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1895 'Half-penny' opt Swan 3d red-brown opt DOUBLE in red & in green, wmk crown CA. F-VF U, barred circle pmk. SG 111b cat £180 & under-catalogued as rare used. (P)AVAILABLE at A$160

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Australia: SG Catalogue inc States, Booklets, Cocos, Christmas & Norfolk Is, New Guinea, Papua & PNG to 1970. 2016 edition used, retail new was $75.AVAILABLE at A$30
1982-2016 Collection on hagners in 10 binders both MUH & some G-FU. Extensive range of sets, M/Sheets, gutter strips & similar with MUH FV over $3000, plus extensive assembly of G-FU. Pics & commems.SOLD at A$1700

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2005-16 Prestige Booklets larger sizes inc 2005 Down on the Farm, 2009 Aust Post Anniv, 2013 Birds & Dinosaurs, 2014 Cooking Legends, Bush Ballads, KGV & 2016 Far From Home. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $129, SG cat £210, Pf cat $240. Most of these larger size booklets are scarce. (7)SOLD at A$110

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2012 London Olympics Gold Medallists M/Sheet set of 8 (inc Jared Talbot, issued 2016 -not often seen) in official PO album inc Road to London M/Sheet & printed pmk page. (9)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2016 Paralympian of the Year single stamp M/S & 2012 London Olympics Gold Medallist single M/S, 20 of ea, both only available from 2016 PO Year Album. Fresh MUH, retail $400+. (40)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2016 Paralympian of the Year single stamp M/S & 2012 London Olympics Gold Medallist single M/S, 20 of ea, both only available from 2016 PO Year Album. Fresh MUH, retail $400+. (40)AVAILABLE at A$60

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2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medallists composite sheet of 8 diff. Only available from the 2016 PO Year Album. Not easy to find, retail $35+ ea. (10 sheets, $350+)AVAILABLE at A$110

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2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medallists composite sheet of 8 diff. Only available from the 2016 PO Year Album. Not easy to find, retail $35+ ea. (10 sheets, $350+)AVAILABLE at A$110

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2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medallists composite sheet of 8 diff. Only available from the 2016 PO Year Album (100 sheets). Retail $35 ea = $3500. 100 Albums had to be purchased & broken up to obtain these.AVAILABLE at A$900

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AAT: 1961-2016 FDC Collection now in shoebox, appears comp for period. Excellent coverage of issues inc M/S. Mostly base Cancel sets or some Kingston TAS special pmks. Almost all 1993-2016. Most diff. VF & clean. High FV, retail $1000+. (200)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Australian Territories PO Year Album set 1994-2011 plus 2014 & 2016 folders. 1995-96, 2000 minor cover scuffs, others appear PO fresh inc some still sealed. FV $425, issue price much higher. (20)SOLD at A$375
Covers, assembled by non cover collector from various auction lots. FDC 1993-2016 (2130) inc M/S, Pre-decimal covers (198), Frama sets 1987-8, 10 various Cook covers, plus 10 better. (100s)SOLD at A$170
Decimals off-paper 1961-2016 better values CTO & FU, inc strips, blks. Huge retail. 158g. Well worth viewing. (2000+)AVAILABLE at A$140

