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Decimal PO Packs 1969-2017 (some early opened plastics), inc extensive post-2000 collection with 2013 Kangaroo & Map (3 diff) inc Specimen sheetlet pack, 2014 KGV Heads Cent sheetlet concertina pack, 2016 Nostalgia Fruit Label concertina pack plus other scarce modern types. Also other items inc 1990 Grand Prix phonecard pack. 1994 Melbourne Zoo M/sheet/Phonecard pack. 2005 Pacific Explorer limited edition stamps/badges 4 diff & Thailand 2015 Thai Red Cross pack. Total FV of MUH around $1700, original cost much higher!SOLD at A$900
Decimals: 55c Pics (2550). Uncancelled on paper. FV $1400SOLD at A$375
British Commonwealth collection on hagners in 5 binders inc AAT 1966-90s inc 1966 to $1 MUH (FV $30+). British Antarctic Territory 1973-84 inc 1973 Defs MUH (cat £60). Christmas Is to late 1980s (FV $120) inc 1958 QEII Defs to $1, Cocos Is 1963-late 1980s (FV$100) largely MUH, Channel Is & Regionals 1970s-80s MUH range FV £60+. Fiji KGVI to 1992 range early M/MLH later MUH sets cat £240, Falkland Is 1952-80s inc 1952 Defs MLH, 1976 & 1982 Ships sets MUH & other later sets MUH cat £255, Falkland Is Dep inc 1944 opts (32) SG A1-D8 VF M/MLH cat £160, Nauru 1968-96 FV $75, Norfolk Is 1968-80s MUH FV $180, Papua New Guinea 1952-81 in Seven Seas album with few earlies gaps but some MUH sets. Pitcairn Is 1961-89 largely MUH sets £200, Samoa 1980-90s inc 1919 Self Govt opt set, 1920 Victory 2 sets M/MLH, 1972 Defs (2 sets), 1983 Fruits & other sets MUH cat £370. Various others mostly F-VF. Total SG cat well worth over £1500 plus another $500 FV for the Aust Territories M/MUH Pic sets, total A$3200. (1100, 57 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1902-04 basic set ½d to 5/-, wmk crown NSW. F-VF U. SG exD13-42 cat £255. ACSC cat $380. (12). (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1895 Half-penny opt Swan 3d red-brown, horiz strip of 3, opt in red & green, wmk crown CA. VF M/MLH. SG 111b cat £255++ as singles plus premium for rare multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300