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German Private Posts: Classic collection 1863-1910 in thick Lighthouse s/book. From Aachen to Zwichau, inc Altona 1889 Portrait set to 1Mk, Apolda 1887 Tree Arms set to 1Mk. Good coverage of various Berlin posts, Bochum useful range. Breslau 1897 Jewish New Year 1½pf (1st stamp with Hebrew inscription). Useful Danzig from all posts. Dresden 1885 Express set to 50pf. 1887 Receipt Embossed to 10Mk. Frankfurt inc Cycling & Shooting commems (arguably the world's 1st commems). Hamburg 1888 Receipt View 5Mk. 1872 H. Maack 1s & 2s, 1888 Hammonia Pic set to 1Mk. Honestein 1891 Express to 200pf. Useful Leipzig inc Lipsia 1893 20th Anniv 3pf & 1897 Fair 400th Anniv 3pf. Metz 1887 to 5Mk. Plauen 1894 Margnart Dove 2pf & 3pf & 1896 Kronmuller 2pf & 3pf. Strasburg 1897 Hansa Arms set. 1889 Kaiser 30th birthday set. Stuttgart 1896 Nachtporto 5pf. 1889 King 25th Anniv to 3pf. Wiesbaden 1887 Medical Congress set. Wittenburg 1896-97 useful range of originals to 14pf, plus reprints for reference. Zwichau 1889 Express to 50pf. Also range of postal stationery & 1860s Hamburg reprints. Also 2006 German Private Post Michel cat. Most F-VF M/U, majority well above average. Mi cat €15,000+ = A$22,000+. Excellent lot to start collecting this very interesting field. (3200)