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Decimals: Over-size Prestige Booklet collection (14), PO issue price $310, inc 2005 Pacific Explorer, 2006 Commonwealth Games 'Snapshot' personalised booklets (retail $150). 2012 Legends of Football, 2013 Legends of Music (2), 2013 Kangaroo & Map, 2014 Bush Ballads & King George V, 2016 Nostalgic Fruit Recipes. Also $10 Kangaroo & Map M/Sheet of 10 in Colonial Heritage PO Pack. Total retail over $700 & all not easy to find. (15 items)SOLD at A$250
Decimal Package & Limited Edition Product 1988-2017. inc PO Year albums 1988 Leather, 2002 Accession PNC, 2005 Disney Pixar P-stamp album inc Nemo, Bugs Life etc, 2006 Commonwealth Games album, 2013 Historic Buildings Pack (LE 250), 2015 VC Winners Pack, 2015 Our Solar System Pack (inc Imperf M/Sheet), 2016 Butterflies Pack (LE 250), 2017 Street Art Pack (LE 200), 2017 QEII 70th Wedding Anniv (LE 200). Many scarce. (12 items)SOLD at A$300
Extensive 1970-2016 FDC collection on pages in 14 albums. Early 1970 issues some unofficial, o/w all official & mostly VF fresh. Many standard FDC complimented by additional national Postmarker, also commemorative sets have the set on FDC & the individual stamps on separate FDC. Extensive 1988 Bicentenary covers on similar basis, plus First Fleet re-enactment series, some booklet panes on FDC, post 2000 inc Sydney Olympics & later Games with Gold Medallist stamps on separate FDCs, similar 2006 Melbourne Cwlth Games singles. Many others too numerous to highlight. Massive original cost especially when cost of pages is added in, largely VF. List available. (1838)AVAILABLE at A$325
Olympic & Commonwealth Games Collection inc Sydney 2000 Gold Medallist & Athens 2004 Gold Medallist sheetlets. 2006 Commonwealth Games collection, Beijing 2008 Gold Medallists sheetlets, London 2012 Gold Medallist sheetlets inc 2016 $1 Jared Tallent shlt (issued post Olympics due to disqualification of original Gold Medallist). Also Aust Post Olympic Games Prestige Stamp Album & Sydney 2000 from Sydney to Athens collection in green slipcase album (2). FV alone of MUH issues $400+. Also Coin inc Aust 2005 RAM Mint set, Perth Mint 2006 1oz Silver 'Discover Australia'.SOLD at A$275

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PNC 2016-18 Collection (55) in shoebox inc 2016 Holden pr, Henry Lawson pr, Dirk Hartog & Play School trio. 2017 Gemstones pr, Shipwrecks & Third Battle of Ypres, 2018 A Century of Service, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games pr & Ford pr. As new. Issue price $1150. 2nd shoebox with duplicated accumulation (65) to 2011 Bush Babies set of 5 inc 2006 Commonwealth Games pr, 2007 SAS (3), 50 Years in Space (6), & 2007 Geelong Premiers (3). 2008 Beijing Olympics $1 Coin (3) & Medallion trio (2). 2008 Megafauna medallion (4), 2010 Commonwealth Coinage (2), 2011 Mythical Creatures pr (2) & Christmas Island Chinese New Year (4) 2006-10. Again as new, issue price $1150 for grand total of $3300, original PO cost. (120)SOLD at A$750
Solid 1913-2016 Collection/accum in 8 s/books with Kangaroos (150) to 2/- inc 2½d (10), 3d (11), 4d (4), 6d blue (9), 9d (18), 1/- (8) inc QLD num 258 pmk & 2/- brown (2). Also Official Perfins (15) to 5/-. KGV (400) to 5d inc 1d red (20), 1d violet (25), 4d orange (16) & 1d red LM wmk (3). 1930s Commems inc Kingsford Smith sets (2), Vic Cent 1/- (3) Macarthur sets (3), 1935 KGV SJ 2/- (2) & 1936 South Aust to 1/- (6 sets). Then KGVI to £1 Robes & QEII to £1 inc Cook 7/6 (2). Variable G-FU (2800 stamps) retail $1800+. Massive comprehensive decimals 1966-2016 with around 4 comp used collections (ex M/Sheets) to end 1995, plus near comp onwards inc International Post to $10 & high val Pics/Commems. Also volume of Official perfins, another with AAT 1966-96, chocolate box with 100s of loose Framas, Jewellery box with 3000 more Official Perfins & assorted M/S in envelope. Conservative reserve to clear consignment. (many 1000s).AVAILABLE at A$475
Postmarks: 1960s-2016 cds on paper accumulation, mostly comp strikes, strength in post-millennium. Also Austria, France, Romania 1940s-60s cds inc higher val Airmails. Weight 1.2kg, unchecked as received from a rural charity.AVAILABLE at A$40

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Germany kiloware: Mostly post millennium Pics/commems to 2016 plus scattered Defs/others from an unknown era. All on single paper. Not often seen 'down-under'. Weight 9.4kg.SOLD at A$180

