued on Battleship Richelieu in New York. Superb fresh MUH. Yv PAM 6-7 set cat €1430+, Maury PAM 10-11 cat €1525+. Only several sheets printed. Exp plus 2016 Ceremuga photo-cert. (2). (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1943 Military Airmail opt Petain 80c brown with 'Par Avion Batiment de Ligne Richelieu', issued on Battleship Richelieu. Superb fresh MUH. Yv PAM 11 cat €1800+, Maury PAM 2 cat €2000+. Rare as less than 100 printed. 2016 Ceremuga photo-cert (P)AVAILABLE at A$900