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German Colonies: Collection 1884-1915 on hagners in binder. Inc PO in China inc 1898 opt set FU, 1905 2Mk GU, 1905 $1 on 2Mk, $1½ on 3Mk M (mixed condition), PO in Morocco inc 1905 3P75 on 3Mk FU, 1906 10c/10pf (50) G/FU, 1911 set M/UN, 1911 1P/80c FU, PO in Turkish Empire 1884 to 1Pi G/FU, Pics & Commems in 50pf UN, 1889 to 2½Pi on 50pf G/FU, 1905 10Pi/2Mk M, German New Guinea inc to 80pf & 1Mk, 3Mk FU, 5Mk UN, GRI opts inc 1914 2½d/10pf (2) UN, 2d on 20pf M, Mariana Is 1899 25pf, 50pf G/FU, 1901 to 40pf G/FU, Marshall Is 1900 5Mk M, SWA 1897 30pf blk of 4 FU, 1901 no wmk odds G/FU, 1906 wmk to 1Mk G/FU, Togo 1897 25pf orange FU, Togo/Gold Coast opts 1915 10/- UN, 10/- FU & others. Some mixed condition but mainly F-VF. SG cat £3150 = A$5600+.SOLD at A$600