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Great Britain: 1840-2016 Collection in 2 Davo albums, inc 1840 QV 1d Black (2), 4 margins (black MC pmk), 1840 QV 2d No Line lines, crisp scarlet MC pmk, 1841 QV 1d Red-brown blued paper 4 large margins. 1847-54 QV Embossed 6d, 10d, 1/-, cut square mostly 4 margins (SG cat £3500). 1855 QV No letters 6d, 1/-, 1862 QV Small cnr letters 4d, 6d & scarce 9d Straw FU, 1865 Large letters 3d, 4d, 6d, 9d, 1/- green, 2/- blue. 1870s Coloured letters (9) to 1/- brown inc 8d orange. 1883 QV 2/6, 5/-, 10/-, 1897 QV Jubilee set to 1/-, 1902 KEVII set to 5/-, 1912 KGV to 5/- Seahorse. 1934 KGV to 10/- Indigo. 1924 & 1925 Wembley sets. 1929 £1 PUC. 1937-52 KGVI comp inc 1948 SW £1. QEII Pre-decimal. Decimal strong range 1971-2016 mostly G-F commercial U. Some gaps in later period. A solid attractive above average condition collection. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £13,700 = A$24,600. (2700 + 18 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$1300
Hong Kong: 1998-2016 Collection in 2 as new 64 page Lighthouse stockbooks, in no order so hard to judge completeness (175+, 210+ M/S). Also China PRC 2015-16 M/S (20), Macao M/S (7) & Indonesia 1996-2009 M/S (12), plus HK 2000-04 FDC inc M/S (30+). Appears almost a diff. VF fresh MUH. Mi cat €3750 = A$6000. Huge FV, all valid for postage. (180+ sets, 250+ M/S, 35 covers)AVAILABLE at A$850

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2/- Maroon. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 110 cat £90 for M, should be at least double, £180 MUH. ACSC 39A cat $750. 2016 RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1d Brownish-rose (G23½). Upper marginal VF MUH. ACSC 71M cat $525. 2016 Drury photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$140

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2016 Adelaide Emergency Print 30c Bounding Kangaroo Counter printed self adhesive. Postally VFU tied on small piece with 70c Red Cross by Adelaide 17 Jan 2016 machine cancel. U much scarcer than mint. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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2016 Adelaide Emergency print 30c Kangaroos Counter printed self adhesive. VFU tied to small piece with 70c Bicycle by 'AMC SA 520 22 JAN' s/l cancel. U much scarcer than mint. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Australia: 1912-13 Davis Antarctic Expedition cover with 'Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911' 2 line cachet, & 'Loose Ship's Letter S.Y. Aurora Posted in Antarctica' Penguin pictorial cachet. Signed by J.K Davis above 'Commander of Ship' cachet. Franked Tasmania 1d pictorial with 'Hobart 17 MAR 13 Tasmania' pmk & addressed to 'JJ Kinsey, Official Rep BAE, Christchurch New Zealand'. Overall Superb condition! Extremely rare Antarctic cover. 2016 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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1933 Bari Exhibition opt Patagonia Air set 2D-10D, with Airplane in circle security cachets on back. VF fresh MUH. SG unlisted, Karamitsos A1-4A cat €2000. Very rare MUH. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert. (4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1930 Airmail opt on 1/- sepia & olive, Harrison printing, error opt INVERTED, from position 24. VF fresh MLH. SG 117a cat £15,000+. Only 1 sheet of 40 printed & the 'inverted aeroplane' is the most famous error of Papua. Exp Sanabria, plus 2016 PF/NY photo cert, while new AIEP expert photo cert can be obtained on request. (P)SOLD at A$11000

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1851 Queen 2R red. Superb U, 4 margins, black web pmk. SG 11 cat £13,000++, Edifil 8 cat €15,600++. The key stamp of Spain & one of the rarest classic stamps of Europe. Even average quality genuine examples are hardly every seen & this is in best possibly quality & great rarity as such. 1957 Friedl & 2016 Scheller photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$8500