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China - Treaty Posts: 1866-97 collection inc Amoy 1896 Surch ½c/4c & 6c/20c plus 1895-96 Postage Due opt ½c. Chefoo 1893-94 Tower to 2c. Chinkiang 1894-95 Mountain ½c & 1c. Foochow 1895 Boat to 1c, Hankow 1893-94 Pictorial to 30c, Ichang 1894 to 2ca. Kewkiang 1894 Pictorial & Numeral to 40c. Nanking 1896 1c, Wuhu 1894-95 Bird 1c, Shanghai 1866 Small Dragon 2c, 1877-80 Small Dragon to 60ca, 1893 Arms to 20c, 1896 Surch 4c/5c & 6c/20c, 1893 surch to 20c inc bisects. 1892-93 opt Postage Due to 10c, 1893 Postage Due to 20c. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £1350+ = A$2400+. Useful starter collection of this interesting field. (105)SOLD at A$500

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1918-22 opt KGV ½d green LM wmk INVERTED, forme of 30 from 5th opt setting, Electro 5 pos R1-30 with plating varieties 'colour spot in left frame behind kangaroo' (pos 5R3), 'notch in right frame opp wattle stem' (R4), 'rounded UL cnr' (R14), 'notch in UR frame' (R29). VF 17M/13MUH. SG 119w cat £3900 as M singles & should be at least double, MUH £6240. £5590 = A$10,000. Very rare pane.AVAILABLE at A$1500