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1955 Thomas De La Rue & Co Limited booklet, inscr in gold, containing range of stamps of British Empire (59) & foreign (50) inc United Nations with 9 stamps h/s SPECIMEN in magenta, all affixed neatly. VF fresh. Very unusual, the United Nations specimens being extremely rare - unlisted in Scott Specialised! (109)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1966-71 Definitive set with QEII 1c to 4c (5c not issued), 6c orange blk of 4, 7c purple (with floral coils 2c & 7c) Marine Life 7c to 10c, Birds 5c to 30c & Navigators 40c to $4 on PO Official Publicity Cards. F-VF. SG 382-403 + 465a, 468b, ACSC 439x, 446x, 447x, 453x, 459x, 466x. The first time a comp set has been offered by us. (6). (P)SOLD at A$750

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1969 Prime Ministers 5c set of 4 on PO Official Publicity Card. F-VF. SG 446-49, ACSC 512x cat $150.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1970 QEII 6c orange blk of 4, variety 'comp off-set of design on reverse'. Fresh MUH. ACSC 446c cat $400. (P)SOLD at A$150

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1916 Salonika Provisional 'Levant' opt KGV GB 1d scarlet, variety opt DOUBLE (one albino, inverted), issued at British FPO Salonica (now Thessalonika, Greece). VF fresh MLH. SG S2(var) footnote cat £88. Only 1446 of the normal shape issued. Exp Champion. (P)SOLD at A$70