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Cinderellas: 2 vol accumulation with Australia inc Victoria 1973-81 Govt Hunting stamps set of 27 (cat £80), NSW Decimal Stamp Duties (100+), mainly $4, $5, $10 values. WWII War Savings booklet with 16 6d 'Spitfire' stamps attached. Wetlands Conservation Bird stamps inc Kakadu Park Tickets, Koala Research M/Sheets, Flying Doctor $50 sheetlet plus Exhibition souvenir. Also World inc PNG 1960s Stamp Duties (11), Hong Kong KGVI Revenues to $25. GB 1960s Locals, South Africa 1930s-40s TB labels & much more in NZ. Generally F-VF U, MUH amongst the modern. Pickings throughout. (100s)SOLD at A$325

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British Empire: 1870s-1960s Mint selection on s/cards. Diverse range inc Cameroon 1915 CEF opt Yachts to 8d/8pf. South Africa 1938 Voortrekker set in horiz prs. British Honduras 1888-91 QV Large Numeral opt 20c & 50c. KUT 1941-42 SA opt set in horiz prs. Rhodesia 1896-97 Arms 2d, Bijawar 1935-36 Raja Roulette set to 2a. Cape 1902-04 KEVII ½d to 2½d. Labuan inc 1902-03 Crown 1c, 8c & 12c. Rhodesia 1898 Arms 10/- & 1892-93 Arms ½d, 2d & 8d. Transvaal 1900 VRI opt Arms to 10/-. New Guinea 1931 Dated Bird MUH to 1/- inc prs. Fiji 1950s-60s QEII to £1. Almost all F-VF fresh M/MUH, with lots earlier MUH present. SG cat £1900+ = A$3400+, plus premium for the earlier MUH. (585)SOLD at A$300

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Romania: 1903 PO sets U (SG cat £325) & 1906 Exhibition set M (£260). VF M/U. SG 464-78 & 517-27 cat £585 in 2012 & now higher. (26)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Southern Rhodesia: Used collection 1924-64 on pgs. 1924-29 KGV ½d to 2/6. 1931-37 KGV to 2/6 plus perfs & blks. 1932 Victoria Falls set. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. 1937 Coronation set. 1935-41 Victoria Falls set plus perfs. 1937 KGVI set to 5/-. 1940 Jubilee set. 1953 QEII Pics to 5/-. Extras inc perfs, pmks, shades. F-VF U. SG cat £585. (120).AVAILABLE at A$130