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Booklet Collection Mar 2003-05 in Lighthouse slipcase album. Specialised with virtually every Pfeffer catalogued type inc both General & Philatelic barcodes, opts (107) -also both barcodes where made, International sheets of 5 folders, koala reprints etc. All diff. FV $1055. SG SB160-94 cat £1365 as basic types, plus premium for all the opts. Pf B253-87 cat $4200+. (180)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Collection M/U in s/book with Kangaroos (70) to 10/- inc 1st wmk set to 2/-, 3rd to 5/- F-VF U & CofA to 10/- (retail $1200). KGV (250) to 1/4 inc OS Perfins & 1d green Die II (retail $1250). 1928 Kookaburra blk of 4 with red Exhib pmk, 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d, 3d opt OS, 1932 Bridge 5/- CTO & all other 1930s Commem sets inc 1934 Vic Cent set both perfs, 1949 Arms to £2 & 1964 Navigator set of 6 to £2. Decimals to 1976 near comp, mostly G-FU plus CTO, total retail $3350. Then M/MUH 1927 onwards (retail $850) inc 1932 Kookaburra 6d, 1934 Vic Cent. Macarthur sets & Airmail 1/6 no wmk, 1937 KGVI 3d Die IA (toned gum) & NSW Sesqui, & QEII pre-dec virtually comp inc 1963 Navigators set of 6 to £2 plus QEII MUH decimal mix to end 1974. Generally fresh & clean, total retail $4200. (100s) (P)SOLD at A$1300

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Andorra-French & Spanish: 1928-81 Collection inc Spanish 1928 opt Kings to 1P inc perfs. 1929-38 Pictorials to 10P. 1929 Express Letter 20c, 1948-53 Pictorial set to 10P. Also semi Official Air sets inc opt set. French Andorra 1931 opt Blanc & Sower to 90c. 1932-43 Pictorials to 15Fr. 1936-42 Arms set to 70c, 1944 Views to 18Fr. 1955-58 Pictorials to 500Fr. Most diff inc perfs etc. F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £2900+, Mi cat €4200+ = A$6300+. (285)SOLD at A$675

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Romania: Collection 1862-1965 in Schaubek album. Moldo-Wallachia 1862-64 Arms 6p & 30p. 1865 Prince Cuza 2p & 20p. 1866-67 Prince set plus 20p types. 1868-70 Prince to 18b. 1869 Prince no beard to 50b. 1871-72 with beard to 10b. 1872 Prince set to 50b. 1880 King set. 1891 Jubilee set. 1893-98 King set to 2L. 1903 PO set to 5L. 1906 Welfare set. 1906 25th Anniv set. 1906 Exhib to 3L. Good coverage of 1920s-30s inc 1931 Expo set & 1934 MAMAIA opt set. BOB inc Postage Dues, Charities, Transylvania opts & POs in Turkey 10pa & 20pa h/s, plus 1919 opt set. Almost all diff. Most F-VF M/U overall, tropicalisation. SG cat £4200+ = A$7500+. (1500 plus 11 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Covers: 1855-72 Inwards correspondence to Melbourne with 1855 from Liverpool franked 1847 QV 6d Embossed with red 'Ship Letter Free GPO Victoria' arrival b/s, stamps cut to shape. 1855 from London franked QV 6d Embossed tied by numeral 14 cancel with red 'Ship Letter Melbourne' arrival b/s. 1855 from Liverpool (2d stamp doesn't belong) with red Butterfly 48 GPO Melbourne arrival pmk on front. 1862 from Cambridge franked 1856 QV 6d lilac with red "Melbourne 62' arrival b/s. 1872 from Slough franked 1872 QV 6d chestnut tied by numeral 717 duplex with 'Melbourne 73'' arrival cds. SG cat £4200 for the 4 stamped covers, plus extra for the Melbourne red Butterfly 14 arrival pmk. (5)SOLD at A$180

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1867-80 QV 2/- dull blue, large white cnr letters, wmk spray of rose. F-VF fresh UN appearance, reperfed wing margin, redistributed partial gum, nice colour. SG Spec J118(1), SG 118 cat £4200. Rare stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500