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5 Vol extensive Aden-Zambia collection to late 1980s with Australia (100s) inc Kangaroos to 2/- brown U plus 9d, 2/- maroon M. KGV to 5d U CofA wmk 5d, 1/4 M. 1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved U,1937 KGVI to 10/-, Arms to £1 & Decimal Pics to $5. Austria 1953 Eagle 10sch U, Bavaria 1920s opts to 20Mk M. China (400) inc Coiling Dragons, Junks, wide variety of 1920s-40s opts & 1950s-60s PRC Pics & commems. Christmas Is 1958 QEII to $1 CTO & Cook Island 1960s Pics to 5/- M. Egypt (300) inc 1880s-90s Sphinx/Pyramid types. France 1890s-1960s plus wide range of French Colonial pics & commems. Germany (750) 1880s-1960s inc Allied & other Occupations. Greece inc 1880s Imperfs. GB (100s) inc QV to 5/- rose, KGV to 5/- red & KGVI to £1 brown. Hungary (100s) 1920s-70s, Italy 1932 10th Anniv set of 20 MLH (cat £180), Malta 1948 Self Govt set to 10/- (£45) & 1956 QEII set to £1 (£55). NZ (100s) late 1890s-1960s inc 1940 Centennial set & 1960 Pics to £1. Norfolk Is 1960s Pics to 5/- fresh CTO & Bird 10/- opt SPECIMEN. PNG 1950s Pics (22) to 5/- Coffee VF CTO. Rhodesia KGV Double Heads 3d, 6d & 2/-. Romania (100s) late 1800s-1970s, Russia 1920s-70s inc useful 1930s Pics & 1917-22 Civil War stamps, South Africa (100s) inc 1920s KGV se-tenant pr sets Mint & 1925 Airmail set MLH. Spain (400) inc useful pre 1900 imperfs. USA (100s) inc odd imperf plus assorted pre-cancels. Generally a most comprehensive 5 album group. Huge total cat val. G-FU with F-VF M throughout. Also British Pacific M/MUH Pics & commems in s/book inc high val def sets. Finally 1983 'History of the British Commonwealth FDC Collection in Special Album'. (many 1000s)