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Covers: Brunei 1936-78 inc 1936 franked 2c, 4c & 6c, 1947 franked 1c-10c -both to USA, 1947 with set to $1, 1947 5c & 25c pr air to Scotland, 1950 franked 8c, 10c, 30c & 50c to Switzerland, 1954 12c tied s/l Paquebot pmk, 1957 with Sultans to 50c, 1960s Official covers stampless or stamped inc $1.15 to USA, 1975 Mobile PO cover, 1971-77 meter frankings (4), 1978 Aerogramme, 1978 parcel front with total franking of $21.65 inc $10 & $5, 1964 Airletters (2) franked 50c, 1967 Registered to Singapore (3), 1968 Airletter franked 9 stamps, more Registered & airletters to Singapore, Sarawak, Johore etc inc various mixed frankings, 1968 $3.45 to USA, Official covers to USA from Museum Dept at $1.15 rate, printed Museum aerogramme, 1977 entire parcel wrapping from Museum to USA by seamail franked $3.15, with customs form & 'US Customs Passed Free' cachet, another similar, plus lots of 1960s inwards covers, cards & aerogrammes (60) from USA, Japan, India, GB, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada etc, plus some receipts & cheques with Sultans used fiscally, cards, letters, telegrams etc. Generally F-VF. (115, plus 25 other items). (P)AVAILABLE at A$375