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British Empire: 1860s-2000 Collections in albums, s/books & binders. British Pacific inc Australian Territories, Nauru, Fiji 1938-51 KGVI Pic to 5/-. Gold Coast 1884-1953 inc 1902-10 KEVII to 1/-. St Vincent from 1861 QV 1d & 6d with 1880s-90s issues. 1938-51 KGVI Badge to 5/-. South Africa large quantity from 1913 KGV inc plenty 1960s Defs with printings & wmks. SWA from 1897 inc MUH 1970-90 largely comp in Ideal Album. New Guinea & Papua Birds & Pic to 1932, plus Australia Used in Papua 1930s-40s issues £1 (flt), Fiji from 1890s with good coverage of 1970s-90s Commems plus M/S. Rhodesia from 1890s inc Southern & Northern Rhodesia. North Borneo 1880s-1940s from 1880s Arms. Jordan & Bahrain 1930s-70s, British Guiana & Guyana 1890s-1982 in Scott album with useful QEII Guyana Defs. Some mixed condition, mostly F-VF M/NUH/U. vendor cat value SG cat £9000+ = A$16,000+. Ideal resale potential. (8000+)SOLD at A$325