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India - Feudatory States: 1866-1949 Collection in s/book. Majority of States present. Alwar 1877-1901 inc roulettes & perfs. Bamra 1890-93 type-set to 1R inc capital & sm 'P'. Bhor 1879-1901 comp, Bijawar 1935-36 to 2a. Bundi from 1894 Daggers, 1914-41 Raja & Cow selection. Charkhari Pics to 5R. Cochin from 1892 with good range inc Official opts. Also 1946 Raja 1a 3p with no opt -unissued (SG cat £150). Dhar 1897-1900 typeset & Arms issues. Hyderabad from 1871 inc useful Officials. Indore from 1886 Raja ½d. Jaipur 1904 Chariot 1a 1905-09 Chariots to 8a. 1932-46 Rajas to 8a. Jammu from 1866 circulars. Las Bela 1897-1904 typeset vals to 1a inc paper colours. Poonch 1883-94 inc Officials. Rajasthan 1948-49 opts on Kishangarh & Jaipur. Soruth from 1868 type-set issues. Travancore from 1888. Wadhwan 1888-94 Arms ½p plus printings. Extras inc M & U, shades etc. Overall F-VF M/U/. SG cat £3000+ = A$5400+. (550)AVAILABLE at A$650